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The Best Skims Dress Dupes You Can Buy on a Budget

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Skims dress dupe – Skims is an American clothing brand and shapewear. It is co-founded by Kim Kardashian, Jens Grede and Emma Grede. Skims Dress launched in 2019, and sleek, barely-there shapewear has continued to break the internet since; even now, the waitlist for anything trendy.

It focuses on body positivity and inclusivity across brands and practices inclusive sizing.
Skims is famous for its wide range of sizes from XXS to 5XL. Skims shapewear also comes in nine shades to accommodate different skin tones.

In addition to shapewear, it has released many collections in lingerie, loungewear, and accessories, including bras, underwear, bodysuits, dresses, sweatpants, shorts, tops, hoodies, sweaters and slides.
Initially sold directly to consumers via, Skims products are now being sold on various websites.

Buy skims dress dupe

Buy skims dress dupe

Finding quality skims dress dupe as close to the real thing poses challenges because SKIMS is unlike other shapewear brands.

Kim Kardashian, the diva behind the SKIMS brand (yeah, THE diva herself), understands that shapewear shouldn’t come in black or nude shades. Instead, shapewear and undergarments ought to extend and complement a customer’s natural skin tone.

That’s why you’re shopping SKIMS, and you’ll see a wide variety of nude tones and darker hues. But the brand doesn’t limit itself to shapewear, bras and panties.

For example, the skims dress dupe Cozy collection is everything the name says — and then some. Designed for lounging in style, this warm knit collection is ultra-comfortable and flattering. However, starting at $48 for a bralette means SKIMS isn’t always the most affordable option. And even at a somewhat higher price point, SKIMS merchandise also sells out really, really (really) fast.

Some skims dress dupe prints, colours, and styles are exclusive to the brand and cannot be replicated. However, you can find affordable alternatives to hold you over while your name remains on more waitlists than you have fingers and toes.

Skims dress dupe

Skims dress dupe

A skims dress dupe is a casual dress which fits all the right curves and perfectly shows your beautiful body and skin glow. It has spaghetti straps, and the Fishtail hemline design makes the dress elegant. Set off your sexy and charming, giving you a noble temperament. You could style skims dress dupe in strappy heels, which are perfect for women who wanna be sexy and elegant.

Skims dress dupe is perfect for daily wear, lounge, holiday, beach, wedding guests, evening parties, dating, gala, and other occasions. Also, suit for garden picnics, retro tea parties, club wear, night out, birthday parties, senior graduation celebration parties, ceremonies, banquets, receptions, cocktail parties, fancy dinner dates, show performances, carnivals, music & arts festival, and other events.

Skims shapewear dupe

SKIMS is renowned for its amazing shapewear and has been among the few brands to challenge Spanx. When SKIMS first hit in 2019, it was primarily a shapewear brand. But in just a few short years, it expanded into swimsuits, loungewear and even its most recent Hotel Collection.

Skims loungewear dupe

They released the SKIMS loungewear line in early December 2019 with “The Cozy Collection.” And since then, it’s been adding more totally delicious pieces to keep us cosy and comfy. The aptly named collection included teddy robes, pants, shorts, and tonal-colours tops.

SKIMS further expanded its loungewear reach with its first Velour Collection in September 2021 and then collaborated with designer Fendi to create puffer coats and logo loungewear a month later.

In one skims dupes

Skims has made the catsuit and onesie sexy and cool. They constructed these garments to give you a bold, ultra-flattering and form-fitting base layer to stress your curves. The nightclub-inducing onesies come in SKIMS’ iconic tonal colours.

Skims dress dupe bodysuits

The SKIMS Bodysuits For Everyone line is the ultimate base layer. These super soft pieces come in various styles: high neck, backless, one shoulder, long and short sleeves and T-shirt and cutout silhouettes. While not all styles are wait-listed, the most popular ones are.

Skims dress dupe amazon

Skims dress dupe amazon

If you are a fan of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS range, but can’t afford the hefty price tags, fear not. We’ve got you covered.

The majority of us can’t justify the prices of Kim’s new shapewear brand, but one fashionista has managed to find the perfect dupes of the iconic SKIMS dresses.

So if this sounds up your street, you’ll want to head to Amazon’s website immediately.

Amazon Provides alternatives for the famous Skims dress dupe to help you compare, contrast and decide which shapewear direction is right for you, your holiday fashion goals and your budget.

While the Skims dress dupe sounds like a great shapewear option, we wanted to know if we could get similar benefits at a more affordable price. If you’re looking for a sold-out SKIMS Essential Crew Neck bodysuit, try the viral Amazon ‘Skims dupe’ bodysuit.

skims long sleeve dress dupe amazon

Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand, SKIMS, has become essential in wardrobes worldwide thanks to its comfortable underwear, versatile basics and cozy loungewear. But you might recognize the brand most for its viral dresses.

Customers are enamoured with the company’s Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress this season. This warm maxi dress is a winter wardrobe must because it is form-fitting and highly elastic. However, you’ll have to pay $88 to transport it home, so it’s not exactly cheap.

Fortunately, if you’ve been looking for a cheap alternative to the trendy style, TikTok has discovered one on Amazon that’s only a small portion of the price. The Verdusa Long Sleeve Square Neck Bodycon Maxi Outfit is only $39 and remarkably resembles the SKIMS dress in appearance. The AnotherChill dress from Amazon is a dupe for the Skims Soft Lounge, and it’s available in maxi and mini lengths as well as a long-sleeve.

The iconic SKIMS soft lounge dress made its debut in March 2021, and I’m pretty sure there’s been a steady waitlist off and on ever since. Options include square and high necklines, spaghetti straps, long sleeves, and super-duper long maxis and above the knee. What they have in regular is that they all hug every single bit of your curves, leaving you with a slinky silhouette. They start at $58 and go up to $118.

Skims dress dupe plus sizeSkims dress dupe plus size

On Amazon, you can easily find skims dress dupe plus size. The plus size is available in three packs and various colour combinations from sizes S-XXL. The only thing the internet seems to love more than Skims is a inexpensive alternative to the iconic brand.

Skims products can be a bit too expensive for those who need to eat and pay rent.

What you wear can significantly impact how you feel about yourself. A plus-size TikToker tried on a dupe of the popular Skims dress, and she shared her thoughts on popular Skims dupes, available on Amazon. To know more about skims, dress dupe, and plus size, watch the attached below.

  • The skims dress dupe plus size can be purchased on Amazon.
  • For my plus size baddies, Amazon Fashion discoveries! The first item is a knockoff of a bodysuit that looks like something from Kim Kardashian’s Skims shapewear line.
  • The price range for the BRABIC Bodysuit Shapewear on Amazon is $19.99 to $22.99.
  • Due to several individuals praising it, it has become widely popular on social media.
  • The party dress skims dress dupe has a sheer mesh torso and fits the body snugly.
  • It is available on the website for $32.99.


Buy this dress! It is so cute. It definitely gives skims dupe. Super long and the stretch on it is great!