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How to Incorporate Beauty Oil into Your Daily Skincare Routine?

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One of the mistakes that many people make when using skin care products is the failure to apply them in the proper order. Skin treating oils can be incredibly effective, but their effectiveness may differ among users depending on how they use them.

Beauty oils such as vitamin C oil are among the best skin care products, often referred to as “anti-aging products “because they keep your skin smooth and glowing. It is also very critical to know your skin type or the skin issues you may have when selecting the types of skin care products to apply to achieve the best results.

It is possible to use skin treatment products alongside skin care products such as sunscreen and moisturizer. You can check out the benefits of using vitamin C oil and how to apply it in your daily skincare routine.

How to Use Vitamin C Oil?

Vitamin C oils can be applied once or twice a day, mixing two to three drops of your preferred vitamin c oil and your favorite foundation to enhance smoothness. Although one can use vitamin c oil with serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen, it is good to apply it after serum and before sunscreen and moisturizer. It is also important to remember to use vitamin C oil when the skin is clean. Also, when blending the oil on your face, do it upwardly while avoiding the area immediate to the eye.

Benefits of Using Vitamin C Oil

1.     It is safe to use in many types of skins

Vitamin C oil is usable with other skin care products such as retinol without causing any harmful reaction. Even those people with susceptible skins can use the oil for an extended period with no adverse reaction because the oil is rich in vitamin c for the excellent safety of the skin.

2.     The Oil Brightens the Skin

The research shows that vitamin c has the capability of slowing down the production of melanin, a substance responsible for giving the skin a black color. Lowering melanin production helps remove dullness and other dark spots on the skin, making it look growly and young.

3.     Vitamin Oil Protects the Skin from Sun Burns

Intense heating from ultraviolet radiation and other radiation pollution causes depletion of vitamin c levels on the skin. Vitamin c oil helps restore this depletion, keeping the skin healthy even in harsh environmental conditions.

4.     It Helps To Reduce the Redness on the Skin

Under intense heating of the UV light, the oxygen-free radicals cause an oxidizing effect on the skin. The oxidation of these radicals causes the skin to turn red with burns. Vitamin c speeds up the cell turnover rate to replace the dead cells on the skin, thereby eliminating redness.


There is no doubt that Vitamin C oils are the best for skin care, treatment, and beauty. Vitamin c oils are also loved because they are safe for many skin types. And they do not cause any side effects or diverse skin damage.



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