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Defining a High-Value Man and Tips to Attract the Right One

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Signs You’re Dating a High-Value Man and How to Keep Him Interested

So you’ve set your sights on a high-value man. You want what he has – commitment, love, security. But how do you go about attracting him?

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz believes that smart, strong, successful women deserve to get the qualities high-value men have. It turns out you can do things to attract a high-quality man and start dating him seriously.

Common Signs He’s a High-Value Man

High-Value Man

Being in a relationship with a high-value man is something that every woman deserves. Unfortunately, not all men are created equal. While some men are born with an innate sense of self-worth, others must work harder to develop it.

Fortunately, certain signs can help you determine whether or not your guy is a high-value man. Here are signs that you’re dating one:

1. He has a strong sense of self-worth.

A high-value guy doesn’t need validation from others to feel good about himself. He is confident, has self-respect, and he knows what he wants in his own life. You can feel his positive energy when you’re with him, and it rubs off on you.

2. He respects you.

A high-value man respects you. He’ll never try to control you or put you down. Instead, he will listen to your needs and try to meet them. He will also encourage you to reach your full potential.

3. He is emotionally intelligent.

A high-value male is in touch with his emotions and knows how to express them healthily. He is also good at reading other people’s emotions and understanding their needs. This allows him to be a great communicator and an even better partner.

4. He has ambition.

The right one isn’t content with just getting by in life; he wants to make something of himself. He has goals, and he is always striving to reach them. Having an ambitious partner can be very inspiring, and it can help push you to reach your own goals.

5. He is honest and trustworthy.

An ultimate high-value man values honesty and integrity above all else. He isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, even if it isn’t just what you want to hear. And he’s good at keeping his word.

6. He has a positive outlook.

High-value men tend to be positive even in tough situations and always look for the silver lining. He believes that anything is possible with a little effort and utmost respect.

7. He’s got a secure attachment style.

This means he’s comfortable with the self and relationship management style. He’s not afraid of commitment and can be emotionally present in the relationship.

If your guy checks off all these boxes, you’ve already found a high-value man. If not, don’t settle for anything less than a high-value man.

Tips to Attract a High-Quality Man Who Commits

High-Value Man

Every day, there seem to be new dating apps or websites promising to help you find love. But which is best for you in a sea of options? And once you find a good match, how can you be sure he’ll want to commit?

A high-value man stands ready to settle down. So here are tips to attract and keep him interested.

Be yourself.

A lot of dating advice tells most women what they should do to attract a high-value man: dress a certain way, act a certain way, or even think a certain way. But the best dating advice is actually very simple: Be genuine, be authentic, and be the best version of that you can be.

You will naturally attract high-quality men drawn to your unique combination of qualities when you are yourself. And when you find a man who appreciates you for who you are, he is likely to commit to a stable and straightforward relationship.

Be a high-value woman.

Simply put, high-value women bring a lot to the table regarding their personality, career, and lifestyle. In short, being an only woman means that you are someone who is emotionally and mentally strong, as well as physically attractive.

You are the total package – and that’s exactly the kind of woman that good men are looking for. Only when you’re truly happy and content with yourself will you be able to attract someone who is equally as amazing.

Know your worth.

You’re worthy of respect. You’re worthy of love.

Too often, you sell yourself short on a low-value man. You settle for relationships that are less than supportive and for someone that doesn’t fulfill you.

As a smart, strong, successful woman, you deserve better. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, to be respected. So anything is none of your own business, and don’t settle for anything less.


Some signs may indicate he is worth your time and effort. If you like to keep him committed, it’s important to understand what makes him tick and appeal to his interests and needs.

Just remember that not all men are equal – what works for one might not work for another. Use the tips as a starting point and tweak them until they fit your unique relationship.

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