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Unicorn Birthday Party – The Best 20 Amazing Party Ideas and More

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Unicorn Birthday Party

The unicorn birthday party: passion! The unicorn trend has reached its peak, which now depopulates among adults and children! This magical animal excels in several sectors: fun in the fashion world, delicious concerning some themed recipes such as unicorn milk and ideal for making an original gift to a friend. But the Unicorn is also spreading in decoration.

In short, the essential ingredients for organizing a unicorn birthday party are now everywhere! We at the VegaooParty editorial team are crazy about it, so we thought of different decorative solutions for a 100% themed party, a birthday, a party with friends, an original evening at home and so on.

Top 20 Ideas for a Unicorn Birthday Party

unicorn birthday party

1. A Cake in the shape of a Unicorn

No time to make a sugar paste cake! We also offer you: a delicious yoghurt cake transformed into a beautiful unicorn. It is as good as it is lovely. At his side, rainbow cookies will be the most effect on the birthday buffet.

2. When the Unicorns Sit Down to Eat

With this buffet, you immediately know which birthday theme has chosen. There are unicorns on the table, the plates, and the wall decoration with its large golden horn leaves no room for doubt. No. And what is the guest’s gift? A mini unicorn kite!

3. Unicorn Mask to Print

Offer disguises to children worthy of the carnival. Works every time! But don’t draw princess masks or lion masks, which wouldn’t be in the theme of your pitchoun’s birthday party. Here you will find unicorn masks.

4. A too Cute Piñata

The piñata is a must. For several years, it has been one of the 35 activities to do during a birthday. Here’s a super cute one, like our tutti frutti piñata. She is so cute that you don’t want to break her!

5. DIY: Mini Unicorns to Make

What if the guests did a manual activity? It’s nice to calm the group down after several birthday games outside. They can make little cardboard unicorns. On the site, find many other DIY ideas for recycling toilet paper rolls.

6. It’s in the box!

It is nice this little unicorn box. It will allow you to offer delicacies or small gifts for the guests unless you prefer to make a surprise bag or mini boxes in the shape of cakes yourself.

7. Mini Chocolate Bars with Unicorn Theme

Wow! We love these little chocolate bars. They are superb. They make you want to dive back into our Top 20 Easter chocolates to make yourself and to cook. We’re already drooling!

8. Starry Unicorns to Taste

These elegant shortbread cookies are just perfect for a birthday buffet. The colours will make short work of it, that’s for sure. If they are not part of our top of the craziest birthday cakes, they have their place in a future list of the most beautiful treats for a party.

9. This Unicorn will Make a Card (Invitation)

When planning a unicorn birthday party, no detail should overlook. And especially not the party boxes. He sets the tone for the little fiesta. Here is a cute golden unicorn silhouette. Also, find our top 25 funniest invitation cards.

10. A Farandole of Unicorn Cakes

Cake design consists of creating exceptional cakes. This is the case here with overly stylish desserts, like gravity cakes. If you are looking for ideas for your Loulou’s party, check out our top 30 super cool and easy to make birthday cakes.

11. Mini Table Maxi Effect

These giant unicorn-shaped balloons are eye-catching. Especially on little guys! Sometimes a few items are enough to make a nice decoration. We can see it in our slideshow 16 decoration ideas with balloons. With these, you can also make fun crafts like with this balloon rocket.

12. A Homemade Birthday Card

Have you chosen the number of guests to invite and the location of the birthday party? All that remains is to remove the invitation cards. To save money, you can use unicorn colouring made by your pitching.

13. A Unicorn Headband

You don’t need a lot of accessories to transform into a unicorn! This simple headband can convert a little girl at high speed. It quickly finds in stores, but you can also use our tutorial for the mermaid headdress.

14. A Superb Unicorn-Inspired Dress

You don’t need a princess dress to be the most beautiful! This garment is the demonstration. It is excellent with its airy tulle and fabric flowers. By the way, so as not to forget anything on D-Day, plan a reminder. It is more careful.

15. A Homemade Photobooth

The photo booth is a must-have for birthday parties. An activity that can punctuate the course of the party. The good news is that you can create them. If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, no problem – kids can photograph in front of a sizeable unicorn-themed photo frame.

16. Small Games around the Imaginary Animal

In addition to the decoration, cakes and clothes, you can plan small animations on the unicorn theme. Pitchouns can learn to draw unicorns or play unicorn-style miniature horses, for example.

17. A very Successful two-tone Piñata

Do you think it’s impossible to make a unicorn piñata yourself? This mom proves the opposite: her pink and white piñata is very successful. We keep telling you: DIY is excellent. And there are a lot of things you can do, from mini garden terrariums to birdhouses.

18. A Duo of Kawaii Unicorns as Decoration

If you like decoration, you can have fun with the theme of decoration. There are lots of great accessories and objects, from the funny snow globe to the piggy bank. For the buffet too, there is a choice. And when it comes to drinks, there’s no shortage of ideas, like making delicious unicorn chocolate.

19. When Kids Create Unicorns

Do you know the expression “combing the giraffe  “? Well, now say “comb the unicorn”! In this activity, children have to paint a unicorn, decorate it with sequins and style it with wool. Another idea: make crafts with cardboard plates.

20. Unicorns for Real

What? No, you are not dreaming: XXL unicorns invite to a birthday party. Some parents set the bar very high when it comes to entertainment. For a snack, schedule around fifteen indoor and outdoor games, including a treasure hunt, because children tire quickly.


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