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How to Enhance Your Restaurant with Custom Labels

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Consumers dine in restaurants for two reasons: the atmosphere, and the food. You’ve already got the latter down, and now you just need to work on the look and feel of your place. Restaurants are often known for their cozy yet lively atmosphere, which entices consumers to eat comfortably and in peace.

One of the best ways to keep a restaurant packed with diners, besides the taste of the food, is to provide an all-around branded service to their customers. When you take a gander at successful restaurants like Olive Garden and even fast-food restaurants like Chick-Fil-A, you’ll notice what makes them popular is their customer service, which includes branding.

True enough, every successful business can owe their sales to their branding as consumers take note of their establishment through the signature colors, designs, and logos strategically placed around the space. Here are 5 ways you can include custom brand designs in your restaurant:

1.   Water Bottles

Water bottles are one of the most basic yet underrated promotional tools out there. They are necessary – everyone drinks water after all, but few restaurants customize their drink offerings with their own logos. Stand out from your competitors by marketing water bottles with your restaurant logo, name, and colors.

Offer these water bottles in your restaurant, or hand them out in place of service water. Either way, consumers will marvel at the established look of your restaurant, and you’ll improve their overall dining experience as well.

2.   Napkins

In today’s digital world, the majority of our lives revolve around social media, where consumers typically take photos of Instagrammable food before they dine. Part of these photos often show the logo of the restaurant right on the napkin – it’s like free marketing and advertising for your restaurant!

Even dishes that are not conventionally photogenic are still posted on social media with the napkin of the restaurant. There is a charm to keeping the napkin on the flat lay of the photo, so many consumers include this as part of their post. The napkin also presents your restaurant logo to the online crowd, growing your brand awareness.

3.   Take Out Bags

Take out bags, containers, and even insulated delivery bags are very publicly seen – people take them around for everyone else to see, whether it be a take out or delivery! These are perfect avenues for you to grow your audience, especially as you make your name around the area. These custom logo take out containers may cost a pretty penny, but the marketing is worth it.

Take out is also becoming more and more popular with apps that conveniently allow consumers to order delivery right at their fingertips. Placing your logo on your take out containers would establish your brand, and make your restaurant stand out among the rest of the competition that uses only plain, generic take out containers. Same goes for utensils and napkins.

4.   Straws

Due to the increase in use of metal and reusable straws, you can now have custom-printed, engraved, or etched designs on straws in your restaurant. You can have enamel or silicone straw holders as well with your restaurant’s name and logo. These become the focus of your beverages, and work exceptionally well on eye-catching drinks and fruit shakes.

Even disposable straws can have these designs, although they are less effective as they are thrown away after one use. Paper straw holders can be poked through the straw to give it a unique design, but ultimately, the effectiveness of your custom logo would rely on the overall look of your beverages.

5.   Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways are most popular in hotels, where their cafes and restaurants often hand out stuffed toys, sturdy bags, or other luxury promotional items to their guests as a token of their patronage. In reality, these promotional giveaways do more than just make customers feel special, they are great for attracting more customers in an attempt to increase sales.

Promotional giveaways were made to be handed out as part of brand awareness efforts. These items are usually cost-effective, and can either be related to the nature of your business, or completely different from your restaurant. We find, however, that the most effective giveaways are practical ones that highlight the restaurant, rather than a pretty keychain.

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