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What is Ecological Gift? – Best Ideas for Gift, and More

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What is Ecological Gift?

An ecological gift is a donation of ecologically sensitive land, or an eligible interest or right inland, to a qualified recipient that has been certified by the federal Minister of the Environment or a delegated certification authority according to specific national and provincial criteria.

Best Ideas for Ecological Gift

1. Gourmet Gift

ecological gift

Green Spread

  • It’s time to give your little cousin a taste, who use the palm oil version, a good and healthy spread. We fell in love with Nocciolata, very popular in Italy and thriving in France. You will find it in supermarkets.
  • All the ingredients are from organic farming, and palm oil is banned there.
  • In addition, there are several versions to suit all diets. You can also get your hands dirty and create it yourself. The taste will only be better.
  • A big blow to the French brand Les Comptoirs de Mathilde, which offers, among other things, great spreads without palm oil.

Gourmet Cookies

  • Cook them yourself or have them personalized to please. Whether you have something to announce or just a sweet word to give, this gourmet gift is bound to have its effect.
  • In addition, the person always thinks of you in his moments of sweetness.

Bee Wrap

  • Wrap everyone up with these reusable food wraps. Bee Wraps are cute pieces of fabric impregnated with beeswax (among other things) that will cover all your dishes or food.
  • The Bee Wrap is the ecological and sustainable alternative to the classic stretch plastic wrap.
  • A tremendous ecological gift, pretty and above all useful in everyday life.


  • The syrup is timeless. Whether with water, in a cocktail, or even in dishes, syrup is always popular. There is something for everyone.
  • We know that traditional syrups are not very natural, so we found original and organic syrups.
  • After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Lissip brand launched its site. It offers healthy syrups, handcrafted in France, all sold in a glass bottle.
  • In addition, the brand offers excellent flavour mixes! If you are not convinced, many other brands are offering organic syrups, such as Bacanha or Maison Meneau.

Baking Cloth

  • To join the Bee Wrap, which is the ecological replacement of the stretch film, the baking sheet replaces the traditional baking paper.
  • You will find different sizes to suit all types of ovens. In addition, the food sticks less to the cooking fabric. No more hassles where your too good shortbread sticks to the paper.

Loose Tea

  • For tea lovers, create an exclusive super assortment of tea.
  • You can buy a tea box or reuse the packages you already have. Place the different loose teas you want to offer there, and you do.
  • A personalized tea box according to the tastes and moods of the person! An ecological and succulent gift.

Seasonings to Carve

  • The OCNI brand, which is the contraction of Unidentified Edible Objects, has created a zero-waste concept. They invented spice pencils.
  • The principle is the same as for pencils, except you cut them above your dish to season it. Ingenious, right?
  • As a bonus, on their site, you have lots of recipe ideas. Would you like a little spice again?

Culinary Course

  • Experiences are the ultimate zero waste gift. And in the field of cooking, learning a new technique or a new recipe is always rewarding.
  • Offer a cooking class to someone passionate about cooking.
  • You will be sure not to go wrong. You will inevitably find some not far from where you live by tapping on Lilo (a lovely French search engine), or you can find courses online.
  • The L’atelier des Chefs website offers both physics and online courses. So cool!   Our cute sin is to learn the techniques of Japanese cuisine because we love sushi.

Raclette Candle Maker

  • Every winter, history repeats itself. We know raclettes every weekend (or almost) that never end. This is the right opportunity to test the raclette candle device.
  • Without electricity and therefore wireless, you can carry it and make raclettes everywhere. This is what we want! An excellent green gift for gourmets.
  • We fell in love with the Cookout company, which offers minimalist objects that can be transported anywhere and are super-efficient.

Glass Germinator

    • For budding gardeners (what a play on words), who don’t want to get into vegetable gardens, the glass germinator is the perfect gift. You have a glass jar, you put water and seeds in it, and you have to change the water every day.
    • Day after day, you will see your germinated seeds, and you can taste them in salads, for example. As excellent for the taste buds as it is for the health!
    • In addition, it does not take up space in the kitchen—a wonderful gift to introduce you to the vegetable garden.

2. Gardener Gift

ecological gift


  • Wondering what the funny name is? Sprout means germ/sprout in English. Still can’t see? A sprout is a wooden pencil with embedded seeds at the end of it.
  • When the pencil reaches the end of its life, the end of the pencil, therefore, make it plant.
  • When buying the pencil, you choose the plant you want. There are cherry tomatoes, cilantro, sunflowers, and many more.

Glass Watering Bubbles

  • Watering bubbles are super practical if you know someone with a bit of heat in the air but love plants. Handy! You fill the bubbles with water and put them directly into the earth.
  • The water gradually flows into the ground, no need to think about watering every day.

