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Kurti Neck Design – 25 Trend and Elegant Collection of Neck Design

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Kurti Neck Design

Kurti neck design is among the most popular choices for party wear Kurtis. While a halter-neck Kurti may not be ideal for office wear, it is excellent for parties.

Latest Kurti Neck Design Patterns with New Trend and Style

kurti neck design

We find the catalogue of the 25 different Kurti neck models mentioned with pictures that will introduce the Kurta neck models for women.

1. Boat Neck Kurta Design

  • Here, as the name suggests, these kurta collar neck designs are shaped like a boat. It is similar to a U-shaped neckline.
  • However, it has a minor cut and makes the shoulders appear more expansive.
  • These Kurti neck patterns are suitable for women with all kinds of face shapes and more suitable for women with a small bust.
  • However, it is not ideal for those with broad shoulders or short necks.

2. Sweet Heart Neck Kurta Design

  • Since the neckline looks like the top of a heart, it is called a sweet sweetheart neckline.
  • This type of Kurti neck style suits all women, be it their shape, size and body type.
  • It is ideal for women with a small or large breast line. When women with a small bust line wear this type of neckline, they appear curvier.

3. Square Neck Designs for Kurtis

  • These are beautiful neck designs for Kurtis, which lengthen a short neck and shrink the shoulders. The shoulder tends to appear more expansive.
  • Women who have a square face should avoid this type of neckline.
  • This neckline complements women with pear-shaped bodies. Square lined neckline the kurtas go well with palazzo pants.

4. V Neck Design for Kurtis

  • This Kurti neck pattern is ‘V’ shaped. The length can range from a short ‘V’ to a deep ‘V’.
  • The deep ‘V’ creates a very voluptuous look. Here the neck appears a little longer and also creates a slimming effect.
  • This type of neckline looks good on people with a small neck and a round or square face.
  • The ‘V’ neckline fits people with both bust sizes. People with a long look should avoid this neckline.

5. Kurta Design with Round Neckline

  • A choker is nothing more than a deep ‘U’ shaped neckline.
  • The neck has a total curve that is deep and has great width. It fits people with narrow shoulders and also people with small breasts.
  • It also looks good on people with a short neck or a long face.
  • If you have a thin personality or have a narrow face, you should avoid this type of neckline for Kurtis.

6. Keyhole Neck Kurta Design

  • The keyhole of a keyhole inspires the name as it forms a similar pattern. This model has a hole near the neck bones. It is a very distinctive and also frequently chosen style.
  • The neckline meets in the centre, forming a spot just below the collarbones.
  • This style is unique, and all the attention focus on the neckline.
  • This front neck design for Kurti is an excellent choice for women with tender collars.

7. Neck Designs for Collared Kurtis

  • Generally, a collared neckline is popular with shirts and jackets.
  • However, the trend of having a collared neckline for kurtas is in vogue.
  • These necklines are suitable for people of heavy build. They can wear with short Kurtis and Patiala or Dhoti salwar.

8. Off Shoulder Neckline Kurta Design

  • This is a good neckline for women of all shapes and sizes.
  • However, it suits women with an average build and medium breast size best.
  • If you tend to have heavy arms, use a stole or shawl to cover yourself. If you like going out to the party with a high profile statement, you can try this for your selection.

9. Holder Neck Kurta Design

  • This is an exquisite neckline. Its design to show off the shoulders.
  • They meet at the back of the shoulder with the help of straps that can tie behind the neck. You can choose to cover your back entirely or halfway.
  • Dupatta should be avoided with this neckline as it ruins the show. Tie your hair in a bun or French knot to enhance the elegance.

10. Hooded Kurti Neck Designs

  • Previously only sweaters provide with a hooded neckline. Over time, this type of neckline has also evolved into kurtas.
  • There is extra fabric draped around the neck, which is attached to the dress. It looks like a scarf around the neckline.
  • This is very suitable for women with large breasts as the curtains cover the breasts.
  • It goes well on women with small breasts as it adds volume. Wear only earrings as the neckline does not need anything to wear.

11. High Neck Kurti Design

  • Kurta with a high collar and back neck design is pretty trendy as they give a sophisticated look.
  • It adds a western touch to the kurta and fits well during official meetings and gatherings.
  • You can sew along a high neck kurta with slits up to the waist and wear it over jeans.

12. Round Neck Design for Kurti with Small Slit

  • A commonly used neckline is the crew neck.
  • However, this one has a small slot followed by a series of buttons.
  • It is casual wear and widely used by office goers as it is effortless yet rich in look.

