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Managalagiri Cotton Sarees – Top 11 Cotton Sarees

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Managalagiri Cotton Sarees

Managalagiri is a small town in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. He is very famous for his cotton and the sarees and dresses he produces using cotton and zari trims. This fabric is made by weaving yarn using the warp and weft interlacing method. The material is then dyed.

This method has been around for 500 years. Managalagiri sarees are unique due to the hand-woven cotton and golden zari border. The weaving process uses pure cotton thread, silver or gold threads, synthetic and natural dyes.

The cotton used also goes through a cleansing process. Managalagiri cotton sarees mainly uses the warp and weft weaving method and sometimes jacquard weaving using looms. This makes managalagiri cotton special and unique.

Top Managalagiri Cotton Sarees for Women

managalagiri cotton sarees

1. Emerald Gold

  • The body colour of this mangalagiri is simply emerald in its solid, bold colour and what pairs well with this emerald just left us in awe.
  • We thought black and gold were the safest options, but here the satin gold mixed with the emerald has given us a richness we can’t look away from.
  • Pair it well with a black or emerald blouse, but try to avoid a gold blouse.

2. Mangalagiri Cotton Saris Women in Black

  • Black is one of the most suitable shades for a base colour because the colour black would fit pretty much with anything and everything.
  • The next shade that strikes an electrifying pair with black is the simple red, which is also present in this saree.
  • The next favourite share of an Indian saree is the gold which sits right between red and black.

3. Mangalagiri Cotton Saris Women in Green

  • Trends talk a lot about changes in styles and models, and here is a living example.
  • New trends generate unusual colour choices and more unique pattern styles to create trendy looks successfully.
  • The mint leaf green here pairs with a simple black border, while the gold and black below create a stark contrast.

4. Plain Jane

  • We understand that some women select to wear the saree as an everyday garment.
  • Here is a humble mangalagiri cotton saree that you can use: a statement piece for a relaxed look and a statement fashion colour suitable for your daily lifestyle.
  • The colour here is matte oxblood red with golden edges.

5. Mangalagiri Floraliscious Cotton Saris

  • Flowers are an imminent part of the usual style that most of the models of traditional Indian clothing have opted for.
  • Floral flowers are one of a caring where each floral design is different from the other.
  • Here, on a black base, a vast piece of floral art has been engraved with gold thread.
  • The infrequent use of georgette and red in the bounds and pallu add to the look.

6. Mangalagiri Ruling Stripes Cotton Saris

  • If you are crazy about stripes and famine to wear a lively but mature bouquet on your saree, this is the perfect garment for you.
  • The saree comes in different black, red, and white lines, with a major party dedicated to grey.
  • The outer border of the saree is in a wide black with brown stripes towards the end of the saree.

7. Lethal Combos

  • This saree is a bit similar to the striped look, but here it is in darker tones.
  • The saree look is based on a fine black mesh with a beautiful combination of matching colours.
  • The saree is in gold and red and a slight emerald green, which fits pretty well with the look.

8. Navy Chic

  • For this look, the saree is now in navy blue with a shiny gold stripe, and towards the end of the pallu for the saree, there are medium stripes of blue, red, and shimmering yellows.
  • The whole look of the saree is incredible for an evening gala event.

9. Red Mangalagiri Saree

  • The red mangalagiri cotton saree is excellent for a summer outing as well as everyday wear.
  • The saree in medium red is used with a matte orange border and a rather beautiful design pattern painted lightly all over.

10. Printed Cotton Saree

  • Here are some designs of mangalagiri sarees that will make you pass out.
  • This saree is a classic embodiment of class and craftsmanship in the pretty multi-coloured and multi-coloured saree.
  • This distinctive design is crafted with bright colours and beautiful patterns.
  • What makes mangalagiri cotton saree images appealing – its beautiful patchwork border.
  • Sport the old loom with the latest design, and you are perfectly dressed for a big event.

11. Pattu Cotton Saree

  • Mangalagiri pattu cotton sarees are recognized for their rich and elegant borders. Dense edging gives an elegant look when draped.
  • Gold trims and rich patterns give you the perfect fancy look for a special occasion.
  • Cotton and silk are natural crops and are handcrafted to create this beautiful work of art.
  • These sarees are also very light and straightforward and get ready to enchant this gorgeous beauty.


Managalagiri cotton is made using traditional techniques, and the weaving result is fascinating and beautiful, revealing the craftsmanship of the artisans. The fabric is super fine and made from the finest quality yarns.

The colours are vibrant and mostly done with a solid body and contrasting gold zari border. Because these sarees are so unique, they place us on the world map for stylishness and uniqueness. Our object lists some of the best mangalagiri sarees woven from cotton and silk. What look are you going to do sport?


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