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Phrase Bracelets – The Best Trends for 2023

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Phrase Bracelets

Phrase bracelets is an article of jewelry that worm around the wrist. Bracelets may serve different uses, such as being worn as an ornament. When worn as ornaments, bracelets may have a supportive function to hold other decoration items, such as charms.

Medical and identity information mark on bracelets, such as allergy bracelets, hospital patient identification tags, and bracelet tags for newborn babies. Bracelets may worm to signify a particular phenomenon, such as breast cancer awareness or religious/cultural purposes.

To express your motto or remember phrases that are meaningful to us and make a significant gift! The 2021 phrase bracelets launched by top brands like Pandora, Stoili Oro and Brosway include particular phrases or words in the trendiest designs.

The jewels return to be bearers of a personal message that transmits a passion or an emotion!  Let’s look at the ten most sought after models together.

The Best Phrase Bracelets Trends

1. Vasco and Ligabue

  • The Kidult phrase bracelet inspires by the lyrics of the best-known songs. For example, those of Ligabue written on this round plate pendant invites us to “dance on the world”.
  • Or those of Vasco Rossi that run all around the bracelet with Sally’s words: life is a thrill that flies away, it’s all a balance over madness.

2. Vasco Sally Line

  • Very different from a jewellery collection like that of Pandora, which almost exclusively prefers silver, there is We Positive.
  • This brand has created a line of bracelets with winter 2021 phrases called My Song Collection, entirely in leather.
  • The colourful model carries the Latin notes of “La Vida es un Carnaval ” by Celia Cruz. A hymn to life in the salsa dancers tones, ready to energize us every day.

3. Gilded Steel

  • Stroili Oro chooses golden steel for this bracelet with a rigid phrase. “Now and then, you have to let everything go as it should go, let things happen, follow the wave of your destiny and see where it takes you”.
  • A kind of reassurance to give to those who sometimes fear losing control of their life.

4. Lucky Phrase

phrase bracelets

  • As Brosway did, S ‘ agapõ has reserved a space for lucky charms in its winter 2021 catalogue.
  • In particular, the Happy Collection contains bracelets with phrases that want to be authentic talismans. Here it is written: “What destine for you will find a way to reach you.”

5. Friendship

  • In Morellato’s Talisman line, we find this simple bracelet with a phrase linked to friendship.
  • The steel wire closes with a golden star, and the pendant is a round plate with a solid wish: Friends Forever.

6. The Song of Songs

  • It is a prayer and a love song, the one that Amen decides to affix to the silver jewel we see in the photo. “Put me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm; because love is strong as death”.
  • The bracelet with Amen’s phrase evokes a passage attributed to King Solomon, which widely used in wedding celebrations.

7. Sister

phrase bracelets

  • If you want to add some precious stones to your gift, you don’t like Swarovski solutions, this model from Sector Emotion.
  • Intended for blood sisters or those “in the soul”, it has a tiny aquamarine as a pendant. Bright and impressive.

8. Dedicated to Love

  • La Petite Story offers more than twenty variations of 2021 romantic themed phrase bracelets.
  • A heart pendant and two swallows around a crystal accompany the Always Together writing.
  • Combining one of the many Stroili rings.

9. Aphorisms

  • Among friends, we can also advise each other. So does Nomination, which borrows philosophical aphorisms to ironize a bit.
  • In this bracelet with the phrase it is written “Errare Humanum Est”, it says “so much I go west” on the pendants. An excellent example of playing down a mistake.

10. Seize the Moment

  • How to support a person we love and who we know is shy or not very daring? Presenting ourselves with one of the many bracelets with Asquared 2021 phrases.
  • For example, this model in stainless steel encourages you to dare with the famous motto “Carpe Diem “. Whoever receives it will immediately understand your suggestion.

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