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How to Apply and Remove Your Fake Eyelashes Correctly

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How to Apply and Remove Your Fake Eyelashes Correctly

Fake eyelashes are an inaccessible step in makeup. Many novices do not know how to apply fake eyelashes and how to remove them. Today we will talk about it in detail.

5 steps to apply your fake lashes:

  1. Apply your makeup,including your eyeshadow, but skip the mascara for now, that comes later.
  2. Curl your natural lashes. Your false lashes have a natural curve, so curling your own lashes will help the false eyelashes blend in with your natural lashes. Curling lashes won’t hurt them if you use rubber-coated curlers and gently squeeze them.
  3. Take out your false eyelashes from the packagingand apply a thin strip of eyelash glue to a cotton band. Wait for the glue to become firm, about 10-20 seconds.
  4. Using the eyelash application tool, gently press the false eyelash strip directly above your natural lash line
  5. Let dry. Before you go out, let your eyelashes dry for a few seconds. You can test the bond of the eyelashes by gently pulling the middle part of the eyelashes to ensure that they are completely stuck together.Eyelashes

That’s it! Your eyelashes are now in place and ready for the new day. You might forget that they are even there. If you are worried that eyelash glue may be harmful, there is no need to worry. Most eyelash adhesives are strong enough to hold eyelashes in place, but they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Your eyelash glue is unlikely to cause any irritation.


How you remove your strip lashes plays such a huge role in overall lash health! We never recommend tearing or peeling off your falsies in a rush.

Here’s how to remove your eyelashes easily and safely.

  1. Gently pull the middle part of the eyelash band. If you feel any kind of pain, it means that you have grabbed the natural eyelashes and false eyelash strips. Loosen the eyelashes immediately and start over.
  2. After pulling the lashes away from the natural lash line in the middle of the lash strip, you can gently pull the lash edges outward. Do this until the eyelash trip is completely removed from the lash line.

Don’t forget the box, it’s not just about looking pretty! The magnetic closing lid, durable thick box and plastic eyelash molds are all designed to ensure your eyelashes are safe, secure, clean and help keep their shape! Whether you take your lashes with you on your trip or tuck them away after you put them on, the box keeps your precious lashes safe and ready for the next time.

It’s easy to tell once you’ve removed your lashes that your natural lashes have not been harmed by the false eyelash strip. You will find that the shape of natural lashes is exactly the same as before using the lash strip. The fact that false eyelash strips do not interfere with your natural lashes or their growth is very attractive to those of us who still want to ensure that our natural lashes are healthy and beautiful.

Hopefully, this info makes you a little more desire to try out a pair of Appearanz stunning fake lashes for your next big event, makeup look, or just for fun! With so many dreamy, elegant, and lovely styles, the beauty possibilities are truly endless.

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