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Ballet Shoes – Definition, Essential Things, Best Shoes

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Ballet Shoes Definition

The ballet shoes must be chosen based on various factors, among which we also find the technical level of the dancer. The guide you are reading will help you learn more about the world of dance, giving you some helpful information and advice: in this way, you will be able to advance faster on your path as a dancer. Let’s begin!

Essential Things in a Ballet Shoes

Ballet slippers can make of various materials, including leather, satin, and canvas. If you are at the start of your career as a dancer, the best thing is to opt for a flexible and not sophisticated model.

Pay attention to your foot’s shape because the shoe model to buy is primarily based on this factor.

When buying, pay attention to criteria such as size, type of support and sole.

Best Ballet Shoes 2021

ballet shoes

Whether dance is a hobby for you or much more, it does not matter: in any case, it is vital to have the perfect shoes available for your needs. If you are still undecided on which model to buy, don’t worry, because we have prepared a shortlist with the most exciting ballet shoes on the market.

1. Dance Shoes, Demi-Pointe, in Canvas, Split Sole, for Children and Adults Black EU 37

  • The Skyrocket canvas demi-pointe shoes are suitable for both children and adults and have a split sole and a cotton lining.
  • They are available in three different colours (Pink, New Pink and Black) and various sizes, from 21 to 44 EU.
  • Users report that the item fits slightly small and recommends purchasing a more significant number than the one that usually fits.

2. DoGeek Ballerina Shoes Ballet Loafers

  • DoGeek dance shoes are available in 11 colours and various sizes, ranging from 22 to 44 EU: since the shoes fit pretty small, it is recommended to buy one size up.
  • The non-slip split sole makes the product perfect for dancing without the danger of slipping, while the elastics allow you to adjust the width of the opening for a better wrapping of the foot.

3. Soudittur Ballet Shoes Pointe Includes Toe Pads and Ribbons for Woman and Girl

  • Those in question are pointe shoes made by Soudittur, with upper cotton satin and toe in plaster.
  • These are a great pair of shoes to dance en pointe for buyers, as evidenced by the dozens of positive reviews, and define as elegant, robust and soft, ideal for beginners.
  • They are available in sizes from 33 to 44, and it suggests buying them in a more significant number.
  • They also include silicone ribbons and toe protectors.

4. Ballet Shoes Satin Ballet Shoes with Ribbon Split Sole Leather Gymnastics

  • These satin Bezioner shoes have a split leather sole.
  • There are two elastic bands (not adjustable) that help adapt the shoe to the foot better and two satin ribbons tied at the ankle.
  • It will make the user feel like a natural dancer and give it a much more elegant look.
  • Sizes are available, ranging from 25 to 44 EU.

What Types of Ballet Shoes are There?

ballet shoes

In choosing dance shoes, you must know that there are various types: they are based above all on the technical level of the dancer and must refer well to the moment of her “growth” as such. It can say that there are two types of ballet slippers.

Demi-pointe dance shoes: The best for those who are approaching the world of dance. Generally, they are pretty soft and have a flexible sole. The straps almost always cross for optimal foot support.

Pointe dance shoes: They are specific for higher-level dancers; since they have already acquired great strength and balance, they need much more rigid shoes than the other model. They can easily recognize thanks to the reinforcement present in the tip.

How are Ballet Shoes Cleaned?

The maintenance of ballet shoes depends a lot on the material they make:

  • Some models can safely wash in the washing machine, while others must wash by hand.
  • The latter is leather shoes, a material that can only be cleaned on the surface using detergent and a damp cloth.
  • However, the canvas is different, a material that can wash in the washing machine: put it in a bag for underwear and avoid using a cycle with water that is too hot.
  • If they are satin shoes instead, wet them in cold water, put on some soap and scrub them, be very careful not to be too aggressive or twist them. You can also use handmade soap. It will be even more delicate.


Dance is one of the noblest and most elegant arts, requiring a lot of practice and sacrifice. Dancers begin their journey from childhood, spending years and years improving and refining their technique.

To reach the top, you need passion and talent and good ballet shoes: at the same time that they protect the feet from possible injuries, they also allow you to obtain clean and elegant results.

If you have come this far, you will indeed be entering this wonderful world. In this article, we have tried to give as much advice as possible, hoping to clarify any doubts.


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