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Www.Showpm.Com Serial Malayalam Santhwanam Today – Original Episodes Shifted to the Afternoon slot at 2:30 P.M Its Repeat telecast will be at 10:30 P.M. Santhwanam Curtain Raiser Will Air on 21st September at 1:30 P.M. You can Expect Repeat Telecast from Tuesday at The Same Time. As usual, the Disney+Hotstar App Stream Online Episodes. Channel is also bringing the original chapters of the Popular program Comedy Stars Mon-Fri at 09.30 P.M and Sat & Sun at 09.00 P.M from This week.

What is Www.Showpm.Com? serial is One such website that has had a significant impact on the Malayalam TV serials industry. It is a one-stop shop for dramas, romances, and gripping storytelling.

Online platforms have completely changed how we consume content in the modern era, where entertainment possibilities vary. Finding a platform that caters to your interests can be complex as an avid fan of Malayalam TV serials. Here, comes into play.

Main Characteristics Of Www.Showpm.Com

Collection: The website offers a vast selection of Malayalam TV shows, with something for all tastes and genres. You’ll find a serial that appeals to your preferences, whether you enjoy family dramas, suspense thrillers, or touching love stories.

User-Friendly Navigation: The website’s simple user interface makes finding your way around pleasurable. You may quickly browse through the sizable serials database and narrow your search by actor, title, or genre to ensure you find exactly what you’re searching for.

Regular Updates: One of’s unique advantages is its dedication to keeping its collection current. It lets you keep up with the most recent episodes and plot developments, keeping you interested in your favorite serials.

High-Quality Video Streaming: The site provides high-quality video streaming to ensure you enjoy every minute of your favorite serials with sharp images and clear sounds.

Because is mobile-friendly, you may access your favorite serials wherever possible. You may easily tune in to your chosen content, whether traveling, relaxing at home, or commuting.

No Subscription Needed: Unlike other streaming services, does not charge a monthly fee. It thinks that by making its information available for free, a larger audience may access it.

Serial Santhwanam

Asianet announced the presentation of the latest fiction, Team Vaanambadi, once again Joined by Santhwanam. Channel Premiered 1st Chapter of the Show on Monday – 21st September.

Chemistry Among Shivan and Anjali (Shivanjali) Well received By All, Dr. Gopika Anil becomes Prevalent Through Her role as Anjali in Santhwanam Serial.

Covid 19 pandemic Situations pretentious Filming, It resumed on Asianet On 5th July – Monday to Saturday at 07:00 P.M. Anew Added Characters Are Manjusha Martin (Aishwarya / Achu ), Sindhu Manu Varma as Sudha, Mohan Aynoor as Bhadran, Deepika Mohan as Lalitha etc.

Cast And Crew

Kerala TV has an additional cast and crew for the display. We have Published the Sreedevi, Shnakar, and Maheswary families.

  • Rajeev Parameshwar (Balakrishnan)
  • Chippy Renjith (Sreedevi)
  • Girish Nambiar (Harikrishnan)
  • Raksha Raj (Aparna – Appu)
  • Sajin TP (shivaramakrishnan -Shivan)
  • Gopika Anil (Anjali)
  • Achu Sugandh (Muralikrishnan – Kannan)
  • Girija Preman (Lakshmi Krishnan)
  • Apsara (Jayanthi)

About Malayalam TV Serials

About Malayalam TV SerialsThe entertainment sector in Kerala is not complete without Malayalam TV serials, which captivate viewers with their original storytelling, sympathetic characters, and compelling themes. These melodramatic serials frequently focus on social themes, romantic relationships, and family dynamics.

Malayalam TV serials have established themselves as a vital source of entertainment in Kerala and among Malayali communities globally because of their capacity to connect with viewers.

Showpm.Com’s Top Malayalam Serials

Many Malayalam TV serials are available on, but a select few have become incredibly popular and have devoted fan bases. Let’s examine some of the most popular serials on the platform in more detail:

Karuthamuthu: This serial’s provocative depiction of societal stereotypes based on skin tone has resonated with viewers. The story chronicles the journey of Karthika, a young woman with dark skin who encounters prejudice yet shows extraordinary bravery and fortitude.

Parasparam: The story of Parasparam centers on Deepti, who struggles to fit in with her husband’s traditional family while navigating the challenges of marriage. The serial examines the difficulties contemporary women encounter in homes with traditional values.

Seetha Kalyanam: Viewers have connected with the tale of Seetha, a woman who endures several hardships in her married life. It illustrates the enduring force of devotion, selflessness, and female empowerment.

Kasthooriman: The love tale between Jeeva and Kavya in Kasthooriman is an emotional rollercoaster. The complexity of their connection as it navigates numerous obstacles and problems captures viewers’ attention.

Current Serials On Www.Showpm.Com

The following are a few of the current serials that can be found on

Karuthamuthu: This gripping family drama focuses on Karthika, a young woman with dark skin who must contend with the harsh realities of a culture that frequently values pale skin. The show looks at issues of prejudice, love, and resiliency.

Deepti, the protagonist of Parasparam, tries to fit in with her husband’s traditional family. The intricacies of family interactions and societal expectations are examined in the series.

Seetha Kalyanam is the account of Seetha, a determined woman who faces many difficulties in marriage. The love, sacrifice, and empowerment of women are central themes in this drama.

The journey of Jeeva and Kavya, two people from very different origins whose love story is full of intricacies and twists, is described in Kasthooriman.


In a world with many options for entertainment, has made a name for itself as the go-to website for fans of Malayalam TV series. It is a go-to platform for devoted watchers due to its extensive collection, user-friendly layout, frequent updates, high-quality streaming, mobile compatibility, and free access.

As a result, is more than simply a website; it serves as a portal to the enthralling world of Malayalam TV serials, where viewers can delve into a rich tapestry of narratives, feelings, and experiences. Therefore, is your passport to an enthralling voyage through Malayalam television, whether you’ve been a fan for a while or are just starting to start. is an excellent resource for finding and using serial content in your blog posts. Not only do they offer a wide variety of serials, but you can also find complete series that are perfect for adding length and depth to your blog post series.

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