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5 Ways to Promote the Mothers Day Deals at Your Salon

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Mothers’ day is just a few months away, so if you own a salon, now’s the best time to start promoting exclusive deals for the upcoming event.

Considering the importance of the celebration, you can expect an influx of customers who’ll want to look their best during Mother’s day. However, you can also bring in more customers to your salon by simply using the following promotional methods:

1. Promote your offers

One of the best ways to promote your Mothers’ day deals is through the use of gift cards and vouchers. This is one effective means of encouraging your customers to ditch those chocolates and flowers to opt for gift cards and vouchers instead.

You can do this by promoting them on your social media pages via social media marketing. Aside from that, you can go the extra mile and make your vouchers look even more appealing by including some free product samples or goodies.

Make sure to promote your retail products as well. If necessary, come up with a Mother’s day poster that features a catchy design to highlight your products.

The best part about gift cards is that they’re only available for a limited period. This means you can choose when your gift cards expire. This creates a sense of urgency which encourages people to book an appointment if they don’t want to miss the opportunity.

If you already have a gift card system in your salon, this will make things a lot easier. All you have to do at this point is make some changes and customize them for the celebration.

2. Offer giveaways on social media

Another solid method for promoting your Mothers’ day deals is to hold giveaways on your social media pages. This is an effective social media marketing tactic that will help increase your visibility and follower count all at once.

Besides, you can even add a Book Now button on your profile so your customers can easily make appointments for the upcoming event.

To start, simply check the contest rules on your preferred social media platform. After that, design the image for the contest, highlight the steps your followers should follow, and come up with a catchy description.

You can also include emojis in your description to make it more fun and easier for people to read. As for the prizes, they can be in the form of a free salon service, free product samples, or even gift cards.

3. Send messages to the clients on your client’s list

If you have organized a client list, then you can also use that to promote your offers. You can start by sending messages to your clients, prompting them to make an appointment at your salon for the upcoming Mother’s day celebration.

Of course, make sure to let them know what offers and promotions you’ll offer.

For this method, you can use scheduling apps to create an online booking page and send SMS to several contacts all at once. This way, you can save a lot of time and make sure you won’t miss a client on your list.

Alternatively, you can also use your mailing list if you have one.

4. Create Mothers’ day bags/baskets

You can also choose to prepare gift bags or baskets to give to the women who come into your salon during the event. These gift bags could contain some beauty products, a greeting card, or even vouchers that they can use to avail of free services at your salon.

For example, you can offer a free haircut or makeup to a select few customers. There are plenty of possibilities for this one.

You can make it even more special by customizing the gift bags by adding a simple “Happy Mothers’ Day” design.

5. Organize an event

As long as your salon is spacious enough, you can choose to organize an event designed for Mothers’ day. You can get as creative as you want with this one. For example, you can display catchy salon posters outside to entice people to enter your salon.

Then, once they’re inside, you can offer them sweets or baked goods or whatever gifts you can think of. You can pair that with some relaxing music, and you can certainly make your lady customers feel more special during their special day.

Final Thoughts

With the right strategy, you should be able to reel in a lot of customers who are eager to avail of your deals for the upcoming Mother’s day celebration. The tips we mentioned above can surely help you achieve that.

Of course, you can adopt as many of them as you want as long as they can fit your business. Also, don’t forget to include a bit of creativity when you decide to follow any of these methods.