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Sofa Covers – The Best Covers, Advantages, How to Choose, and More

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Sofa Covers

Sofa covers are accessories used to cover sofas and protect them from stains and tears. Still, they also add a touch of style to the living room’s furnishings or any sofa position without spending too much.

The most popular is the stretch sofa covers, which quickly insert and removed. On sale, there are numerous models of sofa covers. Among the most popular brands Gabel, Zucchi and Bassetti, but taking a look at the online sites, there are also many other reliable and cheap ones.

Choosing the right sofa covers doesn’t just depend on personal taste; before deciding how to cover the couch, it is crucial to consider the size of the couch and choose the corresponding size.

Some models are suitable for two, three or four-seater sofas. Others are also compatible with corner sofas. Furthermore, the materials are vital: the most common is cotton and elastic materials. The most popular is undoubtedly the waterproof models.

The 10 Best Sofa Covers 2024

sofa covers
In this paragraph, we show you a selection of the best sofa covers of the moment. The models we have identified are those on which the best reviews have to write and are all different in fabric, size and pattern.

1. Martina Home Mejico

  • The first model we present is the Mejico by Martina Home, green with blue details. Ideal for three-seater sofas, it extends up to 180 centimetres.
  • It settles in seconds and remains well stretched and stationary along with the entire sofa, thanks to the crepe effect, which helps the elastic fabric stay firm.
  • This cover can be machine washed. If you are interested, it might be helpful to know that it is available in different sizes, depending on the size of your sofa.
  • It also manages to cover the armrests and the back of the backrest perfectly.

2. Martina Home Tunez

  • If you liked this brand but would like to buy a different pattern, you could evaluate the Tunez model, in solid colour, available in more than ten colours.
  • This sofa cover is also elastic, made of polyester, cotton and elastane.
  • It extends up to 240 centimetres and is available in different sizes. It can wash in the washing machine, provided that it is not subject to washes that exceed 30 ° and spin.
  • Folded, it measures 32 x 42 x 10 centimetres and is easy to store. It is advisable to iron it without bringing the heat too close because its texture is delicate and could flake easily.

3. Chun Yi Floral

  • If you are looking for a floral cover but made with colours that are not exceptionally bright, the Chun Yi model could be for you, available with five different colour bases.
  • This product makes polyester and spandex fabric: this combination makes it elastic and resistant over time; it is suitable for sofas with a maximum length of 178 cm, taking into account the thickness of the armrests.
  • This sofa cover allows complete protection of the sofa because it also wraps the back part. It can be machine washed and cleans easily, allowing you to remove even pet hair and crumbs quickly.

4. Angular Taococo

  • If you have a large and angular sofa, do not despair: there are also sofa covers for these types of seats.
  • The model proposed by Taococo, for example, is particularly appreciated and well-reviewed on the web.
  • It is an accessory made of polyester and available in seven different colours, all plain colours. It also manages to cover the back of the sofa.
  • This model is ideal for six-seater sofas, three on each side, with a length between 180 and 230 centimetres each. It recommends washing it cold and avoid a strong spin cycle.
  • The seams are resistant. The laces placed at the edges help to spread it and fix it more efficiently and firmly.

5. Versatile

  • If you have pets at home, you undoubtedly need a sofa cover resistant to tears, bites and scratches; this is the case, for example, of the sofa cover made by H.
  • Versailles. In raw silk, polyester and cotton, it measures 190 x 167 centimetres and can be placed on the sofa on either side, depending on the colour that best suits your decor.
  • Although it is a monochromatic accessory, the quilted effect means that it is not trivial and fits into the decor, adding a touch of particularity.
  • It does not entirely cover the sofa but perfectly protects the seat and backrest.

6. Textil-Home Adele

  • A very valid alternative is Adele by Textil-home, available in the armchair version and the performances of two, three or four-seater sofas.
  • Made entirely of polyester, it is available in different colours. Some models are double-sided, allowing you to change your sofa’s look at will without having to make a new purchase.
  • The version for the three-seater sofa measures 190 centimetres and covers the seat, the backrest and part of the armrests. It can wash in the washing machine.

7. Jacquard And Ebeta

  • Among the most popular models for two-seater sofas is the E Ebeta model, which extends up to 185 centimetres and is available in seven different colours.
  • It can wash in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 °. If you have a giant sofa, you can opt for the more significant cut, which extends up to 235 centimetres; again, you may prefer the armchair version.
  • Made of polyester and spandex, it is easy to attach and spread. The absence of patterns makes it easier to adapt this accessory to the house’s rooms and not affect the preferred style.

