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How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Birthday Party?

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Surprise birthday parties are one of the best ways of showing a close friend, your partner, a family member of another loved one just how much you love and appreciate them, not to mention to showcase your impressive organization skills.

So, as long as the VIP guest likes surprises, continue reading to learn how to plan the perfect surprise birthday party.

Choose a Wholly Personalized Theme

The beauty of planning a surprise birthday party is that you can customize almost every element, and one of the main components that is the most fun to customize is of the theme.

Depending on the individual VIP, you could even send out proper, paper (how retro!) invitations asking everyone to come in fancy dress to suit the party’s theme. If your loved one is a self-described Harry Potter-Head, then such a theme can link the dress code, the decorations, the table décor and even the food and drink.

Book Professional Entertainers

One absolutely excellent choice when planning the entertainment aspect of your loved one’s birthday party is to hire and book professional entertainment.

When hiring energetic and passionate entertainers from established and experienced party entertainment London, you will have the opportunity to tailor-make your entertainment, not only in terms of time, but also the style of music you would like.

Work on Your Alibi

Imagine the disappointment you would experience if, after all this planning and undoubted expense, the secret is revealed accidentally on the day of the party just because one person rings the VIP to discuss arrangements.

By far the best idea in terms of an alibi is, whenever the party date is, you ‘arrange’ a birthday meal with just you and your loved one, as this is entirely possible to be true and will reduce suspicion in the guest of honor.

Recruit an Assistant

Obviously, depending on the size of the party and, more specifically, the number of guests who confirm their attendance, it may be possible for you to plan and organize the entire party on your own.

However, this is not advisable even in this situation as, quite inevitably, issues and last-minute changes are bound to arise and with two of you entirely ‘in the know’ will mean at least one of you can deal with such an issue quickly and effectively.

Plan the Guest List Carefully

For the vast majority of people (and you would assume is the case for your loved one), there is no secret life which they have successfully hidden for years and no surprise lovers, children or serious criminal connections who they would not want to be at their party should they be planning it themselves.

The best thing to do in terms of the guest list, providing you know your loved one proverbially inside out, is to take a look at their social media pages and write a list from there. Essentially anyone they have conversed with in the last six months or so would probably be someone who they would love to be there on the night.

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