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What are the Trends in Web Design? – The Best 9 Design 2024

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What are the Trends in Web Design?

The Trends in web design are an area focused on planning, designing, maintaining, and creating digital interfaces. Put, as the name implies, web design refers to the process of designing websites and web pages.

And no substance how simple it sounds, it is an essential element for attracting leads and possible sales closings. When we comparison custom web design vs WordPress, you may realize that web design implies more work but at the same time more freedom.

This process shelters many areas, such as interface design, SEO optimization, and website design, among other things.

Best 9 Trends in Web Design 2024

trends in web design

1. Asymmetric Designs

  • When creating a web page, this marks the guideline of the visual elements you will use.
  • While symmetry is the safest decision since order and stability guarantee a functional site, design is an art, and you don’t always go the safe way.
  • Asymmetric designs have other advantages: the result is a more dynamic and challenging website, and for creatives, it means more design freedom. Do not get confused! An asymmetric design does not mean unbalanced.
  • If you create an asymmetric website, you will have to find the balance of your visual elements in another way.
  • To find a balance of visual elements, think about the weight of each of them. Please take into account the colour, size, and movement of each graphic, and organize them so that they all have room to shine and look in harmony.
  • If you want to create a website with this style but don’t know where to start, you can always use a website template with this type of design.

2. Minimalist or Maximalist Extremes

  • In 2021 we are going to see extremes of all kinds. We’ve seen heavily loaded, minimalist websites shine on different occasions, but it looks like we’ll see both trends share stardom this year.
  • Minimalism makes simplicity shine, with a clean design and few elements. This style intends to create an impression with little.
  • Remember: less is more. If you apply these principles to create a minimalist website correctly, you will have an easy and light user experience.
  • Starting because we don’t know if the word exists, or we just made it up. Maximalism refers to loaded websites with no emphasis on order. With many visual elements in one place, this type of design has a playful and playful flair.
  • Here, more is more, and there are no barriers to creativity.
  • This year’s idea is that the more, the merrier. Don’t be afraid to add unexpected effects, videos, vector art, animations, or structures.
  • Use design to draw attention to where you want most on your website. If this style is not for you, minimalism will always be in style.
  • How to use maximalism to create a fantastic site in 2021? Incorporate details like variations of type and font sizes, overlapping visuals, transparent or floating elements, different layers, and more.
  • On the one hand, it is a great design alternative that will give you more creative freedom, but on the other hand, you must pay attention that visitors do not feel overwhelmed.

3. Videos as Design Elements

  • Videos have become an essential element in web design.
  • If you have promotional or content videos, adding them to your website will help keep your visitors entertained and communicate important information to them dynamically and forcefully.
  • In recent years, videos have gone from being informational elements to being part of the design itself, becoming one of the most robust web design trends this year.
  • How? Here we explain it to you.
  • Thanks to developing new technologies, videos can incorporate into web pages in new and exciting ways. With tools like VideoBox, you can add videos to your website and choose how to play them, for example, to play them automatically, in slow motion, or a loop.
  • Another ideal tool for videos on web pages is Video Masks, which help you cut videos into different attractive shapes with unique designs. This tool can use to add floating elements to your website, giving it life and movement.
  • The Videos Transparentes Wix is a feature that defines the boundaries of the traditional MP4, creating high-quality videos with transparent backgrounds.
  • This creative tool allows you to add different touches of videos throughout your website to give your site personality.

4. Vector Art

  • It is no surprise to anyone that a good website should have high-quality graphics. This is more than a trend.
  • It is a design staple, but often adding high-quality visuals means sacrificing loading time. That’s why savvy web designers are getting help from vector art.
  • With Vector Art, the problem of overloading a web page with heavy graphics is a thing of the past. The SVG format helps users scale images to the sizes needed, maintaining optimal loading time and the quality of the original graphic.
  • With thousands of vector files available (and the ability to customize them), we’re sure this web trend is here to stay.
  • Whether you look for a simple or more loaded design, you will indeed find a fun graphic to add to your website (and if not, you can always create your own).

5. Designs and Abstract Shapes

  • Abstract designs and shapes are going to have a strong presence on the webs this year. You might think that a condition is too essential to be considered a design element, but actually, these accessories adorn web pages very well.
  • One way to use the simple shapes is as a background or by leaving it static in a place where it adds colour and balance or helps highlight a specific site on a page.
  • In the same trend, abstract illustrations are also in fashion this year.
  • Creating a conceptual design that reflects your brand identity makes your website look consistent, modern, and professional.

6. Animations

  • Animations have been a part of web design trends in recent years, and with the possibilities for animation growing every day, it is a fad that is here to stay.
  • Animation makes the user experience on a website much more than just informative. From an animated text box to an animated logo, these elements are sure to catch the eye of your visitors.
  • Don’t stop at the visual appeal! Animations are a great way to grab users’ attention and drive them to do a specific action.
  • Use this tool to your advantage, and add animated buttons with CTAs or attention calls so that your visitors click where you want.

7. Pastel Colors and Black

  • We spend much time looking at our screens, and more and more, there is an awareness of designing websites and applications with a colour palette that gives us a feeling of calm and is less aggressive to the eye, so we have news for you: Pastel colours! are in trend!
  • These subdued colours give a delicate browsing experience, and they are straightforward to combine.
  • Speaking of trendy colours in web design, black is making a stellar appearance this year. In general, the colour black gives an elegant and classic impression.
  • In 2021, black will be a unique protagonist since, like pastel colours, it is friendlier to the eye.
  • If you choose to design your website with black, you can stick with a minimalist design that uses black and white or goes to the other extreme and use contrasting colours that add brightness and colour.

8. Accessibility

  • Accessibility means making your website readable and valuable for as many people as possible. More than a design trend, designing a website for people with a disability is a sign of good customer service.
  • Almost one billion people use accessibility features to navigate the web, so today, more than ever, designers must pay attention to this aspect of the user experience.
  • From a design point of view, visual elements such as contrasting colours, extensive texts, and simple images will make your website easier to navigate.
  • Speaking of the programming side, you can add alt text to your pictures for users who cannot see 100 per cent.

9. Scroll Effects

  • Since the parallax effect emerged in 2011, we realized the importance of having interactive scrolling navigation.
  • A decade later, we continue to expand the functionality of this subtle tool to give users a fun and dynamic navigation.
  • Some examples of hover effects are: enlarge images, reveal text, reveal a vector, or increase the size of a button.
  • The parallax effect is still the most popular, but 2021 will bring new products to make users have fun browsing your website.


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