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Swim Spas – Are They Worth the Hype?

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Adding a swim spa may seem over the top if you have a swimming pool or hot tub. What does it have that a pool or tub cannot offer? But swim spas improve the aesthetics of any home and provide most of the features of a swimming pool and hot tub in one place. If you install one, you make a good and lasting investment.

Many people have never heard of this type of tub. So, what is it? A swim spa is a hybrid of a swimming pool and a spa. It combines the effective hydromassage and heated features of a typical spa with the space to enjoy the experience with other people. Simply, it provides a way to swim, relax, and exercise.

What to Look for in a Good Swim Spa

Before getting into the meat of the features, one of the first things to consider when choosing this tub is the brand. While several brands manufacture these swim spas, not all offer excellent service and top product features. You will find that Florence, KY swim spas are high-quality products with lots to offer. But you can also search for stores closer to you if you are not in that city.

The following are features that make any swim spa worth your attention. You will enjoy it most if you find some or all of these features.

1. Proper Insulation

Every swim spa has insulation, but they are not all created equally. Some perform better because of the placement and type. How the insulation is placed in the tub and its type will determine its effectiveness in retaining heat. Moreover, if the insulation is right, you will require less energy to keep the water at the desired temperature, saving electricity costs.

2. Quality Materials

You may not know how to recognize quality materials in swim spas if you are not an expert. This point may be lost on you when purchasing one. However, by shopping around, you can ensure you pick one that will last for years before requiring a replacement.

That means entering and making inquiries in reputable stores around you. Do not rely on only one; find as many as possible and ask the salespeople about the manufacturing materials. Also, research online to know what makes a quality swim spa, especially its parts. Ask about the control system, plumbing, shell, frame, cabinet, base frame, etc.

3. Depth and Size

Ensure you have the space to accommodate the swim spa of your choice. The size and depth you want are only two aspects; you must have ample space to put the tub. Its length typically ranges between twelve and nineteen feet, so you must have at least twenty-five feet in that space.

The type you buy will also depend on how many people will use it at a time, as the depth range is between three feet and five feet. Some brands will offer deeper options or tub customization to accommodate preferences, but these should inform the space you reserve for the tub.

4. Type of Heater

Heaters in swim spas vary based on their kWh output. Some have higher outputs than others, meaning they can heat water quicker and better, regardless of outdoor temperature if you plan to use the tub in a region with a cold climate, investing in a powerful heater to warm the water when the temperature drops is best.

But you may not need such a heater if the weather in your region is moderate or if you do not plan to use the tub every month of the year. A less powerful heater will consume less energy than a powerful one, although the results will vary. Ensure you stay safe with the water temperature at all times.

You can click here to learn some important safety tips.

Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

Owning a swim spa has many benefits, and some are health-related. Let’s look at some to see why you should consider investing in one.

1. Joint and Muscle Relief

Spas work magic on sore muscles and joints, which is why they are popular. Using a swim spa gives you hydromassages while in the water to relieve aches and pains in your joints. Depending on the current intensity and jet type, you can relax while enjoying a hydromassage targeted to specific areas.

2. Multifunctional and Constant Use

It offers more than a regular swimming pool or hot tub since it combines all the benefits of both in one place. Depending on the time of year, you can cool or heat the water, and the tub allows you to play and relax outdoors, regardless of the weather. You can even enjoy it with family and friends since it can hold a few people simultaneously.

3. Portability

You cannot take every swimming pool to a new property if you have to move. While hot tubs and some types of pools are portable, a swim spa combines both to save space and time. Move with yours to your new place and enjoy everything that a hot tub or swimming pool would have offered.

All you need is to reinstall it, and it is ready for use. Check out this resource: to learn more about the benefits and pricing of this type of tub.


Knowing how a swim spa works, what to look for, and its benefits will set you on the right path to finding a suitable one. This article guides you on picking the best options based on what they offer, such as insulation, heating, and manufacturing materials.

It has health and other benefits, such as relieving pain, increasing strength, portability, and multifunctional usage. Remember to pick based on the available space on your property and the intended use to maximize results.