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The Best & Worst Products To Use On Hair Extensions

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Who does not dream about thick, long, and well-groomed hair? Unfortunately, not every woman can grow hair to the desired length, so that’s why many women have hair extensions now. The main advantage of the procedure is to obtain a natural look since strands are made out of natural ingredients. However, to maintain a good look, you need to choose a professional hair care treatment.

Hair extensions are able to cope with any mechanical procedure, from washing to brushing and styling. But fasteners (capsules or bands) are sometimes seriously damaged and may not always be preserved. Before you buy a special shampoo, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition, since some substances can cause irreparable harm to your own and foreign strands.

When you pick hair care products for your extension, keep in mind these simple rules:

–         Look for sulfates, parabens, silicones, wax-free products. These elements in the composition guarantee the preservation of hair structure.

–         Minimum of alkali in the composition.

–         Give preference for a more fluid consistency for free distribution without additional harm to the hair.

–         The general level of PH should be neutral.

–         Do not choose shampoos for coloured or damaged hair, they could damage your extension.

–         Choose products with vitamins and minerals in the composition.

Common mistakes

Products for coloured or damaged hair are not suitable for an extension. Some hairdressers recommend using dry fibre products for curls, which is also wrong. Any narrow-focused treatment can damage the extensions or cause dullness. Do not use any “2 in 1” or “3 in 1” products as well.

Some owners of extensions used to wash the hair “without the water”. They just rub the powder or dry shampoo to hair roots and then comb it out. This is could hurt the hair also and your extension could fall out.

You should focus on the absence of parabens, sulfates, silicone, and artificial colours in the composition.

Correct drying and brushing

In order not to harm the capsules or tape, as well as to keep the strands in good condition, you need to dry your hair as follows:

–         Dry the hair with a towel, avoiding friction. Otherwise, tangles could form, which are difficult to cope with.

–         Use a hairdryer as little as possible. The best option is air-drying. However, it is better to wash your hair in the daytime or use cold air when artificially drying.

–         Do not use very hot water, The water should be a bit warm.

You should comb the hair only when it is completely dry. A rounded massage comb will do, but without tips that can damage the areas where the strands are attached. To begin with, align the tips, then collect them in a bundle and slowly move up. To avoid tangling the strands, it is recommended to repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

The best hair care brands for hair extension are Oribe, Kerastase, L’Oreal professional, Kevin. Murphy, Moroccanoil, Bed Head, Aveda.

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