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CBD in the beauty industry

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Producing, selling, or buying CBD products is like buying any daily product these days. And this kind of normalization is very beneficial for more and more industries. Many believe that it all started with the legalization of marijuana in some states. But there is more than that because the cannabis plant has a thousand years of usage for medical purposes. People used it for many health issues for years and benefited from it. Keep in mind that the cannabis plant has many varieties and each differs in terms of safety and therapeutic potential. Below we will explain more about this and you will have a clear idea about hemp and CBD in particular.

It says “..You see more and more celebrities or social media influencers mentioning CBD products and cannabismo coupon codes”. Lately, you may have encountered many skincare CBD products on their feed. Most of them are sharing their skincare routine that of course includes CBD serum or CBD cleansing mask for instance. CBD in the beauty industry is a kind of marketing that proves to be working just fine to prove to people that these products help and are safe to use.

What is hemp and which is the main ingredient of the hemp plant?


As we mentioned above, the cannabis plant can be of different families and varieties. This powerful plant has 3 main families: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. For the sake of our topic, we will focus on explaining more about the Sativa family because this family consists of two main varieties: Hemp and Marijuana. CBD is present on both plants but it is the main ingredient of the hemp plant.

Marijuana is very famous for its ability to get users “high” and cause addiction. And to understand why Hemp is different we must dig deeper. We must analyze the ingredients of both of them and explain the difference. Both have CBD and THC as main ingredients but in different concentrations. CBD is not addictive and does not make you “high”, while THC has these abilities. So, less THC means fewer chances to cause addiction. Marijuana has around 20% THC and Hemp can have less than 1%. Most countries around the world consider that less than 0.3% THC in any product is safe to use. Switzerland allows up to 1% THC in CBD-based products such as Hemp oil, CBD oil, or any CBD cosmetic products. Since you are interested in CBD cosmetics products, you will surely find the best online.

What about the safety and legality of CBD?

Because CBD does not have any negative properties such as the ability to cause addiction or get users “high”, there is no doubt about its safety and legality. But you must keep in mind that some CBD-containing products can also contain some THC. Let’s say for instance hemp oil with 1% THC and 20% CBD. These kinds of products make people think if they are safe enough because of the THC. As for CBD, there is no doubt because CBD will not cause any negative side effects. Also when it comes to hemp, which is the best plant to obtain CBD from, everything is regulated by law. Hemp can contain more than 20% CBD and no THC at all, thus safe and legal.

Being safe and legal makes CBD the best possible ingredient to include in many products. Most industries have already included CBD in their present and plans. All of this is because CBD has a lot to offer for mental and physical health. It can release all the therapeutic properties by interacting with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This is very important because the endocannabinoid system manages all the activities of our body. More about the therapeutic properties of Cannabidiol is below.

There are no known or real side-effects of CBD that have been documented by medical experts in any part of the world. For example, cheef hemp cbd oil is great for promoting natual glowing skin, removing pigmentation marks and fine lines. Since this is a as pure a product as it can get, the applications of the same has not seen the emergence of any side-effects in the form of rashes, irritation and so on. Many leading skin care brands of the world are aggressively experimenting with cbd oil in their products. 

How is the beauty industry involved in the CBD era?

Like any other industry, the beauty industry knows about the therapeutic potential of CBD. With the tremendous success of this ingredient for medicinal purposes, the usage is getting wider and many people are comfortable enjoying trusted CBD wellness products. People now are convinced of the potential and use it daily. And not just for themselves but also for their pets.

The continuous research is providing more proof about the beauty benefits. Below we will list the 4 most important cases that involve beauty and CBD. Here are the top 4 CBD benefits for your skin:

  1. CBD and CBD oil in particular can heal acne, redness, and inflammation. This is because of its effective and natural anti-inflammatory ability. People who suffer from skin conditions such as rosacea, benefit from the soothing property. In addition to that CBD reduces redness.
  2. Can nourish sensitive and irritated skin as well as help against psoriasis and eczema. Consider using these products for a healthy and glowing face.
  3. Makes you look younger by combating the visible signs of aging using antioxidant properties.
  4. Reduces anxiety and depression which can cause skin issues for you. Around 25% of people suffer from anxiety and depression and CBD oil works just fine to reduce it and improve mood. Such action has a positive effect on the skin.

In conclusion, we believe that all the information above will serve you well. If you have any doubts about the products we talked about, you can always visit your dermatologist. That is a must if you are using non-natural products for your skin and then decide to use CBD oil. Dermatologists today are well-informed about CBD and will give you further advice on usage and dosage.

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