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An Ultimate Guide to Diamond Cuts & Shapes

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You must have seen people interchangeably use the terms “diamond shapes” and “diamond cuts.” While both refer to the shape of a diamond, they are slightly different from one another. A diamond shape refers to the outer outline of the gemstone, while a diamond cut refers to the diamond’s facets arrangement. You can pop over to this site to check some modern diamond jewellery designs. The best part is this website has a varied range of diamond jewellery, so you’ll find jewellery with all the diamond cuts and shapes we’re about to discuss below.

If you want to own a stylish piece of diamond jewellery that stands out, you should look for a unique cut and shape that gives the gemstone a rare brilliance and sparkle. To save your research time, we’ve compiled an epic guide on the various diamond cuts and shapes you should be aware of.

Princess Cut

A pretty popular diamond cut, the princess cut beautifully combines the contemporary shape of a square cut diamond and the liveliness of a brilliant-cut round diamond. Compared to other cuts and shapes, the princess cut is relatively new on the block and is rapidly gaining popularity due to its brilliance, radiant appearance, and versatility. A diamond with a princess cut can go perfectly well with almost any style ring.

Radiant Cut

True to its name, a radiant cut possesses 70 facets that give the diamond a rare brilliance like no other. The silhouette of a diamond with a radiant cut may resemble the popular Emerald cut, but the radiant cut’s facet pattern separates it from all other diamond cuts and shapes. If you love a sparkling diamond that turns heads everywhere you go, you should pick a diamond with a radiant cut.

Round Brilliant Cut

The classic and most commonly seen cut on many diamond jewellery pieces is the round brilliant cut. Brilliance, sparkling beauty, and elegance are the words that best describe this cut. A round brilliant cut has around 58 facets (including the culet) and goes well with most varied diamond jewellery types. A round brilliant cut diamond has a dazzling display, and it maximizes light return better than many other diamond shapes and cuts. You can click over here to see some stunning diamond jewellery pieces crafted using round brilliant diamonds.

Cushion Cut

If you love vintage-style or vintage-inspired diamond jewellery, you will love the cushion cut.  This elegant and sophisticated cut possesses the characters of both oval and round cuts, making it unique in its own way. The larger facets and rounded corners add to the brilliance of a cushion cut diamond, making it ideal for a variety of diamond jewellery items.

Oval Cut

Known for its proportioned, graceful shape, an oval cut was first discovered in its modern form in 1957. The beauty of this cut captivated people back then, and its popularity hasn’t had a hit since then. An oval cut has 57 or 58 facets spawned throughout the large surface area for a remarkable appearance.

You can pick any of the cuts discussed above and start looking for diamond jewellery featuring the same. If you’re looking for more options, you can consider checking out the marquise cut, heart shape, and pear cut or teardrop cuts for variety.