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Hair Color or Hair Dyeing is the practice of changing hair colour. The main reason for this is to cover the grey or white hair, to change to a colour. So, to Write for Us, you can email us at

Changing your hair, covering up white hair, or giving shine and intensity to natural hair colour, are the main reasons to embark on the colouring adventure. Colouring your hair is not always easy. If the kits available in the market greatly facilitate our task, we must take some precautions. Furthermore, nowadays there are home hair stylists who provide you with home services to glam up your hair.

Types of Hair Coloring

  1. Temporary Hair Colorings
    They hold up to 6 or 8 shampoos and have the advantage of being without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. However, they do not lighten hair or darken more than two tones and only cover grey hair 30%.
  2. Semi-permanent or Tone-on-tone Hair Colorings
    They are ammonia-free but contain hydrogen peroxide; they cover 50% white hair.
  3. Permanent Hair Colorings
    They contain hydrogen peroxide and can be with or without ammonia. Every month, it is also necessary to refresh the coloring because the roots reappear with the regrowth of the hair.

Different Hair Colors

Human hair is of five different colors: black, brown, blonde, white/grey, and rarely red. Among these important colors, various shades also exist.

Things to Remember When Getting Hair Color

  1. Before you give in to your urge and buy anything, here are a few things to know.
  2. Choose a color according to the photo on the box. And also, each hair is unique; if we use the same color on three people with the same shade, we will get three different results.
  3. Unknowingly choosing a potentially dangerous coloring will damage your hair.
  4. Some difficulties may arise during the application of the coloring. Do not start from the hair around the face as it takes on a darker shade.
  5. Another common mistake made with at-home coloring, especially when it comes to re-coloring, is applying the color all over the hair instead of sticking to it.
  6. Secondly, if you do this with each dye, you will end up with an opaque color, which is not natural.
  7. And also, disregard the texture of the hair as each hair is unique.
  8. If you take off your hair color too early, the color won’t take on perfectly, and if you leave it on your hair too long, it will get darker and darker.
  9. While darkening previously lightened hair, you will not get the result of natural hair.

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