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Know Every About Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking

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Acupuncture Houston quit smoking is an acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic that help stop smoking and quit smoking, addiction, and drinking.
Acupuncture promotes willpower and reduces stress.

 What is Houston Quit Smoking Clinic?

Acupuncture Houston quit smoking is a clinic in Texas that gives treatment to the chain smokers in quitting smoking by conducting a  session. Acupuncture Houston quit smoking uses an effective method to quit smoking, and it is designed with multiple treatment functions. Still, the procedure is simple yet easy to go through and effective.

Most importantly, Houston Quit Smoking can render a high success rate. Their way is not time-consuming nor a cumbersome procedure.   Not only do you find it easy to quit, but also time and money-saving.  Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking treatment gives you what you need the most in quitting,  killing your nicotine urge almost instantly.

Detail About Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking

Tiong H. Ling and Nancy T. Ling (husband and wife) opened acupuncture practice in Houston, Texas, in February 1982; by that time, there was only more than one left a handful of acupuncturists in Houston.

They weren’t just among the pioneering acupuncturists who opened this new one; Medical treatment therapy in Houston was also one of the six in Texas who attended trials in Texas Court in an attempt to explore and seek legislative approval to legalize the practice of acupuncture.

Though the lawsuit got nowhere, it paved the way Practising way to the triumphant victory of legal status acupuncture in the state of Texas in 1993.

acupuncture houston quit smoking

Biography of  Tiong H. Ling and Nancy T. Ling

Tiong H. Ling and Nancy T. Ling are developers of tobacco, nicotine cessation technique of acupuncture Houston quit smoking. They are Chinese and were raised in Chinese and English. Both are graduates of Vanderbilt University with PhD. degree, and he, a PK. They went to China to study.

Acupuncture is among the best national experts. Her Acupuncture mentors include leading acupuncture specialists in Shanghai. Experts, dr Sieng Ming Huang (黃羨明教授), Beijing national expert, Dr Li Chuang Huang (黃麗春醫師).

Both were past presidents of TAOA (Texas Association of Acupuncturists). They have published 3 books together in the US:

 (1) Everything You Want to Know About Acupuncture

(2) The Hidden Dangers of Tap Water and the Best Solutions

(3) Green Tea and Its Amazing Health Benefits

Perhaps his most unusual testimony is his absolute unexpected performance that has attracted patients not just from the US but 40 foreign countries on four continents across the world in his 36 years to practice.

They have developed an effective, simple and economical method. Way to help smokers, dippers, and drinkers break their addiction

They have helped thousands of people quit smoking/dipping/ Alcohol at your Houston Clinic! They can help smokers be an overcomer. And not a victim of tobacco/alcohol!

More About Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking Treatments?

The use of acupuncture treatments for smoking cessation is truly an experience. Over the years, Acupuncture Houston quit smoking have helped thousands of smokers quit smoking and quit forever. Through word of mouth, They attracted smokers from Texas and every state in the US. Many of those who came to Houston for treatment from outside were heavy smokers who had tried to quit but could not. They have helped thousands of smokers quit the habit in a very easy way. Smoking cessation and weight control treatments require very shallow needle insertion and are associated with very slight pain.

acupuncture houston quit smoking

What this treatment can do for you is twofold:

(1) The treatment eliminates the urge to smoke cigarettes. Anyone who smokes a pack a day usually has cravings for cigarettes several times a day. With successful treatment, the desire will disappear. Not only will there be no more cravings for smoking, but the physical tolerance to nicotine will be very low for several days. Smoking a cigarette immediately after treatment will make you miserable. The experience is similar to motion sickness or vomiting: unforgettable and uncomfortable.

(2) After successful treatment, most patients do not experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritation, nervousness, depression, mental disorders, weakness, insomnia, constipation, diarrhoea, dizziness or headaches. However, about 20% of them will not miss some types of withdrawals.

​When smokers are treated, they will experience one or more of three changes in their mouth: (a) dryness, (b) metallic taste, and (c) morning mouth.

Average smokers can expect to quit in just one or two treatments, but the most addicted need booster treatments. In an article published by Reader’s Digest, one expert “found that quitting cigarettes is harder than heroin or alcohol”. And a very small percentage of smokers who attempted to quit were successful.

Over the years, not only helped thousands quit smoking, but most of them have found this method of quitting very easy because we have helped solve the two giant monkeys (craving and withdrawal) that guide them on the road have back to eliminate. The method used by acupuncture Houston quit smoking is not only effective but also inexpensive.

FAQS – Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking Treatment

Are Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking Treatment Safe?

After thousands of years of practice and countless treatments, accidents are rare, considering how many performed treatments.

Most of the recorded acupuncture accidents occurred in China due to carelessness and ignorance.

There are no known allergic reactions, habit-forming, or other side effects. Sterile, disposable needles and antiseptic techniques can eliminate the risk of infection.

Can a Patient Get Help From Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture Clinic is among the first to use only disposable needles. It would help if you did not worry about contracting an infectious disease.

Is There Pain When Inserting An Acupuncture Needle?

Virtually every needle inserted into the body is felt, and minimal pain is felt. The pain a patient experiences from acupuncture treatment is generally much less than feared or expected because the needles are very thin and typically do not cause the same pain as other types of needles.

They use a very unusual and unconventional needlestick technique that allows fine needles to be inserted into the skin in a split second. Therefore, the pain felt is much less than traditional needle insertion forms.

Smoking cessation and weight management treatments require very shallow needle insertion, hardly penetrate the skin, and are associated with very little pain.

Other treatments under certain conditions, such as arthritis, may require deeper needle insertion. Regardless of the type of treatment, it just feels like a string, more or less like that of a Texas mosquito bite.

Some Successful Stories Of Acupuncture Houston Quit Smoking Treatment

Mr Patel of Los Angeles tried to quit smoking with two acupuncture clinics in Los Angeles.

He left our clinic with only one treatment. In our 30 years of practice, many have never come to us to quit oMr. Patel from Los Angeles tried to quit smoking with two acupuncture clinics in Los Angeles.

He left our clinic with only one treatment. In our 30 years of practice, never have so many come to us to quit on the recommendation of just one person, Mr Hash Patel.

His recommendation spread like wildfire. In a few years, word of mouth has drawn hundreds of people from across the US, most motel owners.

 Success Story Of The Automotive Workshop

Here’s a story about someone who walked into an auto repair shop and joked that he couldn’t stand the second-hand smoke in the office and that he was going somewhere to have the car fixed.

This offensive second-hand cigarette smoke, while jokingly expressed (to the car shop owner), implies that certain human behaviour can be undesirable and can become offensive to certain people, creating a bad image for the shop.

The branch manager was very sensitive and decided to act immediately. The result: the garage’s office and the manager’s house are smoke-free. Recommended by only one person, Mr Hash Patel.

His recommendation spread like wildfire. In a few years, word of mouth has drawn hundreds of people from across the US, most of the motel owners.


Cigarette smoking and overeating led to preventable degenerative diseases. These two disease promoters in the history of modern health. They cause the American public billions of dollars each year. Ancient Chinese wisdom says that a normal doctor treats disease, but an excellent doctor guides patients to avoid disease. The Chinese have not forgetten their ancient advice, while the western world is still struggling with preventive medicine.

The American inventor Thomas Edison once said: “The doctor of the future will not administer medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, nutrition and the causes of disease prevention.” If Edison were alive today, he would be like this, tolerate little attention to combat smoking and high-fat diets, two major contributors to degenerative diseases.


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