Flower Bombs

  • Flower bombs design to preserve biodiversity.
  • They come in the form of small balls of earth.
  • You drop them on the ground (no need to bury them), summon the rain with a bit of dance, and you do. This gift is excellent for people who often go hiking or don’t feel like gardening.

Gardening Tools

  • Do you know someone who wants to start their outdoor vegetable garden? Offering him tools for gardening and, from time to time, lending him a hand will ensure that you taste the excellent harvested vegetables first.

“Gardener’s Rituals” Box

  • You can find this box at Nature & Découvertes. There you will find 12 varieties of flower seeds as well as a lunar calendar.
  • You take the lunar calendar and know when is the adequate time to sow the seeds and harvest them—a super exciting gift for people who like to listen to the Earth.

Outdoor Vegetable Garden

  • For people who have a beautiful exterior, a great gift is an outdoor vegetable garden.
  • You do not have to offer a whole one, of course, but a few seeds, advice and a lot of potting soil will do the trick.
  • When the person starts their vegetable garden, you can lend a hand to have a good time sharing.


  • The bioglobe is a microscopic ecosystem made up of seawater, algae, shrimp and rocks. All this lives independently in an airtight glass ball.
  • The only constraint of the globe is that it must have solid exposure to the sun (about 7 hours per day) so that the algae can photosynthesize to produce oxygen and food.
  • It’s super interesting to see its development and very pretty.

Indoor Vegetable Garden

  • For city dwellers who do not have an outdoors but have a green thumb, there are indoor vegetable gardens. There are all sizes adaptable to all apartments.
  • A small balcony or a window sill does the trick!

Kit to Plant your Bonsai

    • Bonsai is awesome. It is relaxing and does not take up too much space, essential for people living in apartments.
    • And then what pride when we can say that we planted it ourselves.

3. Zen Gift

A Moon Calendar Poster

  • You may know someone who has trouble sleeping on a whole moon night, for example.
  • A poster with the Moon calendar will allow you to adapt your lifestyle according to the Moon’s cycles, which is very important to keep a good sleep rhythm. You’ll find some awesome ones on Etsy.
  • The poster is super relaxing and allows you to live in total harmony with the Moon. Successful wellness and zen gift!

Yoga Classes

  • To offer a zen gift, nothing better than the practice of yoga and meditation. Offering yoga classes or a paid application that provides yoga classes is therefore apparent.
  • We recommend the Downdog application, which is the cream of the crop for yoga classes. There is an incredible array of yoga types and positions, so you never have to do the same sessions again.

Solar Fountain

  • If someone you know has an outdoors and loves relaxing places, a fountain or waterfall is a DREAMED gift.
  • Solar panels are more ecological since they are equipped with a sensor or a solar panel to work.
  • Of course, you can buy an indoor one that works on electricity, and we won’t say anything, we promise. All that’s left is to listen to the gentle sound of flowing water.

Sand Pendulum

  • A sand pendulum is the same system as an eddy pendulum, except that the point is in the sand. This allows the tip to draw mandalas in the sand like a Zen garden.
  • The only trap is to stay too long to contemplate and to hypnotize.

Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Nothing better than a good (and beautiful) essential oil diffuser. It is excellent for health and has little impact on the environment.
  • It goes without saying that if you offer this, take, at the same time, a few bottles of organic essential oils.

Acupressure Mat

  • The acupressure mat inspires by acupuncture and acupressure techniques. By lying down on the mat full of spikes, the person will relax deeply (even if the sensation may be surprising at first).
  • It helps, among other things, reduce stress and anxiety and relieve back pain and headaches.
  • There are rugs made of linen and coconut fibre, super ecological as a material for a great relaxing gift.

Koshi Chime

  • For the Another way team, the sound of the Koshi chime is one of the most pleasant that can exist (yes, we are a fan). This bamboo chime delivers a super soft and relaxing sound.
  • There is a Koshi chime for each element (water, earth, air, fire).
  • You will find the differences in sound here. It’s up to you to find the correct item for the person to whom you will give this chime.

Yoga Mat

  • Yoga mats are essential for good yoga to practise or relaxation. If you know someone who does yoga, a rug is a go-to gift. There are cork and cute rubber ones that will go perfectly with any yoga and relaxation session.


  • Morphée a tremendous ecological and well-being gift. It is a small box that works without internet or telephone.
  • You choose a theme, a session and the duration. The magic happens. A female or male voice (your choice) focuses attention from your thoughts to your body and your breathing.
  • The sessions dispel stress and anxiety and generate calm and relaxation. You fall asleep quickly, calmly and experience deep and restful sleep.

Light Therapy

  • Light therapy fights depression, reduces stress, facilitates sleep, and has many other health benefits. A simple 30-minute session a day and morale pick up again.
  • A super nice gift, especially for those who are used to having slack in autumn winte