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Fat burners Write For UsFat Burners Write For Us – The well-known fat burners are substances that can help fat loss by different mechanisms of action in the body. So, to Write for Us, you can email us at

These substances can be found naturally in some foods but also in the form of a food supplement. Combining chemical compounds with some of these natural substances achieves a higher concentration of the desired substance.

How do fat burners work?

Fat burning supplements are made up of a mixture of compounds that, through a synergistic action, promise to reduce the fat percentage of those who consume them. Several mechanisms, such as: Achieve It.

Reduced appetite: Some of the compounds present in fat burning supplements, such as chromium picolinate, hoodia or Garcinia Cambodia, can reduce hunger. So they will facilitate achieving a caloric deficit, which is the fundamental pillar of fat loss. By being less hungry, fewer calories will consume, and the energy balance will be negative.

Thermogenic effect: The most effective fat burners are those that contain, among their components, some active ingredients with thermogenic action; that is, they increase body temperature.

It was a stimulating effect: Closely related to the thermogenic effect, substances with a stimulating effect increase the threshold of perception of fatigue. It means increased sports performance and favouring the use of fatty tissue as a source of energy during physical exercise. Some of these substances are caffeine, green tea, guarana or synephrine.

Diuretic effect: The ingredients with the diuretic effect of fat burners help eliminate fluid retention. It causes by genetics or an unhealthy lifestyle, which will result in weight loss by eliminating accumulated fluid and an improvement in appearance. Among these ingredients is caffeine again, as well as horsetail, fennel, nettle or dandelion.

Blood sugar regulation: Some compounds such as chromium, vanadium or alpha lipoic acid are insulin enhancers. It means that they increase cellular sensitivity to this hormone.

Lipolytic effect: Also called “fat mobilizers” because they cause the release of fatty acids to use as fuel during exercise. Among the best known is L-carnitine.

More about fat burners

As you can see, all these effects have something in common: they are closely related to physical exercise. If taken in isolation, fat burning supplements will be of no use; they must combine with a healthy diet and physical activity to fulfil their functions.

Among all these substances that make up fat burners, there are some whose effect is widely supported by the scientific community, such as, for example, caffeine.

However, despite being a necessary substance for life, others. Such as L-carnitine, have not show to provide any benefit at the metabolic level or sports performance as supplementation. That is why it is important to investigate the composition of the fat burner. Differentiate the actual effects that can achieve with it and what are, on the contrary, straightforward advertising claims.

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