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Scarf – Definition, How to Choose for Men, Trends, and More

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Scarf Definition

The scarf is an essential accessory for the fall season. Men are more and more fond of scarves, cheches and handkerchiefs. Manufacturers no longer hesitate to offer several models to their increasingly demanding male customers. We are going to discover together the top 5 of the best men’s scarves.

How to Choose a Scarf for Men?

There are several critical criteria for choosing a men’s scarf:

1. The Choice of Material

  • If you want a warm, casual style scarf, then choose a blend with lots of wool. If, on the contrary, you want a rather chic scarf to go out, hold back the scarves with shiny silk; the cashmere and silk blends add a touch of elegance and unparalleled softness.
  • If you want a warmer scarf, then it is better to favour combinations mainly in cotton.
  • To help you search on the La Fabrique d’écharpe website, each model has a temperature indicator to help you make your choice.
  • Necessary precision is also for men’s scarves. Even if we put all our know-how to weave quality scarves, silk remains a less resistant material for problematic beards.
  • It is better to favour scarves with many kinds of cotton, which will have a better lifespan for men who wear a beard.

2. The Choice of Colors

  • All colours can enjoy, but neutral colours such as black, grey, blue and beige remain essential colours for men.
  • Today, younger men are also very fond of originality, and they often prefer to stand out with more trendy colours, which give a unique style to the outfit.
  • This winter 2020 is the big trend of duck blue because it is so easy to wear: with jeans, with a grey coat, with a camel jacket, this colour can be associated with everything.
  • We bring a touch of pep to the outfit! The red colour in all its shades also represent a lot: burgundy, bright red, or clay, it becomes a basis for men.
  • Today men use the scarf as an absolute fashion accessory!

3. The Choice of the Pattern

  • For men’s scarves, we favour more sober patterns such as constantly different stripes: kinetic or urban themes and sophisticated geometric ones.
  • The polka dot revisited like an industrial nut.
  • As for the colours, the patterns are more original while keeping a certain discretion.

4. The Choice of Dimension

  • For humans, many dimensions are possible.
  • On the site of the Scarf Factory, you can find different sizes, small silk scarves to slip into a shirt collar, long scarves easy to wear or even more oversized scarves like chèches to roll up the neck and have warm.
  • The significant effect is also very trendy for men. Even if the size of a men’s scarf is essential, it is also the way to wear it, which is critical because it affirms the style of an outfit.

Trends for Men’s Scarf


For men’s scarves, in winter, “revisited” stripes are in the spotlight, available in stroboscope styles, like a vibrant or hyper graphic rainbow mixing black and shades of colour, on materials always natural like wool and silk blends or silk cotton wool or merino wool and modal for softness.

With the second fall and winter trend, we will love patterns inspired by motor racing, logo and typography, and bring a touch of elegance. We are inventing mesh, canvas or weaved effects, chic and classic patterns at the same time.

1. A Black, Beige, Navy Man Scarf in Merino Wool, Cotton and Silk Kaleida

  • In Top 1, we offer this men’s scarf for autumn in fine stripes regularly placed, in neutral tones (grey, black, navy, beige), light soft and very comfortable in rather large dimensions (60x185cm).
  • A timeless scarf that suits all outfits (casual or chic) to enter winter with confidence. Its intimate blend of Merino wool, cotton and silk gives it softness, warmth and solidity. In short, a model easy to wear by all!

2. A Beige Scarf with Cashmere Thales

  • In Top 2, you will love this hyper chic, and elegant men’s, its composition with cashmere gives it an airy feel while being warm and super comfortable.
  • Cashmere is one of the softest and finest materials, but do not hesitate to wash your scarf by hand with lukewarm soapy water!
  • This luxurious scarf with large dimensions (60x190cm) makes up a Jacquard Chevron weave pattern available in a Beige colour, the natural colour of cashmere, and you will appreciate its impeccable finishes.
  • Ideal for wearing for shoulder seasons like fall.
  • This cashmere scarf will be a very refined and luxury gift.

3. A Men’s Scarf for Extreme Cold in Running Wool

  • In Top 3, we have selected this men’s scarf in majority Merino wool, very warm, ideal for the mountains, your ski outings. It is pretty thick, very soft. You can wrap it around the neck.
  • It is also suitable for bikers. Its very bright black, and red colours and its quirky geometric pattern make it a very modern wool scarf for a virile young man, right amid winter trends.

4. An Original San Fransisco Wool Silk Cotton Men’s Scarf

  • In Top 4, a men’s scarf always in a very refined noble material, Merino wool, cotton and silk. Its pattern with sophisticated blue and grey-green stripes is entirely original.
  • These men’s will be your fashion accessory that everyone will envy. Ideal for wearing in autumn with its wool/silk/cotton composition and its lightness.
  • This long fancy scarf with a pattern as a print will suit a gift that no one will find elsewhere.

5. A Warm Men’s Scarf in Tisserand Merino Wool

  • Top 5, to protect you from the cold, this men’s scarf will delight you, with its very elaborate mesh-style patterns available in navy and blue.
  • You will love its large fringes, making it a casual boy’s to wear tied on a sweater or a jacket, ideal for winter sports, long scarf to double-tie.

6. A Men’s Scarf in Merino Wool and Red and Navy Silk Ride

  • Top 6, this men’s in bright colours, red and navy, will keep you warm this winter while remaining elegant and very chic.
  • With its very original woven pattern and its brush fringes, this long scarf will enhance all your classic as well as casual outfits.
  • Its a very subtle composition in wool and silk gives it a very qualitative and upscale appearance.

7. A Large Size Men’s Stole for Very Cold Weather Tole Froissee

  • Top 7, this men’s scarf in large dimensions (80x180cm), wrap around the neck, very easy to wear on all occasions.
  • It will appeal to young men on motorcycles, very warm for winter sports, and a casual outfit for days in the countryside.
  • The subtle pattern of crumpled checks as printed in wool truly fits into winter trends. Be careful.
  • The girls will want to try it and will be able to wear it as a shaw in plaid and will not be able to take it off.

8. A Very Comfortable Men’s Scarf in Neon Wool

  • Top 8, made of very swelling wool, this men’s scarf will keep you very warm. You will appreciate its large fringes.
  • And its sober and practical stripe pattern, stuck to the trends of winter 2020, is a scarf for men chilly and rather classic. Its fairly open weave looks a lot like mesh.
  • Its khaki and black colour will match any outfit, a good choice for a gift that everyone will love!

9. A Scarf with the Original Chrono Car Rim-Style Pattern

  • In Top 9, we have selected a beautiful long scarf in noble material: merino wool and silk, this very subtle blend gives it a remarkable softness.
  • Its woven pattern inspires by motor racing, and its warm colours in shades of red / clay make it a very original men’s scarf.
  • You can wear it tied with casual outfits, classic coats, sweaters; the choice is yours. A scarf for men!

10. A Men’s Scarf in 100% Blue Silk Vincent

  • In Top 10, specially created to replace the tie, this men’s blue silk scarf is trendy for a choker to tie in the shirt collar.
  • You will notice the quality of the silk thread that composes it. Its shine and colour are very high-end. You will see its very fine hems and small brush fringes, which finish off the scarf admirably.
  • A stole for each man, depending on the materials, colours, patterns and sizes you want.
  • The scarf factory creates weaves and makes fashion accessories through the trends of autumn-winter 2020, in Jacquard weaves of Lyon tradition and with high-quality natural threads.


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