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Why More People Are Choosing To Buy Clothes From Sustainable Companies?

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From pre-production, trim sourcing, fabric, pattern making, production planning, and cutting process to manufacturing clothes, the environment is often exposed to negative footprints. Yes, the clothes you wear have an attributable effect on the surroundings. And this is where sustainable companies come in.

Sustainable companies have constantly been rising as people prefer purchasing sustainable garments to cheap ones. These companies make clothes with the environment and humanity in mind, ensuring they minimize negative environmental effects during their production process.

As such, many people have been shifting to shop in sustainable shops like to participate indirectly in environmental conservation. Do you want to learn more? Read on to find out why more people are choosing to buy clothes from sustainable companies.

1.   Sustainable Companies Make Quality Clothes — Reducing Wastage

First, when you purchase clothes today, you’re concerned about their quality, as this determines how long they last, whether they’re presentable, and their effect on the environment, etc. Sustainable companies are quality driven; they use materials that will not only last but also favor the surroundings. How? Purchasing quality clothes means you will only dispose of them occasionally, thus reducing wastage.

On the contrary, most fast clothes-making companies aim to get you to buy more with no quality in mind. This causes money wastage as you’ll buy clothes more frequently and hurts the environment through pollution as you dispose of the old clothes.

So why don’t you concentrate on quality clothes brands like

2.   You Put On Your Ideal Cloth

In most instances, buying clothes from a fast fashion enterprise doesn’t allow you to purchase your taste. Why? They are primarily driven by trends in the industry that keep on changing—as such, getting used to buying from them may mean forgetting your unique dressing style.

On the other hand, a sustainable enterprise allows you to curate your ideal style of clothing that suits your identity. In the long run, it will save you money when you buy fashion trends.

3.   Sustainable Companies Avoid Using Chemicals

Do you know the whole process the clothes from a fast fashion brand undergo? Before you can have one in your wardrobe, it usually has been into an intense synthetic chemical process to dye, wet, and bleach it. Unknowingly, these chemicals are a high risk to you and your family; they often cause diseases and congenital disabilities to unborn babies.

Moreover, with the nature of human skin to absorb most substances on it, these chemicals significantly pose a real danger to your health. Comparatively, sustainable companies, such as, avoid using these chemicals, and in cases where they use one, they’ll attach a “chemical content certification label.” This is to confirm that you can put on the cloth risk-free.

4.   Sustainable Companies Use Less Water

Water plays a significant role in the cloth making process. And although water is used in the final stages, like dyeing, one t-shirt can use nearly 2800 liters of water. However, this depends on the material used to make the garment.

For instance, conventional cotton uses more water than organic cotton. Sustainable companies that use organic cotton save water as much as 91%. Also, many sustainable companies use recycled cotton and other raw materials like hemp, linen, and fibers, which require less or no water to make clothes.

5.   Sustainable Companies Are Helping Save Animals’ Lives

You already know the extent the fashion industry would kill animals to enhance their fashion! There are an estimated 430+ million slaughters yearly that support the leather industry. This shows the animals’ levels of suffering in the name of fashion.

However, sustainable companies are significantly shifting to cruelty-free options to make clothes. You may have heard of polyester, a material made from ocean trash, plant-made shoes, bags from recycled belts, silk made of yeast, and clothes made of vegan wool, among others. In addition, other sustainable companies are using the by-products of pineapple-like leaves to make valuable fabrics.

6.   Sustainable Companies Minimize Resources Wastage

Recent research suggests that most cloth-making industries use 97% new and 3% recycled resources to make clothes. This burdens the production process of raw materials. For example, more fertilizer will be necessary to grow more cotton, oil for synthetic fiber production, and chemicals for finishes and dyeing.

But sustainable companies like have constantly embraced the recycling of fibers and other materials to make new clothes. This has helped protect virgin resources that require more time to flourish and yield better later.

7.   Sustainable Companies Don’t Encourage Child Labor

The fashion industry is believed to involve 170+ million children in garment-making jobs. This involves underage children or when the nature of the work seems detrimental for children to handle. It is viewed as some form of modern slavery that needs to stop.

However, reputable companies that are ethically driven have clear instructions on who should work and what qualifies them to work in this industry. They give detailed information on the ideal group of people to work in different cloth-creating stages. In this way, there are no child labor instances to be spotted.

Furthermore, many sustainable companies have certification badges to prove that no law has been manipulated at the expense of cheap child labor.

8.   Sustainable Companies Are Ethics Driven

For many garment workers, complaints are long working hours, low wages, discouragements, unchecked safety conditions, etc. Others experience physical and virtual abuse in the industry, which negatively contributes to the workers’ emotional and physical success.

However, sustainable brands like are humane; they have policies guiding working conditions, human health, and the treatment workers expect. Generally, they’re considerate of human nature and want the buyer to feel good, knowing the clothes were made in the best working condition.

It’s Time For A Change: Buy Clothes From A Sustainable Company

In the future, you must keep track of the ever-evolving fashion industry. The more recent change has involved a shift from purchasing clothes from fast brands to sustainable ones. This has been fueled by the need to keep the surroundings in their best condition to ensure a safe environment for your living while dressing preferably.

Thus, purchasing clothes from sustainable companies like today will benefit you and the planet. Continue educating yourself on the trends in ethical fashion and sustainable companies that suit you, and make a non-regrettable switch.



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