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What to Do When There Are So Many to Choose From?

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There Are So Many to Choose From – Whenever I walk into a shoe store, I am always amazed by the available options. From different designs to designers, shopping for shoes is like being a kid in a candy shop; I’m sure you feel the same way. There is nothing better than finding a pair of shoes that ticks all the boxes in terms of beauty and makes you feel at your best when stepping out.

The Forgotten Factor

But let’s put that aside for a minute and talk about one aspect of shoe shopping that is rarely considered. No, it is not your budget or the size of your feet that will be talked about but the sustainability of the shoes. As much as we like to buy pretty shoes, it’s no fun having to go back frequently to replace shoes that were meant to serve you for a while. It won’t hurt you alone as your account might suffer the stinging effect of spending more than budgeted.

So, before you go on your next shopping experience, let’s look at some other factors you can consider before picking a pair of shoes.

Setting the Foundation

What makes up your day? This is the starting point when you want to invest in a new pair of shoes. Are you a gym instructor or personal trainer who spends most of your day with clients? Are you a chef? And also, are you a stay-at-home mum raising toddlers? The activities that take up your day, are an important factor when buying shoes because you don’t want to be uncomfortable when working.

It’s good to buy different shoes for various occasions but factoring in your essential activities when getting new shoes will form the foundation you need when shopping. Seek help in the store before you invest in a pair

Start Here

Having a new pair only for it to fall apart from you will always be a bit of disappointment. Imagine planning to wear it out only for the sole to come off, or for the buckle to remove. Several factors determine the quality of the shoes. Some of these are the quality of the sole, the material used to make it, the design, and the construction of the shoes.

What if the shoes were made with the finest materials, have the best design, and still disappoint you? What happens then? One thing you need to know is that more than half of the time, shoes experience early wear and tear because they weren’t used for their original purpose. When making a pair, the producers have in mind, a purpose that they intend it to fulfill. So, when it is used for something else, you can expect that it will fall apart.

Tricks for Avoiding Wear and Tear

The best way to avoid this is to buy at least one pair of shoes to serve different purposes. Also, do your research by checking the reviews of the shoes before buying. Don’t forget to try it on before you take it home. This helps to give you an overall feel of the shoes and can be the final push you need to buy it or move on to the next. Seek help in the store before you invest in a pair. Nike stores in AU have consultants that can point you in the right direction and make the process easier.

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