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Laser Hair Removal Write For Us

Laser Hair Removal Write For UsLaser Hair Removal Write For Us – Laser hair removal is a treatment that permanently removes unwanted hair from any part of the body. It is performed using a laser application technique on the skin. It does not require anaesthesia, but an anaesthetic cream is applied to minimize the pain sensation.

There are different lasers, such as Alexandrite, diode and Neodymium. All of them are safe and guarantee the removal of the hair follicle without damaging the neighbouring tissues or structures.

Why is Laser Hair Removal done?

Laser hair removal is performed to remove hair from the body altogether.

What does laser hair removal consist of?

The light that emits concentrates on the hair and causes its destruction. In each session, a percentage of the hair is removed from the treated area, but, as each hair has a different growth rate, there will be a part that will grow back. Therefore, the treatment should repeat for several sessions depending on the area to depilate and the type and colour of the hair and the skin.

Usually, faster results achieve in light skin with dark hair, but for each patient, the intensity of the laser apply by the platform use personalised and graduated.

Preparation for laser hair removal

Before performing a hair removal treatment, the doctor should analyse the skin and the patient’s medical history to avoid possible allergic reactions or contraindications of this treatment.

The patient must moisturize her skin the days before the session.

Care after the intervention

Specialists recommend applying Aloe Vera gel or soothing creams during the first days after the laser session. It is advisable to wash the area with soap and water, do not shave the beautiful but exhale to fall and apply a skin photoprotector.

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Laser Hair Removal Write For Us

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Laser Hair Removal Write For Us

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