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Three Clever Tricks to Use Local SEO in Your eCommerce Business

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When talking about the Gold Coast, most people will instantly envision stretches of sandy beaches and their laid-back vacation vibes. But Queensland’s famous coastal city is also fast becoming a vital hub for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Australia. It has approximately 64,000 SMEs registered in the town, giving it the honour of having the most extensive number of SMEs per capita in Australia. ECommerce businesses are also flourishing due to the higher demand for online transactions. But because of today’s tight competition, eCommerce business owners must exert more effort to stand out and get noticed by their target market. Therefore, it required them to work on digital marketing strategies by tapping the best gold coast seo service provider.

Building a solid online presence is essential for all Gold Coast SMEs to let their customers know that they exist. One of the best and most reliable processes to achieve this is to enhance the local SEO tactics. Websites landing on the top rankings of local search pages generate more interactions, resulting in better sales and revenue. You can also achieve this by implementing these local SEO tricks.

Trick #1: Establish Your Google Profile

Setting up a Google My Business profile is the first step in having a good local SEO. Recent reports revealed that this step is no longer considered an option in today’s landscape. Now, it is a crucial part of the online presence of any business, mainly if you belong to the eCommerce sector.

Your Google My Business profile will let your customers know more about your brand and offerings. It can inform them about your operating hours, address, website, email, and other contact details. This profile will also give your clients significant information about the health and safety protocols practised by your organisation. Most importantly, Google My Business is essential since it is usually the first thing customers notice when searching for your brand online.

Trick #2: Build Local Citation

Search engines index websites using two significant factors. The first is the number of high-quality backlinks leading to your business website. It can be acquired by developing an effective strategy to execute your efficient backlink generation process. When building your local citation, you must include all local business groups, newspaper websites, customers, and friends. You may also submit guest blogs on relevant websites or double up on your social media efforts.

The second factor is determining the number of citations existing for your business. You can find them in different online directories like the Yellow Pages. The information posted on these sites includes your business details. However, keep in mind that directories do not have a backlink.

Track #3: Enhance On-Site Optimisation

Your online presence will become more successful if you ask your gold coast seo service provider to focus on local queries when conceptualising your optimisation strategies. If your business sets off in more than one location on the Gold Coast, you must mention all the addresses on the “Contact Us” page. You may also include more landing pages for this purpose.

Spending time on basic keyword research is also crucial to get listed in local queries. You must include your optimised keyword in your page titles, URLs, meta descriptions, headline tags, and content.

It is also necessary to get as many online reviews as possible. Using Google Mapmaker and other local SEO tools will also help boost your SEO efforts. So work with your SEO service provider in the Gold Coast to start reaping its advantages. Once you manage to enhance your local SEO strategies, you can expect to enjoy all the benefits of having a higher ranking on your eCommerce website.

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