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Magic Threads  Write For Us – One of the most advanced and effective aesthetic treatments currently; for the treatment of gravitational flaccidity (flaccidity caused by the passage of time) is the V-Lift Pro tensioning threads, also known as “magic threads”. To Write for Us, you can email us at

V- lift threads, a new concept

  • A new facial and body rejuvenation technique for treating skin laxity simply and safely.
  • It produces a self-induced biological lifting by producing collagen from the fibroblasts of the dermis around the inserted thread.
  • It uses fine resorbable PDO (polydioxanone) suture threads carried by special fine needles without cuts, anchors or sutures.

What does the treatment of magic threads consist of?

The magic thread generates fibrosis around it, inducing self-lifting since the skin will biologically generate its natural collagen threads. The thread is reabsorbed in 6 months, but as natural fibrosis persists and depending on the type of skin, the effect can last from 12 to 18 months. This treatment does NOT replace surgical lifting.

It is a natural process, nothing aggressive. It does not have an allergenic capacity, it does not have an immunogenic mechanism, it does not produce intolerances, and the inflammatory reaction is minimal. The magic threads are an aesthetic medicine treatment with which it is a question of achieving a face and a body of scandal without going through the operating room.

It is a perfectly combinable technique with other aesthetic techniques. The tensor effect in the treated area: facial oval, neck, cheekbones, eyelids and eyebrows, arms, inner thighs, abdomen, hands, etc., is immediate. The procedure is performed in a single session.

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