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The Secret Of Glueless Wigs

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Having a beautiful head of hair is the envy of everyone. In the past people that wore wigs always had to worry whether their wig would come unstuck or whether the wig would move if the wind blew too strongly.

Lace wigs had the perfect full natural and lustrous look of real hair, but you still needed to use glue to attach it to your scalp. Often people with sensitive skin could not apply the glue as it caused a rash. Furthermore, when taking off the glue there was always residual glue left on the scalp.

Unice have the answer for you! – Glue less wigs

Here are some examples of wigs we have for the perfect solution!

U/V part wig 

A U/V part wig is also called a thin part wig. The top of the wig has a V or U-shaped opening, so it is really a modified half wig.

Both the U and the V shape give the wig a much more natural look. These wigs don’t come with lace and don’t require gels, glue or fixers. The best part of U/V wigs is that they look even more natural as they blend perfectly into your hairline, and nobody can tell where your hair stops, and the wig starts. U/V wigs match the color of your roots, and no stocking cap is needed, these are the best wigs to wear daily.

Benefits of a U/V wig are:

  • U/V wigs are easy to put on and easy to wear
  • The style can be changed quickly as they simply glide off your hair leaving no glue residue.
  • The U/V part allows for your own hair to breathe, and you can easily access your own hair to brush or comb
  • U/V style wigs are perfect to allow your natural hair to grow with no cap preventing the growth
  • Since there is no cap your own hair is not prone to breakage
  • U/V wigs are more affordable
  • These amazing wigs are easy to style, so you can have a new hairstyle every day by using hairclips or hair bands.
  • U/V wigs are the best for people wearing wigs for the first time as they are easy to put on and take off.
  • Easily adjustable straps make the U/V wigs a winner

How to apply the U/V wig

Step 1 – Brush your hair thoroughly

Step 2 – Separate the U or V hair that you are going to pull through the gap in the wig

Step 3 – Secure the wig using the adjustable straps

Step 4 – Pull your own hair through the U or V and style it according to your preference.

Headband wig

Headband wigs are super stylish and cool for everyone. The headband is amazingly trendy and suits everyone’s personal style. A headband wig is dramatic and attracts attention wherever you go. There are so many styles and colors to choose from you can match your headband wig perfectly to your natural hair color and style.

The headband wig is a classic timeless look. It combines Hollywood glamor with today’s fashion. The headband is elegant and stylish for business meetings and can be jazzed up for vibrant evenings out.

Headband wigs are the current buzz in the fashion industry. They are stylish and sassy and give your hair that extra bounce and fullness you are looking for.

Benefits of a headband wig are:

  • You can wear it with your favorite headband to add style and variety.
  • A headband wig is ideal for everyday wear, formal occasions, and anything in between.
  • Add a sporty headband if you are going to gym or for a jog.
  • The adjustable headband makes it a perfect fit for all head sizes.
  • No glue or gel is needed to fix the headband wig to your head
  • This wig is simply perfect for beginners, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to put it on or remove it.
  • Headband wigs don’t require any special care, simply wash, dry and style, remember to always store your wig correctly, preferably on a foam head.
  • Headband wigs tend to be more affordable
  • The headband wig is extremely comfortable as you can adjust it to be looser or tighter as you prefer.
  • The adjustable headband ensures that you don’t suffer from headaches because the band is too tight, you can adjust it to suit your preference.

How to apply the headband wig

Step 1 – Brush your natural hair back without parting it and tie it into a knot.

Step 2 – Leave some of your natural hair out in order to pull it down on the front and sides. This will make the wig look more natural

Step 3 – Looking in the mirror put the headband wig onto your head

Step 4 – Now pull the headband to the front of your head

Step 5 – Make sure the headband is securely fastened and fits properly around your head.

Step 6 – Put the velcro in place to ensure it is not visible.

Step 7 – Depending on the look you want to go for jazz it up with a colorful patterned headband, especially in summer. Or use a plain color to go with the color of your suit of you have a business meeting.

Benefits of glue less wigs

  • Glue less wigs are easy to place on your hair as you can simply look in the mirror and apply the wig straight onto your head
  • These wigs don’t require professional help
  • Glue less wigs don’t need sticky glue that might irritate your scalp
  • This type of wig allows your scalp to breathe naturally under the wig
  • There are no rashes or itchy skin from the glue or tape
  • You don’t need to shave your own hair off in order to put the wig glue onto.
  • Glue less wigs are lighter and more breathable
  • These wigs take literally seconds to put onto your head
  • Glue less wigs can be both casual and chick and are effortless to put on

This is the year to wear a trendy wig, there are a variety of styles, colors, and types of wigs to choose from. So, let your hair do the talking and get a trendy wig to add volume and extra luster to your look!