13. Angrakha Sleeveless Kurti Neck Design

  • This is a perfect piece to rock the fashion world.
  • The kurta has an overlapping neckline that flaunts your feminist. It looks excellent with two-tone colours and has a charming look.
  • It is casual wear, and college-going girls love to wear it because it is comfortable and stylish.
  • Women with a heavy bust line should avoid this neckline.

14. Kurta Design with Asymmetrical Neckline

  • The asymmetrical neckline is very much in vogue nowadays, especially with designer pieces. You can have many variations and combinations of many models in one neckline.
  • You can also have different varieties of embroidery, buttons, patchwork, etc.
  • But it would help if you were careful not to overdo the combinations on one piece.
  • Care should take when choosing the design as it should complement the bust size. Choose a plan that best fits the material.

15. Peter Pan Kurti Neck Design

  • These are the best neck designs for Kurtis that give you a delicate and tiny look.
  • It has a flat collar with rounded edges. It is a typical western to design long to avoid wearing it with a salwar or dupatta.
  • And also, it is not necessary to wear necklaces as the neckline may lose its charm.
  • Wear it, and you will get the fantastic 16 sweet looks.

16. Kurta Design with Side Keyhole

  • This is an exquisite combination of bateau neckline and keyhole necklines for Kurtis. The uniqueness of this design is that the keyhole is on the left or right side, more comfortable for the wearer.
  • The whole neck and keyhole can edge with embroidery or Kundan work according to the pattern of the dress material used.

17. Shoulder Neck Kurta Design

  • This type of neckline leaves one shoulder uncovered. It tends to emphasize the shoulders and collarbones. You can wear different necklaces to show its beauty.
  • Women with broad shoulders should avoid this type of neckline.
  • Give this dress a great look. You will get good comments.

18. Pentagon Neckline Kurta Design

  • This is a deep pentagon-shaped neckline.
  • You can combine a mandarin collar with a pentagonal neckline or keep one simple – they both have a classy look.
  • This neckline looks great with a dupatta.
  • Women with a small bust line should avoid the pentagonal neckline as it will make them look flat.

19. Queen Anne V Neck Designs for Kurtis

  • It is a trendy neckline for wedding dresses.
  • However, it tends to show the neckline. It can have a pentagon or a plunging V-neckline.
  • A person wearing this type of neckline should pay special attention to the inner kind of garment you choose.
  • This Queen Anne neckline tends to draw attention towards the upper bust.

20. Kurta Neck Design with Bertha Collar

  • Bertha Collar was prominent during the Victorian period and revived in the 1940s. It is a wide round collar that wears a low neckline.
  • Generally, the material used for the Bertha collar is lace. Nowadays, complex fabrics such as jute or khadi use as a base.
  • You can try this collar with your Anarkali and pair it with lace leggings.
  • This is a perfect neckline for chunky dresses worn for weddings and receptions.

21. High Neckline With Lace Kurta Design

  • These lace-up Kurti neck designs were generally worn during winters to protect against the cold but have now become a hit among regular dresses as well.
  • A high neckline with lace tends to make you look much younger and, of course, elegant.
  • Use two contrasting colours to give a striking look.

22. Collared Salwar Kurta Neck Design

  • This is an exquisite combination of a mandarin collar and a deep U-neck.
  • The mandarin collar finds on almost all ethnicities, Kurtis and salwar dresses.
  • This type of neckline is suitable for women with broad shoulders. It is casual wear and also ideal for the office.
  • This is the best accessory to fit this neck design for Kurti, a dainty necklace with a long pendant and earrings.

23. Kurta Design with Closed Neckline

  • This Closed Neck Kurti is buttoned at the top and looks inspired by the men’s Kurta.
  • You can add a touch of glamour by adding embroidery, sequins or buttons to the neck or be simple by keeping it simple.
  • Perfect casual wear and also fabulous office wear for women.

24. Kurta Design Crewneck

  • The neckline of a shirt inspires this type of neckline. It is very close to the neck, just like a shirt.
  • This neckline can decorate with Kundan and zardozi work, or even a simple embroidery will look lovely.
  • And Indo-Western style Kurta will look great with this neckline and a perfect style for women with a long, thin neck.
  • Wear the dupatta on one side so as not to hide the neckline.

25. Short Round Neck Kurti Design

  • Round Kurti neck patterns are one of the most common neck patterns. It’s just a simple curve, deep or shallow.
  • This universal neckline looks good on all types of women, be it face cut or body structure.
  • Generally, the round kurta neck motif is lined with piping with the contrasting colour if the dress is two-tone.
  • Sometimes it is followed by a button placket with embroidery or just simple buttons.


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