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Beauty Trends – The Trends In Hair, Make-up and Skincare 2024

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Beauty trends that we manage to beauty. At the same time, labor meetings and virtual celebrations by video call are the perfect pretexts to show off the best looks of a sober and natural character.

The endless collections of selfies and videos on social networks are the best excuse to put the wildest proposals to the test.

The Beauty Trends between Hair, Make-up and Skincare – 2024

From hairstyles and accessories that make a complete comeback from the trunk of memories to fun makeup ideas, these claim among the bets that, in short, you must try this year.

1. Hair: The French Bob Confirm as the Trendy Cut

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  • 2020 was the ‘ Year of the bob, especially in the version french, exploded over the summer thanks to many celebs who choose. And 2021 will not outdo by staying on the same wavelength.
  • Why do they like it so much? It is undoubtedly versatile, modern and chic. It gives a sophisticated allure with an undemanding styling, suitable for smooth and slightly wavy.
  • Moreover – detail not to be underestimated – it highlights the neck and lips, two focal points of female beauty.

Hair: Will They come Back Long?

  • The long, for now, remains a micro-trend, seen on social networks, thanks to the stars who love to play with Rapunzel-style extensions and wigs.
  • Who knows if maxi lengths will make women fall in love again. Meanwhile, in the 2020-21 collections proposed by the salons, ideas are not lacking.

2. Beauty will be Greener and Greener

  • The desire for purity will also accompany by a greater interest in the natural world. The latest data released by Cosmetica Italia tell us that in the era of Covid-19, “safe beauty” was the most popular.
  • We are no longer satisfied with a simple organic, cruelty-free and vegan product, but we demand safety.
  • And, despite the market downturn due to the pandemic, natural cosmetics in recent months have registered a slight growth.
  • A trend, that of the green, also translates into a greater need to take care of oneself and reconcile with nature.
  • Confirmation in the new year, given that more and more companies are committed to the planet’s defence, thanks to zero-kilometre formulas and recycled and recyclable packaging.

3. Makeup, Looking for Light

  • At the base of the beauty trends of 2021, there is a new need to shine. The latest collections – in perfumery in a few weeks – and the experts tell the story.
  • The need for a brighter face, already felt at the end of 2020, will predominate in 2021, explains Simone Belli, National Make-Up Artist L’Oréal Paris.
  • “We will witness an explosion of sparkles, on the eyes and the face, thanks to the boom of illuminants, which can count on more and more performing formulas, liquid, solid, matte, to put on the temples, on the nose and Cupid’s bow”.

4. Sunkissed Make-up and Volumizing Mascara

  • In particular, the face could hold a surprise: After seasons of nude, there will be a return to the more sophisticated diva look, without, however, any retro layering.
  • This is the great new makeup that we will fall in love with, explains Simone Belli.
  • The transparency we have today and the coverage of yesterday will become one, “The face will be like a completely new, regenerated canvas”.
  • To make it three-dimensional, there will be blushes, including corrective ones, close to the world of the earth. And then?
  • Among the trends also the sunkissed effect and the return of volumized lashes, a little grunge. Their success will entrust only to mascara, fake ones banned.

5. Skincare, it’s Time for “Skinimalism.”

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  • The ‘ Annual Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions Report in December always trying to make the point about the future.
  • For 2021, it provides an essential beauty routine, free of extra elements, intending to have simply healthy skin. One could almost speak of “minimalism”.
  • A new glow season, which betrays psychological background. After a long time “hidden” at home and behind the masks, stuck in front of a PC screen.
  • The desire for a new authenticity will be strong, even in beauty. Healthy, well-cleansed and hydrated skin is also naturally glowing skin.

6. Acids for the Skin, Allies in 2024

  • The new year promises to confirm them as must-have assets. Suitable for exfoliating the skin, the acids perform a delicate deep cleansing action.
  • Those of the latest generation? L ‘ lactobionic acid and gluconolactone, introduced to the market in recent times.