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Hair growth is something that appears to happen naturally. You might think that nothing can influence the pace of the growth of your hair and hair loss but that is not right. There are several factors that have an impact on hair loss and healthy hair growth which could potentially help you.

Normally hair growth and hair loss happen through a cycle that consists out of three phases. The growing phase, the regressing phase, and the resting phase. After the resting phase the growing phase starts, and one hair leaves the follicle while another grows out of it. The hair growth cycle can last between 3 and 10 years depending on how well you treat your hair and scalp and your genetics.

How to stimulate hair growth?

To stimulate hair growth, it is possible to use a hair growth serum, conditioner, or shampoo that contains hair growth enhancers as ingredients. One example of such an ingredient is Neoxyl®. This is a scientifically proven complex that is a combination of several effective ingredients. It is an alternative for Minoxidil but has lesser side-effects.

How to prevent hair loss?

There are several things that you can start to do today which can help you to stop and prevent hair loss. The first one is that you should avoid hairstyles that pull on your hair. This is because your hair can only be stretched a certain amount before it becomes permanently damaged. Hairstyles like cornrows, tight braids, and ponytails can pull your hair away from your scalp and loosen the hair from the scalp.

The second thing you can start doing is avoiding curling irons, hair dryers and hair straighteners as much as possible because they can also damage your hair over time. Make sure you don’t overuse them and the same goes for bleaching methods.

The third thing you should do to prevent unnecessary hair loss is trying to avoid stress and smoking. If you can’t quit smoking right away, try to switch to vaping first. Products like Fume Recharge with 5000 puffs is a great product to begin your smoking free journey. Avoiding stress is difficult but important to combat hair loss. In a stressful period, hormones might chance, and you can be sensitive for that. Hairs will fall off and your hair might thin. Fortunately, hair loss due to stress often comes back after a while.

Smoking on the other hand is thought to cause hair loss due to reducing the blood flow to the scalp and causing damage to DNA in your hair follicles. Quitting smoking could help you to achieve a limited amount of hair regrowth and is better for your overall body.