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Blue Sarees – Importance, Features, Suitable Fabrics

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Blue Sarees

Blue sarees – Blue is a serene colour associated with calm, peace, confidence, and imagination. No wonder the market is inundated with an array of blue sarees. They were initially dyed in Indigo before modern invention techniques took their place.

The bright blue saree sport by many Indian women could bring a calming look in the harsh summers. There are many sunglasses of blue, ranging from the dimmest navy blue to the lightest powder blue. Well, we know you can’t wait to buy a blue saree any longer.

Importance of Blue Sarees

  1. Blue represents vastness. It is also associated with independence, openness, and freedom. This is probably the reason why Indian women have always loved wearing blue saree.
  2. The earliest known blue saris were found in India, which housed Indigo dyes dating back 5,000 years.
  3. These dyes altered the fate of textile manufacturing and paved the way for modern technologies.
  4. More than 20 shades of blue are obtainable in the market in the modern age, which the human eye can detect.
  5. Now you can flood your wardrobe with all possible shades of these stunning sarees.

Features of Blue Sarees

Blue is a pleasant colour which is why blue-coloured sarees are so popular with women. Here are the peculiarities of these sarees:

  • For daytime events, sarees in sky blue and pastel blue colour can make you look elegant.
  • They are incredibly calming shades.
  • And also, darker shades of blue complement any skin tone and can brighten up your look.
  • The royal blue shade brings out the best in any person. It can make a rich royal look to the wearer.
  • Blue sarees are also available in an ombre variety, which blends perfectly to create a fantastic saree.

Suitable Fabrics for Blue Sarees

blue sarees

  1. The best part about blue sarees is that they work with almost any fabric.
  2. From rich silk Kanchipuram sarees to flowing georgette, these sarees are available in all types of materials.
  3. Depending on the occasion and the look you prefer, you can choose the one that suits you the best.
  4. And also, if this is a casual event, you can opt for rags, pancakes, and even art silk sarees.
  5. For significant events such as weddings, it is recommended to opt for Silk, Cotton Silk, Chanderi, and Banaras fabrics.

Beautiful and Latest Models of Blue Sarees

blue sarees

Here are the top 20 stunning blue saree collections and their images as shadows.

1. Blue Silk Saree

  • If you are looking for a faultless Pattu saree, this blue ombre piece is the best.
  • The sari comes in two shades of blue, light and dark. It has a superb zari sampler on the edge and the pallu.
  • And also, the best means to style this saree is to go for a Banaras blue blouse with rich patterns.

Saree Design: Double Shadow Blue Pattu Saree with Gold Zari

Material: Pattu

Favorite Occasion: Weddings

Suitable Body Type: And also All body

2. Blue Cotton Saree

  • After looking at the bright blue sky, the best thing is to look at this soothing colourful saree.
  • The sunny blue cotton saree with chikankari embroidery is perfect for workwear.
  • It’s pretty light and airy, making it an ideal piece for the harsh summers of India.
  • And also, pair it with an element of pearls, and you will look like nothing less than an angel.

Saree Design: Sky Blue Color Saree with Chikankari Work

Material: Cotton

Favorite Occasion: Work Wear

Suitable Body Type: All body

3. Blue Pattu Saree

  • Blue pattu sarees are most preferred for occasions like weddings as they are considered to bring harmony.
  • This bright blue saree comes with an intricate gold pattern all over the body. The Zari looks opulent with its rich floral design.
  • And also, the sari is best matched with a blouse of the same colour and gold jewellery.

Saree Design: Bright Blue Pattu Saree with Golden Zari

Material: Silk

Favorite Occasion: Weddings

Suitable Body Type: All body

4. Peacock Blue Color Saree

  • Peacock blue is one of the most famous shades of blue. This party saree is available in a shiny peacock blue shade with a satin finish.
  • The fabric displays different shades when the light is reflected.
  • And also, a beige border with a matte finish with a sober appearance completes the richness of this saree.
  • You can pair it with a mesh blouse for a gorgeous look!

Saree Design: Peacock Blue Satin Saree with Mesh Trim

Material: satin

Favorite Occasion: Party Wear

Suitable Body Type: Thin Bodies

5. Fancy Saree in Blue Color

  • This stunning fancy saree in blue is made with fine art silk, which is more like pure silk material.
  • And also, it comes with a beautiful fancy floral border and a nice pallu which gives an elegant look to the saree.
  • This saree is best paired with a matching blouse and earrings to provide you with a Wow look!

Saree Design: Blue Fancy Saree with Rich Border

Material: Art Silk

Favourite Occasion: Party Wear and Daytime Events

Suitable Body Type: Thin Bodies

6. Ombre Turquoise And Blue Saree

  • In place of adjustments, we have this beautiful saree, which comes in more than one colour. The saree looks so vibrant that everyone will fall in love with the pattern followed by this designer material.
  • Besides all this, there is one thing to keep in mind about this saree.
  • And also, it should be worn, keeping in mind the body type required for this saree.
  • And also, it will take a slim physique to wear this saree effectively. This is the best blue saree you can wear.

Saree Design: Shaded Blue Georgette Saree with Shimmering Border

Material: Georgette crepe

Favourite Occasion: Casual Everyday Wear

Suitable Body Type: Slim and tall bodies

7. The Dark Blue Saree

  • This particular dark blue saree will suit designer blouse materials.
  • And also, the pattern that this saree spot is incredibly alluring.
  • The borders are well designed, as is the whole body, decorated with small dotted patterns that can only be seen if they are carefully visualized.
  • And also, the sari will be suitable to be shown on any festive occasion. Along with this, the saree will make a woman of good size incredibly alluring.

Saree Design: Dark Blue Crepe Saree with Stone Work

Material: Crepe

Favourite Occasion: Evening Parties

Suitable Body Type: Slim and tall bodies

8. The Deep Blue Masterpiece Saree

  • If you require deep blue sarees, it can be said that this is one of the best for this purpose.
  • And also, the saree sports a beautiful colour that will attract all the attention. It will look best with a dark blouse.
  • For example, a black blouse will make the saree even more vibrant and attractive.
  • Along with all this, it should be remembered that this particular design will suit those who have a slim and fit physique.
  • And also, if you prepare to get the most out of this designer saree, wear it to a festive event.

Saree Design: Dark Blue Georgette Saree with Stone Trim

Material: Georgette crepe

Favourite Occasion: Evening Parties

Suitable Body Type: Slim and tall bodies

9. The Blue Net Designer Saree

  • If you prefer mesh sarees, this is something you are going to love. This saree sports an eye-catching pattern with small designs made on it.
  • If you are looking for something old-style and trendy in the designer world, this particular blue saree with floral arrangements will be a good sight for saree merchants.
  • And also, if you are a tall woman, then without further argument, this is the best blue colour embroidery saree for you.

Saree Design: Dark Blue Mesh Saris With Rich Cut Work Border

Material: Net

Favourite Occasion: Evening Parties

Suitable Body Type: Slim and tall bodies

10. The Half-Velvet and Half-Light Blue Saree

  • It’s something special for you. This particular saree is half velvet and half light blue.
  • The alluring pattern made on this pale blue saree is likely to attract everyone who looks at it.
  • And also, it is designed to impress. It is the best blue saree for weddings.

Saree Design: Powder Blue and Black Saree with Lace Trim

Material: Net and velvet

Favourite Occasion: Evening Parties

Suitable Body Type: Slim and tall bodies