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Gemini Traits and Best Zodiac Sign Compatibility

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Is there a more intriguing sign in the zodiac than the Gemini? Also known as the twins, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, full of deep and complex characteristics. Your Gemini daily horoscope might indicate that you’ll be brooding in the corner one minute before transforming into the life of the party the next before zipping off to another party after that.

Astrology involves inherent change as the stars wheel across the sky over time. Falling between the dates of May 21 and June 21, Geminis are the true changelings within a constantly changing system. Geminis are naturally gifted communicators, quick-witted and able to converse with anybody at any given time.

Given that Geminis are ruled by Mercury, it is no surprise that they excel in communicating, as Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury is also a strong force that allows Geminis the ability to take in and process information faster than other signs. Thus, they are often inquisitive and intellectual by nature.

On one hand, Geminis are adaptable, intellectual and charismatic. On the other, they can be indecisive and inconsistent. While they thoroughly enjoy being entertained and learning about people and situations, it is said that they fear silence and stagnation. Geminis make great teachers, project managers and communications specialists.

Reveal Your True Self as a Gemini

Before you can reveal your true Gemini self, you need to understand it. Psychic readings for Gemini often reveal that they can be both outgoing and unreliable, adaptable but indecisive. The singular defining detail of Geminis is that they are capable of exhibiting dual personalities.

Moodiness is an example of how a dual personality can manifest in a person. Moodiness represents change and because Geminis are of an air sign, they are in a constant state of change. Geminis have restless spirits, so it’s no wonder that revealing your true self is difficult when you can be so many things. With Gemini, people come to expect the unexpected. Numerology is one dimension of this sign that could shed some light on who the Gemini truly is.

Understand Your Gemini Numerology

Numerology is the recognition that numbers are closely associated with events and how they can influence people’s lives. While astrology is the study of how the stars and planets affect people’s lives and actions, numerology focuses on how the vibrations of numbers affect people’s actions and lives.

Numerology can help to clarify the zodiac signs. Each sign is associated with a number and that number becomes central to its identity. The Gemini’s number is five and it shares this number with Virgo. This number, ruled by Mercury, represents evolution, adventure, freedom and movement. The number five is also associated with brilliance, daring and versatility.

To posit a guess on the Gemini horoscope tomorrow would be tricky, knowing the transitory nature of the sign. Astrology is fascinating and perhaps there is still much to learn about how the stars affect people’s lives. In the meantime, there are a lot of answers up there that relate to people. Geminis, do you see your true self in these paragraphs? If not, wait a minute and you just might. Check out an astrology website online to learn more about what to expect from Geminis and the other signs of the zodiac.