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What is Cloud Cushion? – How to Make Cushion to Decorate, and More

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What is Cloud Cushion?

The cloud cushion makes from memory foam with a feather and polyester blended topper, and though it’s not cream like the Cloud Sofa, you can still choose from grey or navy blue upholstery fabric.

More and more people have joined the DIY fashion, that is, doing those things we need for our home with our own hands. The Internet has become an enormous source of inspiration. We can find everything, informing how to carry it out step by step.

The world of decoration is one of the most benefited from this practice. You can change the arrival of your home without much effort and without having to spend a lot. Among the things we can do, this cloud cushion is perfect for decorating your little one’s bedroom. It can also serve as a support when your children lie down on the bed, and it can also be a piece with which they can play.

It is a cloud-shaped cushion that stands out for being very simple to make and having the advantage of customising it to each individual’s taste since it can make in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Everything will depend on the wants of each case.

How to Make a Cloud Cushion to Decorate?

1. Materials that we will Need to Make a Cloud Cushion to Decorate

cloud cushion

First of all, is to know all the materials and utensils that we will need to make our cloud cushion. Do not worry because they are materials that are very easy to get. In many cases, you even have them at home. Let’s see what we need.

  • White cloth. The amount will depend on the size of the cushion
  • Pattern paper;
  • Pen or pencil;
  • Colored felt;
  • Padding for the cushion;
  • Thread;
  • Needles;
  • Pair of scissors;
  • Pins;
  • Sewing machine.

2. Steps we have to Follow to Develop it

cloud cushion

  1. Once we have all the materials prepared, it will be time to get down to work. The first thing of all will be to draw the shape we want our cloud cushion to have.
  2. To do this, we will take the pattern paper and draw the chosen shape on it. If we want, we can go online in search of a model already designed. Once we have it removed, with the help of the scissors, we will cut it out.
  3. The next step will be to transfer the pattern to the fabric. To do this, we will take the material and fold it in half to remove the two parts that we will need from our cushion.
  4. Then we will fasten the fabric and the pattern with the help of the pins.
  5. Once well attached, with the use of a pen or pencil, we will outline the cloud. Once finished, we will cut the fabric with the help of scissors. As a recommendation, use scissors that cut well so that the cut is perfect.
  6. Once we have the two pieces cut, it would be the turn to customize the cloud. For this, we can draw eyes, mouth, and nose on one of the faces of both.
  7. This is just an example as we can design it however we want. Of course, these decorative elements must also be made of fabric to sew them without problems.
  8. The next step will be to square the two pieces of fabric to sew them. Before that, it is advisable to baste them to ensure that they do not move when they sew.
  9. In this way, the work will be much easier. So that everything is better united, it is advisable to do machine stitching.
  10. We must not forget to leave aside without sewing to put the cushion filling through it in this process.
  11. Once we have finished with the hem, we will have to remove the basting threads not to see.
  12. Once all this part finishes, the next step will be to iron the seams and turn the cloud-shaped cloth bag we have made.
  13. We will fill it to give shape to the cushion, being careful not to form wrinkles. Do not abuse the padding since if we insert the pillow too much, it could be challenging and uncomfortable and have problems closing it completely.
  14. Finally, all that remains is to sew the hole through which we have introduced the filling. After this, we have the cloud cushion made!
  15. If we want to improve, we can always try to place a zipper in the hole where we put the filling. In this way, removing the padding to wash the cushion will be much easier for us.


Here we have explained how to create a cloud-shaped cushion, but the process would be the same if you want to design another cushion with a different shape. In our imagination is the limit.

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