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Light Purple Dress – Importance, How to Wear, How to Choose, and More

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Light Purple Dress

The light purple dress is color depends on three elements: the light that illuminates it, the physical nature of the object, and the receiver that observes it. According to its characteristics, the light illuminates a thing that will absorb part of this light and reflect another.

This reflected light then reaches the eye of an observer or the sensor of a camera, to be then analyzed. Color does not exist objectively: it only exists when it is perceived. The human eye can perceive what is called the spectrum of visible lights.

Importance of Light Purple Dress

  1. Light Purple dress communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points to the future. It continues its reign as a trending color this season.
  2. Despite this, purple still seems to be a more complex color to try than others, and there are so many different shades to find the one you like.
  3. If you like originality and to be unique, then go for it. It is one of those colors that many people do not wear. Wearing purple with neutrals gives a more earthy, slightly more bohemian vibe—a more relaxed feel. Also, you can find light purple dresses that pair with gray and yellow tones create a softer and very subtle purple.
  4. A purple dress is one of those hard to get colors. But, this shade has undoubtedly been a favorite on the catwalks recently.
  5. And, I think if you pair it with darker undertones, it can give the outfit a more interesting touch. In summer, opt for a light purple dress or floral print for a romantic look; dare to mix your purple dress with a bright color: pale yellow, turquoise.
  6. If you love fashion, you will surely have noticed that light purple dresses have invaded our wardrobes, from our cozy little sweaters to the sublime purple evening dress.
  7. The flagship color of the year can be worn as a total look or sparingly and comes in all its shades: lilac, purple, lavender, plum, mauve, indigo, etc. We love the softness of Parma for a romantic look and the spiciness of purplish-red and aborigine purple.
  8. Therefore, opting for light purple dresses is an excellent choice whether you are looking for a casual dress or an elegant dress to go to a formal event.
  9. Incredibly refreshing, the purple dress is the dress to have in your dressing room this season. But how to wear a purple dress? What are the trendy cuts? How to accessorize a purple dress?

How to Wear a Light Purple Dress?

The purple dress is incredibly trendy this season. Fashion influencers have already taken hold of the phenomenon, and we have seen inspiring looks that are incredibly refreshing on Instagram. We can already imagine which light purple dresses to choose for a hot summer month.

A pastel, lilac, or purple dress with a floral print. We would gladly opt for a little short light purple dress with a trendy cut: wrap dress for a casual style or maxidress for a chic bohemian style. Purple comes in a fairly broad palette of shades from the lightest to the darkest.

How to Choose which Light Purple Dress?

light purple dress

In summer and for a more casual style, we will go more easily on pale purples (Lilac, Parma, Mauve, etc.), while plum purple brings a lot of elegance for a formal evening or a chic outfit.

Good news for those looking for a wedding guest outfit, you can wear a light purple dress to a wedding. Incredibly elegant in an aborigine sheath dress or ultra-romantic in a long and fluid dress in soft colors, light purple dress adapts to all situations.

The lighter your purple dress, the more dressy and chic it will be. Invited to a stylish cocktail party, opt for a light purple dress. Choose a tapered dress with a draped neckline. The light purple dress is particularly evident in refined materials such as satin, tulle, or even velvet.

Colors to Associate Light Purple Dress with

The Shades of Purple

  • If you have the eye, you can play around with the different shades of a light purple dress and create an outfit that’s more on-trend than ever by creating shades of purples.
  • For this, you will need to accessorize your light purple with different purple shades.
  • For example, mix an accessory and a garment in the following way: purple and lilac, plum and mauve, mauve and purple, etc.

The Monochrome Look

  • The total look is a bold and stylish choice if it is well corresponding. We have already seen on the Fashion Week shows that the entire light purple look is very fashionable.
  • You can therefore dare to combine your short purple dress with boots of the same shade.

Contrast with a Bright Color

  • For a colorful and vitamin look, dare to mix your light purple with a bright color: golden yellow, turquoise, sea green.
  • Opt for a purple dress printed with patterns mixing colors, or wear a monochrome dress with a maximum of one or two color accessories.

Enhance your Outfit Gently

  • To make your light purple dresses the flagship piece of your look, enhance your outfit with nude and neutral tones: beige, cream, ivory, white.

How to Accessorize a Light Purple Dress?

1. What Shoes to Wear with a Light Purple Dress?

For a safe option, opt for black shoes. Indeed, black will highlight the light purple color of your dress. But you can also choose colorful shoes if you want to enhance the overall style of your outfit. Go for colorful shoes with a light purple dress: bright yellow, turquoise blue, sea green.

Some trendy prints like a leopard can also create an incredible contemporary look, and this mix will give you a street-style look worthy of Fashion Week!

The choice of the type of shoes will also depend on your dress style. The sneakers go wonderfully with a long purple silk dress for a casual chic look and can be worn out very quickly for a casual outfit with a short purple dress with straps.

2. What Jacket with a Light Purple Dress?

Purple goes particularly well with nude tones. You can pair your purple dress with a trench coat for a touch of elegance. In summer and mid-season, you can also wear a denim jacket with your purple dress.

For a fresh, summery look, wear a denim jacket with a lilac or purple dress or a pretty purple floral dress. The perfecto is also an excellent choice of jacket to wear with your dress. Paired with black ankle boots and your purple dress, it brings a rock touch in no time.

3. What Nail Polish with a Light Purple Dress?

To choose the color of your varnish with your light purple, trust the following palette of associations while respecting the style and codes of your outfit: bright yellow, white and nude.


It is one of the strong trends of the year and can be present worn in a short version in summer and a long-sleeved version in winter.

Dare to create a complete purple look for an ultra-trendy style. Consider creating shades of purple with your accessories or shoes. Choose modern cuts and prints: wrap dress, flowy dress, skater dress.

If you want to wear a light purple for a formal event, go for shades of purple, eggplant, or plum. For a bohemian wedding, on the other hand, lilac is a romantic color. In summer, choose light purple dresses in pastel colors (mauve, lilac, purple).