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Men Shoe – Definition, 10 Best Men Shoe Brands

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Men Shoe – Men’s shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the foot. Shoes also used as an item of decoration and fashion. The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with appearance originally being tied to purpose.

Though the men foot adapts to varied terrain and climate conditions, it is still vulnerable to environmental hazards such as solid pillars and temperature extremes, which shoes protect against.

Some shoes are worn as safety gear, such as steel-soled boots, which require on construction sites.

10 Best Men Shoe Brands Should know

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Shoes are a vital element for men shoe. When a brand suits you well and satisfies you, you will be faithful to it for many years. We chose 10 of our favourite brands, all with the highest quality and production standards, handmade, with the option of mate-to-order and a great history and legacy behind each brand that reflects luxury and tradition.

1. Alden

  • Alden manufactures its smithereens to the highest standards, and they are handcrafted.
  • It found in 1884 in Massachusetts and is the best American brand of men’s shoes.
  • Alden manufactures its smithereens to the highest standards and handcraft from the finest leathers such as cordovan, goat suede and calfskin in New England.
  • His shoes are an essential part of iconic men’s clothing.

2. Corthay

  • Pierre Corthay originated this French brand in 1990.
  • Pierre Corthay started this French brand in 1990. Since its inception, it has established itself as one of the best brands of men’s shoes.
  • In 2009, Pierre award the “Master of Art” by the French government, which is the highest recognition of French crafts.
  • These shoes have a distinctive silhouette with sleek lines and smooth contours.
  • All shoes are made entirely by the pointer in France and French materials.

3. Edward Green

  • Hand-cut from the finest leathers globally, each pair of Edward Greens has made since 1890 in Northhampton, England.
  • Its quality is exceptional, and it’s sole assures the best comfort and durability.

4. Enzo Bonafe

  • It found as a family business in 1963 in Bologna, Italy. Enzo runs the company together with his wife and children.
  • Something that distinguishes Enzo Bonafé’s shoes is that they are entirely handmade, with the hand welted process.
  • The sole is sewn and assembled from the insole, an artisanal way that very few producers use and defines a high quality and luxury level.

5. Gaziano & Girling

  • It is a sole shoe brand, initiated in 2006 by Tony Gaziano and Dean Garling in London, England, with their factory in Northampton.
  • They have quickly become innovative and versatile brands, combining craftsmanship with artisan manufacturing skills and their bespoke option.

6. John Lobb

  • The brand has been creation shoes since 1866 in London and since 1902 in Paris.
  • They have a rich heritage of craftsmanship that guarantees quality, comfort and durability in some of the most beautiful shoes in the world.
  • The original brand upholds its store in London, where only 100% of handmade shoes measure its Northampton factory.

7. Saint Crispin’s

  • This Austrian brand found in 1985, where they began to produce custom handmade shoes and make footwear for different brands around the world.
  • Its factory in Romania, where 95% of its pieces made by hand, and the other 5% is industrial.
  • Its particularity goes from the colours and techniques to paint the skins. Most of their clients choose the personalization process, so they have a very knowledgeable and loyal audience.

8. Santoni

  • The traits of the pure “Made in Italy” remained unchanged over time for Santoni.
  • Quality, passion for detail and rigorous craft are the core elements of the brand’s distinction.
  • And a legacy cared for by master craftsmen, some of who have been with the corporation for more than 30 years.
  • Handmade in Macerata, Italy, they are one of our favourite shoes.

9. Tricker’s

  • One of the oldest English shoe brands is also a favourite for its outstanding quality and tradition. Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker.
  • Tricker’s workshop is in Northampton, England and opened in 1904 and is still active today.
  • Trickers keeps its production on hand as well as its made to order service.
  • It is a critical brand in men’s shoes and has created great models of boots and shoes that are a benchmark for many other brands.

10. Yohei Fukuda

  • Yohei Fukuda is one of the most much-admired Japanese shoemakers today. Fukuda is 35 years old and grew up in the town of Tomoya. After high school, she gushed to England to work and learn in the traditional English fashion industry.
  • He studied at the Tresham Institute in Northampton, a specialized shoe school, then worked at Edward Green before returning to Japan in 2008 to start his brand.
  • Since then, it has established the situation as one of the great shoe artisans in Japan. Its tobacco has balanced the cult and tradition for the English shoe store and its perfection and Japanese detail.
  • This shows in great quality and result and wearing the option of bespoke shoes at a very demanding level and pure luxury.


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