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3 tips for eco-friendly travel for the frequent traveler

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Overseas travel is coming back to life after Covid-19. You’ll be thrilled to be able to explore hidden and beautiful places on our planet that you haven’t been to before. However, did you know that tourism accounts for 3.5% of the world’s carbon emissions? From transportation such as airplanes to accommodation, souvenirs, food, and services, all factors of travel contribute to the carbon footprint. The more tourists, the more carbon emissions we’ll get. Here are three ways we can make sustainable travel to preserve and enjoy the beautiful our planet for a long time.

1. Taking road transportation and using public transportation

Most people consider airplanes a suitable option because it reduces travel time effectively and makes a limited vacation period efficient. As you might have all predicted, airplanes are the major factor of pollution during travel. If you take road transportation instead of airplanes, you can reduce carbon emissions a lot. According to a study, trains can reduce emissions by 37% compared to airplanes. Also, try using public transportation or a bicycle rather than renting a car at your destination. Using transportation such as trains, public transportation, and bicycles to look around and meet people can also be a wonderful memory of travel.

2. Staying in eco-Friendly accommodations

Have you ever thought that your accommodation during the trip can cause environmental pollution? As your accommodation will try to provide the best service to make you feel as comfortable as possible, environmental pollution cannot be avoided. Then, what about eco-friendly accommodations? They try to reduce lighting energy, reduce water waste, use local products, reduce food waste, and use eco-friendly products, and so on. These efforts can be made without disturbing the level of customer satisfaction. Actually, many people have become more comfortable with sustainable accommodation. Even Tripadvisor features eco-friendly hotels. Nowadays staying at a green accommodation is much easier and more feasible for travelers.

3. Using an eSIM instead of traditional sim cards

The last way to travel eco-friendly is to use an eSIM. Before the pandemic, it was common to use traditional plastic sim cards. However, with the use of a new technology called eSIM these days, many people are using it in their daily lives or their travels. There are many advantages of eSIM over traditional sim cards. Also, eco-friendly eSIM has the upper hand. If you use an eSIM-compatible smartphone, every step from purchase to installing, and activating your data plan can be done digitally. So you don’t have to use a plastic sim card that you throw away once you use it. You might think it’s a very small amount of plastic, but it’s never a small number considering the travel population. Buy and use eSIM from leading eSIM providers, eSIM USA and eSIM Korea, that sell eSIM for travelers!


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