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7 Expert Tips for Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Today

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Having drooping breasts impacts you emotionally, leading to self-confidence issues. Breast lift surgery helps you to enhance your breasts’ shape and reduce sagginess, improving your self-esteem. You should understand the best practices for faster healing and recovery if planning to get this cosmetic procedure. 

Read this guide for more tips and tricks.

Wear a Sports Bra or Compression Garment

A sports bra or compression garment helps with a smooth recovery. These attires help to enhance blood flow in the surgical area, reduce swelling, and offer support to your breasts. 

Wear your bra the first few weeks following the procedure throughout the day for maximum benefits.

Care for Your Incisions

Inspect your surgical incisions daily for signs of infection and keep them clean. If your wounds have steri-strips, keep them dry to prevent them from falling off too early. Avoid the bathtub, spa, or pool for the first two weeks, as this submerges your incisions. 

Don’t participate in strenuous physical activities, such as weightlifting, to avoid straining the surgical sites. This leads to the widening of scars or bleeding, which compromises recovery.

Eat Healthy and Hydrate Well

If your surgeon advises you to minimize salt intake, do it. This helps reduce swelling. Drink plenty of water, up to 10 glasses daily. Without proper hydration, your energy level reduces, causing you to feel weak. Enough water prevents constipation after breast lift surgery.

A healthy diet provides your body with the necessary energy and nutrition for a straightforward recovery. Consider foods rich in vitamin K, such as yogurt, eggs, and lettuce. These assist in recovery and reduce swelling. 

Avoid alcoholic drinks for at least three weeks following the surgery, as this dehydrates you, leading to fluid retention.

Sleep Appropriately

Don’t sleep on your stomach or side as it strains your breasts, impacting the surgical sites. Put a few pillows underneath your head and sleep on your back. This is one of the primary aspects of faster healing.

Take Your Prescription Medication

Following breast lift surgery, your surgeon recommends specific medication. Don’t avoid prescription drugs, such as antibiotics and painkillers. They prevent infections and help with pain reductions during recovery. Follow your service provider’s instructions on medication intake to minimize discomfort and avoid possible complications.

Shower as Recommended by Your Surgeon

Clean your surgical site to avoid infections after the procedure. Your healthcare provider instructs you not to shower for the first few days after the surgery. Have a sponge bath to clean other body parts during the first two days after the breast lift. 

After three days, you’re free to shower, but don’t direct the water to the surgical sites.

Attend Your Post-Operative Appointments

Going for appointments following your breast lift surgery allows you to recover safely. Your surgeon reviews the surgical sites to advise on the appropriate care routine. They check if your incisions have infections and examine your healing progress. 

Talk to your service provider for recommendations if you can’t attend an appointment.

Essential FAQs

What’s the Cost of Breast Lift Surgery?

There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing for this cosmetic procedure. Breast lift cost in Ontario, CA, depends on multiple factors, including how extensive the procedure is, your surgeon’s experience, and a patient’s unique needs. Consult your service provider and schedule a consultation to get the exact cost for your breast lift surgery.

How Do You Choose a Breast Lift Surgeon?

When choosing a breast lift surgeon, you should hire a highly trained professional to gain the confidence that they’ll deliver. A qualified expert for this cosmetic procedure should have certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Lift?

The recovery time frame varies from one patient to another, depending on their health. Expect your surgical sites to heal in three to four weeks. Within six to eight weeks, you should heal completely and are okay to undertake your daily activities. Recovery may take longer if you smoke after breast lift surgery.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

If you discover changes in your breasts’ fullness or volume after weight loss, nursing, or pregnancy, you might qualify for breast lift surgery. Your physical and mental health should be good as well. As you seek this cosmetic procedure, have realistic expectations of the results.


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