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Top 5 Types of Wedding Rings

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If you look for different types of wedding rings, then you will find quite a lot of options! From simple gold and silver wedding bands to rings that wouldn’t look out of place on the fingers of royalty, you will find them all and more as you prepare for your big day. In order to keep your options concise and simple, we’ve got some of the top types of wedding rings on display here in this article.

1. Eternity Rings

This ring, also known as an infinity ring, is the perfect symbol of your marriage and your romance. After all, how long it will last for you is in the name! Eternity rings are women’s rings that have a simple metal band such as gold or silver, and they are covered in a continuous loop of identically cut gemstones such as diamonds to show never ending love between the wife and their partner.

It is a beautiful ring that can last a long time, and if you get your spouse platinum eternity rings then they will last even longer! Platinum is a very durable and long lasting metal, and with proper care and polishing, your eternity ring will last as long as the name suggests! 

2. Stackable Rings

Stackable wedding bands are thin colored bands that stack on top of one another to create a very interesting and eye catching design. Plus, you can have the bands interlock or you can have them remain separate from one another as well. But that is just one of the many customization choices you have for your stackable rings.

You can make the entire stack bejeweled with countless gemstones and details, or you can keep the entire stack plain, or you can mix and match. All this customization isn’t just fun, but it is also part of the charm of buying stackable wedding rings! Plus, stackable rings are also a great way to keep your engagement ring together with your wedding band, adding personality to both.

3. Birthstone Wedding Rings

Birthstone rings are a great way for you to show off your birthmonth to the world, and they can easily be updated into wedding rings. Plenty of birthstones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies can be repurposed into the center stone gems of the wedding ring, because who says you need to have your wedding ring as a diamond! 

Even if you hate your own birthstone, don’t be afraid to look through the list and see if you find a birthstone for another month that you do like. There’s no reason that you have to use your own birthstone after all, and it can be a wonderful way to add color to your wedding ring!

4. Cocktail Rings

These big and flashy rings made a statement in the roaring twenties and honestly never left. They are large, colorful, and flamboyant, and if you want to show off that you are married and completely proud of it, then you might want to consider a cocktail ring. These rings come in several different styles and colors with various different gems, and while they can sometimes be a bit too large for everyday wear, they can still really tie a decadent evening together.

5. A Plain Wedding Band

After showing off some of the biggest and brightest rings that the world of jewlerly has to offer, we are going to end with something very simple. A plain wedding band is very minimalist and only shows off a few jewels if any at all, but simple designs also have other advantages.

For example, plain wedding bands can be more comfortable and can be stylish enough to go with any type of clothing item or style. Plus, they can be suitable for everyday wear where the bigger and flashier rings will need to be taken off. 

Finally, they can save money. If you want to marry your spouse right away and won’t let money stop you, then a plain wedding band can still be cheap but also finished elegantly with other metals.

Don’t Be Afraid To Look

There are countless types and subtypes of wedding bands that you can look into for your special day and your perfect partner, and no matter what you will need to do some thinking about what type of ring you and your loved one will want. However, picking out the correct type of wedding ring will make your partner happy and will also allow you both to have a very happy wedding day!


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