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Designer Sarees of Rs 500 to 1000 – Full Details of Designer Sarees, Varieties, and More

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Designer Sarees of Rs 500 to 1000

Designer Sarees of Rs 500 to 1000 designer sarees can be a great addition to almost any woman’s wardrobe. And also, it can be used and combined in several ways. From Banarasi art silk sarees and Kanjivaram cotton blend sarees to satin sarees and Georgette sarees, your options are plentiful when it comes to buying the right saree.

The designer saree sets you apart from the crowd and makes you look gorgeous. If you want to highlight your traditional and modern look, you should go for a designer saree.

It is one of those varieties that take women’s fashion statement to the next level. These sarees are all the rage worldwide and can be worn comfortably during wedding season or any high-profile occasion.

Details of Designer Sarees of Rs 500 to 1000

Those who buy designer sarees see blouses and curtains as necessary as material and design.
A designer saree will have the best material, such as chiffon and silk. These fabrics are of high quality and require a lot of work and skill to weave.

Variety of Designer Sarees of Rs 500 to 1000

1. Chanderi Sarees

designer sarees of rs 500 to 1000

Chanderi sarees depart from Chanderi, a place in Madhya Pradesh.

However, they have unparalleled sophistication and are popular with middle and upper-class saree weavers. In addition, Chanderi fabric has a sheer, light texture and shiny transparency.

2. Dharmavaram Sarees

These silk sarees are woven in the city of Dharmavaram in the district of Anantpur in Tamil Nadu.

However, these are generally available from Tussar Silk. These sarees bear a striking resemblance to Kanjeevaram sarees.

And also then, the particularity of these sarees is present in two colours which give it a luminous and two-tone effect.

3. Sarees Kalamkari

The Kalamkari is made of soft cotton gauze or Managalgiri cotton sarees in Andra Pradesh.

These are made in villages that are mainly associated with the Machlipatnam coast. Kalamkari art is also decorated in Kalahasti, a town near Chennai.

4. Sarees Kasuti

designer sarees of rs 500 to 1000

Kasuti is exceptional embroidery work that originated in Karnataka. This embroidery is reminiscent of cross stitch embroidery and features levers, elephants, lotuses, parrots, and also small birds.

5. Sarees Banarasi

Banarasi sarees are one of the greatest sarees in India. He is originally from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and is famous for his gold and silver zari.

However, these sarees are perfect for an Indian bride’s trousseau. In addition, the patterns of this sari are usually leaves, golden fabrics, a figure with small details, metallic visual effects.

The Best Designer Sarees of Rs. 500 to 1000

1. Printed Kanjivaram Saree with Blouse

Rekha maniyar presents a simple Madhubani print saree in khadi art silk. The saree features ethnic patterns and can use for both evening gowns and normal casual dresses.

Saree fabric is very soft, making it an ideal choice for long-term wear. These sarees are comfortable for everyone. And the length of the sarees is 630cm.

2. Embroidered, Embellished, on Design

It is a best-selling, sexy, elegant Bollywood, designer silk chiffon, sari. And also, it includes beautiful Hot Bhagalpuri and Banarasi sarees. These sarees are beautiful, traditional Indian, heavy and festive.

These sarees are bridal weddings, South Indian global luxury embroidered cotton, Bengali creative luxury high quality, and adequate quality.

3. Animal Print, Embroidery, Temple Border, Personal Creation

These saris have peacocks and other animal prints.

They have competitive offers, the cheapest premium brands, printed prints, flower embroidered saris, pancakes, art sales, and exclusives.

4. Designer Aqua Blue Jacquard Soft Silk Saree

Browse KHUSHI CREATION’s beautifully designed silk Banarasi saris collection on Amazon. And also, Kanchipuram silk saris for women, banarasi silk saris, each piece is classy and will add to your clothes.

However, pair this saree with heels or flat shoes for a classy look. An expensive red sari banarasi in 1000 cotton price at 800 rupees.

5. Lychee Silk Sarees with Unstitched Blouse Piece

Lichi Silk is a sheer, light, and opaque fabric that’s instantly familiar, popular for outfits that call for a gooey, flowing look.

Sarees allow you to give a modern twist to traditional Indian dress. However, this sari is a versatile piece for both formal and informal occasions with its vibrant colour and prints.

6. Beige Woven Silk Saree with Blouse

designer sarees of rs 500 to 1000

These Sari colours have – Beige / Fabric – Art Silk, and the blouse colour has – Multicolor / Fabric – Art Silk. And also, it looks traditional and works on fabric. Its branch is Satrani Fashion.

7. Vaividhyam Women’s Cotton Silk Saree with Blouse

The cotton and silk fabric is a fusion of the two fibres, combining the positive characteristics of each into a single weave.

And also, light and easy fabric that is also shiny, silk cotton has a soft touch and rich and silky drape. However, these features provide flexibility which makes it suitable for multiple occasions.

8. Silk Zone Women’s Kanchipuram Silk Blend Saree

A sari is the essence of grace and dignity. It dates back several generations and still represents the importance of ancient Indian fashion.

Moreover, it is suitable for all kinds of traditional gatherings, wedding ceremonies, parties, and reunions. Machine wash the sari with mild detergents. And also, dry in the shade. Do not description to direct sunlight or high temperatures for fabric care.


Designer Sarees of Rs.500-1000 is the most popular Indian ethnic garment available in different designs and varieties. However, designer sarees are known for their sheer elegance and versatility.