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How Stem Cell Skincare Can Help as an Anti-Aging Treatment

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As we age and get older with time, our skin undergoes quite a change. The body’s largest organ already faces daily exposure to various internal and external impacts like sunlight, pollution, dirt, and low humidity, which can result in dry, rough, and pigmented skin. Aging, especially, has one of the most negative bearings on the epidermis layers, wrinkling the skin and making it lax on the surface, while being responsible for more destructive effects beneath it. Within the skincare industry, groundbreaking innovations and technological advancements work to counteract these, to drive the formulations and improvements of anti-aging treatments.

As aging scales down the overall skin renewal process and cell regeneration, two vital factors that are crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and shine, the skin’s appearance is affected and takes on a more dull and lax form over time. This is where stem cells come into play, as they perform a critical role in skin cell turnover, regeneration, and repair. However, aging will naturally reduce the number of stem cells within the body and weaken the signals that they send out. This will, in turn, lead to a decline in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, resulting in the skin losing its volume, gaining laxity and wrinkles, and becoming dry.

To counter this, brands like CALECIM® Professional actively work to harness the regenerative potential of stem cells through revolutionary technology, with the goal of combating aging effects, promoting skin rejuvenation, and supporting overall skin health. At the core of their products lies their unique and rich composition of patented growth factors derived from ethically sourced stem cells that are both sustainable and reliable. PTT-6® is the name of this powerful blend of growth factors and exosomes for skin care, and unlike traditional skincare approaches, CALECIM® can draw on the essence of stem cells without using the body’s original cells themselves, creating what is referred to as a ‘youth-giving broth’. The PTT-6® ingredient contains a multitude of proteins, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, albumin, fibronectin, peptides, growth factors, and exosomes, which are collectively known as “Youth Messages” that work to boost skin repair.

As with sustaining and correcting wounds, aging can also cause the body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms to struggle to keep up with the injuries caused by multiple external and internal factors. Wound healing itself involves three stages: inflammation, regeneration, and remodeling; all of which are prolonged as the body gets older and slows down the healing process. According to Professor Phan Toan Thang from the National University of Singapore, early aging can be reversed or slowed down by unleashing stem cell proteins on aged skin, thus fighting further deterioration. Therefore, the ability to manipulate stem cells to activate and create other specialized cells that will direct themselves towards the damage and accelerate wound repair is a significant game-changer.

Drawing on these similarities between skin aging and wounds, CALECIM®’s skincare taps into the intrinsic repair mechanisms of stem cells by inducing them to send out signals that reduce inflammation, encourage skin cell renewal, and help to build up the skin’s structural layers. This contributes to improved skin density and resilience, with the PTT-6® ingredient helping to construct more ideal conditions for the skin to reproduce essential nutrients that are needed for a healthy appearance and faster healing.

The blend is present in CALECIM®’s entire range, but their Multi-Action Cream especially serves as a strong daily treatment to include in a skincare routine. Designed to restore and maintain smooth, healthy, and youthful-looking skin, the cream is enriched with the PTT-6® ingredient, directly targeting skin laxity, dryness, and pigmentation, and offering a comprehensive solution for aging skin. Clinical results have revealed firmer, more hydrated, and visibly radiant skin in as little as two weeks, with results peaking in 90 days.

Studies and partnerships with medical professionals from around the world have highlighted CALECIM® Professional’s efficacy in stimulating the shedding of old cells and promoting the growth of new ones. The result is a significant reduction in skin cell turnover from 40 to 28 days, with visible transformations observed within just 14 days. By inducing the skin to produce beneficial proteins through cell-to-cell communication, the benefits are diverse, ranging from reduced pigmentation to enhanced facial definition and a dramatic decrease in fine lines.

Altogether, the use of CALECIM® Professional skincare, including their professional microneedling serum, after in-clinic procedures has proven to accelerate skin restoration and minimize recovery downtime, redness, and swelling. Lab-proven results show multiple successes, including users experiencing a 600% average improvement in skin thickness, 42% more skin cell growth within seven days, and complete skin restoration in just 40 hours. The process has increased recovery speed, produced denser epidermal layers, and accelerated healing, mimicking the behavior of younger and healthier skin.

As the desire for anti-aging solutions grows within the skincare industry, the innovations behind it continue to evolve in the form of stem cell technology, which brands like CALECIM® Professional fully utilize. The strong mix of powerful ingredients involving proteins, growth factors, and exosomes lies at the heart of their products and assists in guiding the skin towards a more ‘youthful’ behavior of renewal and regeneration. It is this type of technology that allows them to remain at the forefront of stem cell skincare, offering science-backed and effective approaches to restoring and maintaining healthy, resilient, and youthful-looking skin.

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