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What Your Minimalist Friend Actually Wants as a Gift

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Getting a gift for anyone is not always easy. People have so many varied and unexpected tastes that it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when the time comes to find a present. This is multiplied when your friend or loved one is a minimalist. If you are trying to think of a gift to give your minimalist friend, here is some guidance.

What Kind of Minimalist Are They?

There are different gradations of minimalist and more than one definition of the term itself. Minimalism is an art and design movement that began in the 1960s but has endured the decades due to its enticing simplicity. The word minimalism is also used to describe a lifestyle choice that promotes possessing few belongings in order to maintain a clear and present mind. Some people might enjoy minimalist design but express this through collecting and creating art and objects of the movement, whereas other minimalists reject consumerism by keeping their possessions to a minimum. Identify which type of minimalist your friend is to make finding the perfect gift simpler.

Food and Experiences Don’t Cause Clutter

If your friend is a fairly strict minimalist, you have probably noticed that their home is completely empty of clutter. Where there would normally be ornaments or misplaced belongings lying around, they have clean and bare surfaces. If this is the case for your friend, almost any gift you give has the potential to be unwelcome in their home. Fortunately, giving food and experiences allows you to show appreciation without filling up your friend’s home with objects they don’t want. Think about what they like to eat and base your gift on this. For example, Christmas chocolate gifts can be enjoyed without adding more clutter to their home. Similarly, you can treat them to a trip or unique experience to create memories rather than merely swapping objects.

Choose a Gift They Can Use

One of the biggest bugbears for a minimalist is the idea of useless items taking up space in their home and in their mind. This means that they most likely only want useful objects in their home. Minimalists who follow the design and art movement more than the lifestyle trend will have a different way of filtering out what is acceptable in their homes since they will have specific aesthetic tastes. However, for the minimalist who doesn’t have decorations or anything extraneous, give a practical gift they will use frequently. This will depend on their lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Kitchen items won’t necessarily be appreciated by someone who enjoys woodwork over cooking, for example. Make sure that they don’t already have a version of what you plan to give them unless they have mentioned that they might like a replacement.

Choosing a gift for a minimalist friend can seem like an impossible challenge at first. When someone wants nothing, how are you supposed to give them anything? Hopefully, some of the above advice has helped you figure out what to give that special person.

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