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Promote your Event Trending on Twitter – 5 Best Tips, How To, and More

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Promote your Event Trending on Twitter

Promote your events trending on Twitter will help you promote the show or event you organize. And if you want to dig a little deeper into the complete event planning process, read this eBook on the Event Planning Model based on the Business Model Canvas.

The event organizing, the speakers prepare, and all the suppliers are confirmed, but how do you make sure everyone knows? Twitter is the optimal social network to promote your events because people search it for live news, news, and engaging content. If you follow the correct strategy, your event can reach thousands of people interested in attending.

5 Tips for Promote your Event Trending on Twitter

promote your event trending on twitter

Tip 1: Develop a Pre-Event Strategy with Visual Content

  • It is essential to build anticipation months before your event takes place. Work with your team to develop a pre-strategy to help you increase visibility and ticket sales.
  • This is your chance to highlight the value of the event and encourage people to register!
  • Develop images and videos to make your event recognizable on Twitter.
  • Photos are content that invites to be shared and helps improve reach, especially if they are eye-catching and receive retweets from your audience.
  • Once you have enough gratified to promote your event, start posting it on Twitter and measuring the behaviour.
  • The more “likes” and retweets you receive, the more you will expand the circle of people you reach organically.

Tip 2: How to Create the Perfect Hashtag?

  • Creating the perfect hashtag is essential and increases your chances of being a “trending topic,” that is, being the topic of conversation on Twitter on the day of your event. Your hashtag should be petite, easy to remember, and fun.
  • Remember, differentiating yourself and being relevant are the keys!
  • People who join your event will use this hashtag before, throughout, and after your event, so you want to make sure it is simple but eye-catching.
  • According to Buffer, tweets with hashtags receive 2 times more engagement than those without hashtags.
  • Try to keep your event’s hashtag simple, short, and easy to remember. Please work with your team to develop the perfect hashtag and start including it in all your tweets.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Person to Manage your Twitter Account

  • Use your company’s Twitter account or create an account for each event. Once you have your profile ready, choose someone (or several people) who is responsible for providing all the coverage during the event.
  • This person should be a social media expert, have access to all aspects of the event, and be a pleasant person.
  • This should make anyone who cannot attend the event feel like they are part of it and interact with the guests and speakers.
  • Using photos and v and interviews and live broadcasts of the event will bring the feeling of being there to all your followers will reinforce your brand’s image.
  • To facilitate this process, you can design a plan for how the event will unfold.
  • You may want to interview the speakers after their speech and even schedule a time to sit down with them and conduct 5-minute video interviews.
  • Videos, photos, and tweets posted in real-time will help keep everyone connected during the event. Another responsibility you will have is to respond to each tweet in less than an hour.
  • The more timely and witty you are in the comments, the more interested your Twitter followers will be.

Tip 4: How to Get Everyone Involved?

  • Now that you have chosen the hashtag and the staff that will cover the event on social media, make sure to involve everyone else.
  • Talk to vendors, speakers, sponsors, employees, customers, attendees, and event staff to encourage them to tweet during the event.
  • Create incentives to get everybody involved. For example, you could offer movie permits to the team that tweets the most about the event.
  • You can tweet about your sponsors, as long as they also commit to tweeting about your event.
  • Please make sure they are motivated and know exactly how to share the content.

Tip 5: Work with Influencers on Social Media

  • Influencer marketing has become a marketing strategy widely used by brands to improve positioning and boost sales.
  • If your budget allows it, carefully analyze and choose several social media influencers, who connect with your event.
  • And make sure they are relevant to your target audience by checking that they follow them on Twitter.
  • Working with influencers can increase your spread and is a great way to promote your event on Twitter.
  • If you can get a well-known celebrity, politician, or influencer to tweet about your event, you can increase your following and reach more people to attend.

How to Promote your Event Trending on Twitter?

promote your event trending on twitter

Promoting an event trending on Twitter is not about typing 280 random characters with the name and date of the event and waiting for tickets to sell out. As we always say: planning is the key.

1. The Calendar

It is essential to make a calendar with the broadcast dates of the event and define what types of message you will launch in each phase of communication:

Before the event: Although it depends on the type of event (because it is not the same to promote a music festival as a professional event). A good promotion on Twitter should start at least two to three weeks before the event.

You will have to give clues about the content of the event and talk about the people who will participate. And publish related content that meets the requirements to entertain, inform, and encourage the purchase of tickets.

During the event: In addition to counting at all times and real-time what is happening so that followers can retweet and achieve greater reach. It is essential to use a streaming tool (such as Twitterfall or Visible tweets ) participants feel part of your event.

After the event: Keep tweeting about the possibility for at least a couple of days and convince those who did not attend not to miss the next one. It is essential to interact with all Twitter users who tweet, mention, and comment on the event with your hashtag.

2. The Hashtag

  • As you already know, the hashtag is the word you and those attending the event will use to talk about it.
  • Although it seems trivial, a tip: do a previous search not to use one already being used and make it more difficult for you to measure the results.
  • If you organize a recurring event, in addition to the generic one, promote another with the year.
  • To see the evolution of using a #hashtag, we recommend using tools such as SocialBro.
  • You will be able to identify which people are talking about him.
  • And their level of influence (the number of followers they have).

Twitter Ads

Twitter offers a reasonably affordable and micro-segmented advertising platform, something exciting because.

In addition to having demographic characteristics of the people (age, gender, place of residence), you can direct your communication plan based on the tastes and preferences audience.

There are several types of ads on Twitter depending on the objective (get more followers, collect emails from leads, generate conversation). Still, to sell tickets, it is better to use the one oriented to conversions.

With the objective clear, the following steps are:

  • Define the name of the campaign and its duration.
  • Select your audience: You have to indicate in which country or region you want to promote your event (for example, Valencian Community),
  • Gender (exciting if you organize a women’s fair like Womenalia, for example), type of device, interests, accounts similar to yours or even, by television programs.
  • Set your budget: Put a daily limit and a total limit for your campaign. You can leave the automatic bid per click or define a budget per click yourself if you want.
  • Add creativity: We recommend using the option to create a Card because its design is more sales-oriented. You will have to write a tweet that summarizes in 280 characters the best of your event, upload an eye-catching photo, choose a call to action (for example, “buy now”), and the destination URL.
  • You will see how much potential your ad has depended on the segmentation you have placed and your budget.


Social media plays an increasingly important role in event marketing and is the perfect channel to engage your audience.

Twitter is where millions of people go to get the latest news, news, and trends. Correctly promoting your event is very important when increasing your visibility and the number of registrations or tickets sold.


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