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White T-Shirts – The Best White T-Shirts for Men

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The Best White T-Shirts

White T-shirts classic comes in many forms. You’ll find options made from Supima cotton, cashmere, and jersey.
There are no-frills basics and vintage-inspired workwear tees, sustainably sourced blanks, and celebrity collaborations. And while some will run you as little as $10, others can be upwards of a couple hundred.

To help you find the white T-shirt that fits your body, budget, and personal style best, we spoke to 17 stylish guys from different walks of life about their favourite options, both plain and with a pocket.

The Best White T-Shirts for Men’s

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1. White V-Neck Jack & Jones T-Shirts

  • In position number 10, you have the white 100% cotton t-shirt with a V-neck cut from the brand Jack & Jones.
  • Slim fit and low T-shirt weight. It stands out for being smooth, which is to be appreciated.
  • The only place where you will find the logo is sewn at the hip in a tiny format.

2. Jack & Jones White Crew Neck T-Shirts

  • In position 9, you have the twin sister of the previous position. And in this model, unlike the previous one, you will not find a single label, a white shirt.
  • In this case, this model is ahead in the ranking of the previous one because it has 8% Elastane.
  • Elastane in low proportions helps maintain the shape of the garment after several washes.
  • If you are thinking of acquiring it, be clear that, like the previous model, they are tight-fitting, fine-knit T-shirts, you may be interested in purchasing a size larger than what you usually wear.

3. Men’s white T-shirt MERAKI, the Amazon Brand

  • Amazon’s basic white t-shirt. If you browse Amazon, you will see it even in the soup.
  • It is a 100% cotton t-shirt with a round neckline and a straight cut. It is not tight, nor does it pretend.
  • There are some comments that perhaps the sizing is a bit too large.
  • What almost all do agree is that the fabric is quite acceptable.
  • The truth is that we do not understand how today, the most prominent brands do not clarify the weight of the shirts they have for sale.
  • It may be your option if you choose between the last four models in this ranking and hate fitted clothes.

4. White Pepe Jeans Round Neck T-Shirt

  • At number 8, we have the Pepe Jeans round-neck t-shirt.
  • Also, the very tight (slim) style and with a round neckline. The three shirts you have just seen are very similar in fabric thickness and cut.
  • The only difference this one has is the logo, which in this case, is present in the pectoral area.
  • If you like plain white t-shirts, clearly this model is not for you, because although it is not too big, the Pepe Jeans logo (which we don’t like too much) is present.

5. Charles Wilson Basic White T-Shirt

  • This white t-shirt is at the top of the list that you should start taking seriously if you like a V-neck.
  • Its material is a 95% cotton blend with 5% elastane and comes in a pack of 4 white or coloured T-shirts.
  • The only thing you should keep in mind is that its size is American (such as Hollister or SikSilk), and therefore, the logical thing is that you buy one dimension less than what you usually use.
  • Also, if you are tall, it is one of the shirts you should have on your radar since they go very well in length.

6. Men’s White Tommy Hilfiger V-Neck T-Shirt

  • Loose-fit Tommy Hilfiger 100% cotton short-sleeved T-shirt.
  • The collar is probably too open, but if you like baggy clothes and a wide neck, it can be an excellent option for your closet.
  • If you don’t like an open collar, it can be a great option as an undershirt for shirts or sweaters.
  • As in previous models, the information on the weight of the shirt itself is not specified.
  • But if we attend to the brand’s fame, the shirt must have one higher than the previous shirts.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Slim Check Men’s White T-Shirts

  • Apart from being finite, there is nothing else to take into account as a negative aspect. She recommended a basic white T-shirt with embroidered logo.
  • If you don’t like being a flag bearer for brands, you should know that this shirt is not plain. However, its logo is minimal, take a look and decide for yourself.
  • It is a shirt to consider for the rest of things: 95% cotton and 5% elastane fabric with a round neckline.
  • The cut is tight, but the sleeves are not too tight. It may be somewhat in dissonance, but it is one of the best shirts in this ranking in general.

8. White Levi’s SS T-Shirt

  • Here it is, we couldn’t make a ranking of the best essential jerseys and not be the well-known SS from Levi’s.
  • 100% cotton t-shirt with a standard weight (not too high), round neck, and standard fit. Visible logo, but tiny embroidery on the chest.
  • Keep in mind that your size will not be too tight to fit your figure with this standard fit, and if you buy a size less, it will look weird.
  • Just keep in mind that it is a shirt designed to be baggy. Roll up the sleeves for a more rebellious “look,” and you’re done.

9. Lacoste Men’s White T-Shirt

  • White round neck Lacoste brand t-shirts.
  • With an exciting fabric mix (65% cotton and 35% polyester), the Lacoste brand stands out from the rest with a different fabric and plenty of possibilities.
  • With a cut closer to standard than slim fit and with a round neckline, this may be your shirt if you are looking for more quality than value.
  • Like Tommy’s shirts, they come with an embroidered logo across the chest. Although not very large, it is there, and everyone will see it.
  • If you do not like this, you should probably opt for another model, because it will see.

10. White SuperMe T-Shirt

This supreme T-shirt is a complete model we have found, and that undoubtedly exists. And if it weren’t for its price, which isn’t cheap, it would be the perfect shirt, but we understand that quality pays off.

T-shirt with the highest weight of 320 gsm (typical for a shirt quality is 200 gsm), with a combination of materials in which bamboo, cotton, and spandex are included. Everything is designed so that the shirt has the best possible quality:

  • The bamboo means that even though the jersey is over 300gsm, it is still breathable and soft enough.
    Cotton provides durability, adding a new direction to bamboo fibres.
  • The spandex ensures that the product does not lose its shape through washing.
  • The truth is that we have tried to wash it several times, and the shirt remains the same as new, which is not the case with the others.

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