8. Deconovo

  • The sofa cover by Deconovo is very similar: this model is also suitable for covering a two-seater sofa, but it is slightly narrower than the previous one.
  • It extends, in fact, up to 180 centimetres. It also allows you to cover the back of the sofa. You can choose from eight different colours, all monochromatic and straightforward.
  • It can wash in the washing machine; it is made of polyester and elastane and is resistant to scratches and tears.
  • Users point out that, although inexpensive, this accessory is helpful for the purpose and does not get damaged easily, even if there are dogs or cats in the house.
  • If the sofa is not much, it is also possible to cover its feet for complete protection.

9. Hotniu

  • We continue our advice with the model proposed by Hotniu, perfect for those who do not want to focus on monochrome but want to take advantage of this accessory to add a special touch to the environment.
  • The patterns are different: we move from floral games, like the photo, to geometric games.
  • The model for the three-seater sofa extends up to 220 centimetres; however, different sizes and measurements are also available.
  • Given its elasticity and the dimensions provided, it allows covering the backrest as well ultimately. It adheres to the sofa very quickly.
  • It is made of polyester and cotton, resists over time and can also wash in the washing machine. If you have dogs or cats, do not despair: the hair comes off easily.

10. Cornasee

  • We conclude our recommendations with the Cornasee model. Practical and easy to attach, this model is elastic and fits easily.
  • To stop it, you can use the ropes placed on the sides. You can choose between ten different colours and sizes, including the one for the armchair; the model for 4-seater sofas can extend up to 250 centimetres.
  • This accessory allows you to completely cover the sofa, protecting the seat and the base and the armrests, the backrest and the feet at the bottom.
  • Of all the models offered on the internet, this is the one with the highest number of reviews.

The Advantages of Sofa Covers

sofa covers

Having a sofa cover can be helpful from several points of view.

It’s cheap: reupholstering the sofa is more affordable than buying a new sofa.

It allows frequent style changes: precisely because it is economical, a sofa cover will enable you to change the look of your sofa and living room whenever you want. In addition, it allows you to give new life to even some old-fashioned and out of date seats, avoiding waste.

Protects the sofa: its primary function, of course, is to prevent the couch from being damaged after a short time. Thanks to the sofa cover, stains, frayed textures, flayed skin and scratches of dogs and cats will no longer be a problem. In particular, waterproof sofa covers recommend, which do not allow any stain to reach deep.

Easy to clean: This accessory can wash quickly and more accessible than a sofa by hand or in the washing machine.

How to Choose the Best Sofa Covers?

To choose the best sofa cover, you need to find the right balance between personal taste and utility among those on sale. Of course, the style and imagination of the accessory are essential, but that’s not all. It is necessary to take measurements well and take into account the shape of the sofa. Also, remember to bring your measures carefully so as not to have any nasty surprises.

1. Style

  • The sofa cover is an accessory that becomes a real piece of furniture; it is good to look at this style.
  • If the room furnishes with a simple table, you can buy a patterned model, adding a special touch.
  • If, on the other hand, you prefer something more neutral, you can aim for the primary, solid colour versions.

2. Measurements and Shape

  • Pay attention to the measures! Not all sofas are the same and, therefore, not all couches look good on the same sofa cover.
  • First, distinguish the models based on the size of your sofa and the number of seats. If you buy a three-seater sofa cover and place it on a two-seater sofa, it will not adhere entirely, and the result will not be perfect.
  • A separate discussion must make for corner sofa covers, which have particular dimensions and shapes and can only use on corner sofas.
  • Also, consider some measurements indicated on the package do not include the thickness and height of the armrests.
  • The latter also affects the shape of the sofa. You have to decide if you think it is better to cover them or enough to protect the seat and backrest.

3. Materials

  • The flexible liners are available in different materials.
  • If you are looking for a durable and resistant model, make sure that the accessory you buy is, at least in part, made of cotton.
  • A heavy cotton, in particular, resists scratches and tears. For a more comfortable seat, however, you can choose the quilted version.
  • For added stretch, make sure there is also a good percentage of spandex or polyester, which, while less quality, are softer and easier to handle.


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