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No More Buggy Clothes: The Power of Breast Lifts

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Breast lift surgery is a common elective cosmetic procedure that helps women regain the shape of their breasts. The procedure is called mastopexy and performed by a qualified plastic surgeon with board certification and in a sterile room.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery tightens breast tissue to give the breasts a higher, perkier position on the chest. The surgeon usually removes excess skin and fat that is causing any sagging disfigurement, and tightens the remaining tissues. The procedure can also reduce the size of the areola and make it face forward rather than downwards. 

Common causes of breast sagging include gravity, pregnancy, and aging.

How Much Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost?

Breast lift surgery costs differ depending on various factors, including geographical location. Other factors impacting the final breast lift costs are the hospital or clinic conducting the surgery, surgeon’s fee, and anesthetic type. The average cost of breast lift surgery in the United States is $5,012. Remember, this figure doesn’t include anesthesia, operating room, and admission facilities.

What Are the Benefits of Undergoing Breast Lift Surgery?

There are many benefits for women who get breast lift surgery. Here are some of them.

Remove Excess Skin

Over the years, as the breast tissue sags, skin stretches. Fat is also deposited by the body to fill up the new space. The surgeon works towards removing any unnecessary amount of sagging skin and fat for a firmer appearance.

Reduce the Size of the Areola

Some women may have an enlarged areola after breastfeeding. Breast lifts can reduce the size of your areolas and position them facing forward instead of facing downwards.

Achieve a Rounder Appearance

Breast lift surgery does not increase your breast size, but it will restore a firm, round shape effect after the procedure. This rounder appearance is thanks to the tightened tissue holding everything together.

Make Both Breasts Symmetrical

Breast lift surgeons should aim to achieve a symmetrical outcome with both breasts. You can expect to get a better fit from your bras.

Lifts the Breasts to a Higher Place in the Chest

Breast lift surgery also places the breasts at a more original position on the chest thanks to the tightened tissue offering more support.

Who Is Eligible for Breast Lift Surgery?

Good candidates for surgery are usually in good shape before the surgery — they have no pre-existing medical conditions that can complicate the surgery or healing process. In addition, they present at a healthy weight based on their BMI. 

A special requirement for breast lift patients is a breast cancer screening before the procedure.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Take to Heal?

After a breast lift, you will need someone to drive you home and get you settled in for the recovery period. You are likely to have draining tubes attached to each breast to allow any fluids to drain out. The first few hours are uncomfortable, and some people may experience pain. However, the surgeon should prescribe medication to tide over the first few days post-surgery. During recovery, it is important to sleep on your back or side and never on your chest.

There will be a few post-op appointments to take the drains out and for the doctor to assess the recovery rate and outcome. Keeping the incisions and bandages clean is key for keeping infections at bay.


Why do people get breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is an elective procedure that reverses the sagging effect of aging on the breast tissue. This procedure does not involve using breast implants as it does not alter the breast size; however, breast augmentation can be performed in combination with a breast lift.

How long does breast lift surgery take?

The procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much work is required to get the breast back to its original pre-sagging position.

What are the different types of breast lifts available?

There is only one type of breast lift surgery. The only thing that may vary is the technique used (incisions used) to achieve the required results. The type of technique your plastic surgeon uses also depends on the type or nature of existing breast tissue.

What kind of anesthesia is used during a breast lift surgery?

Almost all breast lifts surgery patients get a general anesthetic instead of partial sedation for full sedation. They do not feel the procedure or have any memory of it.

What kind of scars does a breast lift surgery leave?

Like any other surgery, breast lift surgery has the potential to leave behind scars. The amount of scarring depends on the surgeon’s suturing skills and your genetics. If scars from previous accidents don’t heal well on your body, that’s probably an indicator that you will have visible scars. Scars will follow all incision lines. 


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