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Did you Know You can get a Free Indoor Cycling App?

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First of all, what is an indoor cycling app, you ask? It is an app that will make your indoor exercise routine more fun and more productive, that’s what it is. The best of the lot is obviously, Vingo, and the latest updates have made it more colourful and versatile. Before we get to explore Vingo, let’s ask the question,

Why Indoor Cycling is Better for You?

Indoor cycling as you know, is training on your own exercise bike, at the comfort of your homes and at your own best schedule. This is the new way of keeping ourselves fit and people across the world have agreed to this after the pandemic hit us. Gone are the days when you had to hit the local gym and wait for your turn to get on the bike. And, with lockdowns, it was nearly impossible to get outdoors for a long drive in our cycles.

The best possible way is to get our own bike and jump on it whenever we want. Now, this might seem easy at first, but as days pass by, we get bored of it too. Staring at the same wall will get boring eventually. What we need is a mental stimulant to help push ourselves in those situations.

Get Fit with Vingo Cycling App

We need to feel the exercise as an adventure to keep ourselves motivated in the long run. That’s what Vingo does. It turns our exercise bike into an actual bike in a virtual world and lets us become part of it. All we need to do is install the app on our smartphone or a smart TV and place the screen before us when we start cycling. 

We can even select our favourite locations, maps and landscapes on the app. These places, as the app says, are designed from real locations from across the world. This means we are going to explore some of our favourite spots from right where we exercise. This is more of an online cycling exercise than an indoor exercise!

Install Vingo and Enjoy Getting Fit

Of course, when we get online, it means we’re meeting new people in the app too. Vingo is being used by a lot of people from every corner of the world. Everyone from trained athletes to avid beginners ate online to work-out peacefully and get fit. You can join them too. 

Even better, you can get acquainted with them, chat with them over voice chat or even create a community of people who share your ideas when it comes to getting fit. There are hundreds of communities in Vingo based on locations, exercise types, time zones and so on. You can join them and invite your friends too.

You can create a free account on the app now. Other similar apps charge more than $15 as a subscription fee for the same number of features. However, you can get all these for free. Take urgent care and install the amazing app today. Get back to the best shape of your life.

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