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Medicine Write For UsMedicine Write For Us – Medicine is the “science of healing” or the practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing any disease, infection, or disease. It is also synonymous with medicine or remedies.To Write for Us, you can email us at

It has its origin in Latin medicine, as a profession derived from the Latin word Medicus, which means doctor. Medicine is also known as the science of health.

Modern medicine encompasses several areas of science and practice, which within health sciences include the following departments:

  • Clinical Practice
  • Biomedical research
  • Medication
  • surgery
  • Medical instruments
  • alternative medicine
  • psychotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • care
  • Lastly, Midwives

Basically, to practice medicine, it is necessary to pursue studies that allow obtaining the necessary degree and the corresponding qualification. In this way, the doctor or doctor received is in a position to become a health agent in the health process, establishing a relationship with the passive agent (the patient , who is the sick person or who seeks to take care of their health).

Medical Degree

Medicine is a science in charge of studying the life and death of human beings but, it specializes in all the areas that refer to their health, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. In other words, it is the art that deals with the maintenance of health or with curing and preventing conditions and ailments in an individual. On the other hand, medicines or components are called medicine, which is prescribed by doctors, that help heal or prevent a disease, and also alleviate physical ailments

The medical degree covers various areas of knowledge. Some of his specializations are:

Anatomy:  It is a study of the physical structure of the body;

Biochemistry: a study of the chemical components of the body;

Biomechanics: the study of the design and functioning of the biological system;

Biostatistics: use of statistics in the biological field, especially in research;

Biophysics: integrated use of the models of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology to understand our biological systems;

Cytology: It’s a branch of pathology that examines cells microscopically;

Embryology: a branch of biology that studies the formation, growth, and development of organisms;

Endocrinology: a study of hormones and their effects on our body;

Epidemiology: studies the causes, distribution and also, control of diseases;

Pharmacology: the study of drugs or drugs;

Physiology: the study of how living organisms live, feed, move, and reproduce;

Genetics: the study of genes;

Microbiology: the study of microorganisms. And also, bacteriology (bacteria), virology (viruses), mycology (fungi), and parasitology (parasites) belong to this branch of knowledge;

Neuroscience: studies of the nervous system and the brain. Basically, this branch of knowledge includes diseases of the nervous system, computational modeling; cognitive neuroscience, cellular neuroscience, and molecular neuroscience;

Diet: Moreover, It study of how eating and drinking affect our health;

Pathology: It studies diseases; so, pathology is astudy of diseases.

Radiology: the use of radiation to diagnose and cure disease;

Toxicology: studying the effects of poisons in the body and how to recognize them, and also, among others.

Lastly, the standardization and discussion of ethical questions in medicine and health are examined and promoted by bioethics.

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