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Panel Carrefour com ar registrarse – Carrefour is the largest European retailer after Wal-Mart and the second largest globally, with 456,000 employees in 30 countries. Carrefour is one of the global leaders in the retail food sector. GfK Romania manages the Carrefour research panel. GfK is Romania’s number-one research institute and one of the world leaders in market research. Anyone living in Romania can register freely on the Carrefour Research Panel. If you are over 18, you may participate in paid surveys.

Panel Carrefour Com Ar Registrarse

Panel Carrefour Com Ar RegistrarseParticipation in panel Carrefour com ar registrarse surveys requires registration with the Panel. It includes filling out the registration form correctly, truthfully, and completely. All information on the Panel Carrefour registration form must be complete to become an active member, including first and last name, residential address, and email address. You will receive invitations to contribute to the survey at the email address you provided.

Please note that you can only have one member account and one account per household. Suppose we confirm that you have used multiple email addresses or that multiple household members are register. In that case, the Carrefour Research Panel membership will be canceled for you and the rest of the household.

Panel Carrefour com ar registrarse can be done by invitation from GfK Romania and Carrefour Romania. Carrefour Romania regularly conducts recruitment campaigns in the Carrefour Research Panel. Registration is subject to completing a registration form and your consent to be contact for various inquiries.

If you are interest in joining the Carrefour Research Panel and have not yet received an invitation to do so, please send your email address to You will be contact when new hires are available for registration on the Panel.

More Information About Carrefour Argentina

More Information About Carrefour ArgentinaEstablished in 1959 in Annecy (France), Carrefour has been a leading food distributor and pioneer of the hypermarket concept since 1963. The group is present in almost thirty countries with over 12,000 stores and online sales platforms. It allows it to deploy its activities in three major markets: Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Specializing in large distribution through its hypermarket concept, the group relies on combining a comprehensive series of products, the best prices, and impeccable quality. It includes a wide range of fresh products from local suppliers, the best innovations, and everyday shopping services.

Company Activities


It is the main activity of the company. Carrefour hypermarkets have an average surface area of ​​9,000 m² and offer between 20,000 and 80,000 product references. This hypermarket format is intend for a large area of ​​influence and is characterize by ample parking and low prices. In addition, since 1998, Carrefour Month has been organize yearly, a commercial operation that takes place worldwide and allows for significant savings.


Carrefour supermarkets in Argentina are smaller than those in the first category (less than 2,500 m²). Under this format, Carrefour operated several brands such as Champion, Endi, Carrefour Express, Gima, GB and GS, Globi and Norte. At the end of 2017, 3,243 supermarkets were owned by the Carrefour brand under Carrefour Bairro, Supeco, and Carrefour Market.

Local Stores

These are small stores located in cities or the countryside. Since the beginning of 2018, these convenience stores have been in all the towns where the Carrefour group operates. Are 7,327 stores known: Carrefour Contact, Carrefour Express, Carrefour City, Carrefour Bio, and Carrefour Easy.

The Main Stores Of The Carrefour Brand

Carrefour City

This format was create in the city center in 2009 to replace the 8 à Huit, Dia, Shopi, and Marché Plus de France stores.

Carrefour Contact

These stores, locate at the entrance to small towns or near the center of large agglomerations, were create in 2008. You can find many national brands and private-label items in these Carrefour Contact stores.

Carrefour Market

Carrefour Market appear in 2007 and was chosen to replace the Champion chains. Since 2011, the Carrefour group has decided to develop this format worldwide in its stores with an area of ​​between 1,000 and 5,000 m².

Carrefour Express

Born in 2007, this type of store is a minimarket with a simple objective: to replace neighborhood minimarkets that cannot carry Carrefour Contact or Carrefour City.

Participation In Surveys

You must answer the surveys you participate in without being influence by others. A market research questionnaire is only valid if it is complete and the completion time is within normal limits.

When you participate in a survey, the information you submit to us is use and presented in a way that does not identify you because your answers are not associate with your name. Data processing is purely statistical.

The frequency of survey participation depends on the number of invitations received via email. We will try to invite you to the survey as often as possible. Of course, this depends on the type of company survey and the target group.

Recompense Panel Carrefour

Carrefour Romania will reward you with a valuable shopping coupon for participating in the opinion survey. Bonus value varies depending on the complexity of the questionnaire completed. Shopping coupons can be used in Carrefour Hypermarket Romania stores.

Coupons will not be immediately available for in-store pickup. To collect them, you must wait between 1 and 5 business days after completing the questionnaire. Vouchers must be pick up within 30 days of completing the study you participated in.

Exit Panel Carrefour

Any member of the Carrefour Research Panel is free to express their desire to leave the Panel at any time. When a person decides to delete their account, the personal information is automatically delete from the database, and the person concern can no longer be contact.

To cancel your subscription, email pan to express this intention. For more information, we invite you to browse the presentation pages of the Carrefour Research Panel to understand its operating rules better.

Frequently Asked Question

How does the Carrefour survey panel work in Argentina?

Below, we have listed the most common questions asked by people interested in Panel Carrefour satisfaction surveys to earn money on their loyalty cards.

How do you increase your points?

You have to participate in the surveys proposed to you through a notice sent to you by mail from “Panel Carrefour”…

How are points earned?

The validated surveys you complete (it is understood that the questionnaire must be complete correctly) will earn you points every time. The allocation of points depends on each study, and this information will be communicate to you in the confirmation email you receive. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can find your points credit in the Carrefour Panel section “Panelists Area – My Points.”

Is it possible to transfer points between accounts?

No, the points are personal.

How do points get to my loyalty card?

On December 31 of each year, the points balance accumulated throughout the year in Panel Carrefour will be transfer to your loyalty card as a cash amount. You will see the amount on your Carrefour card statement within three months.

How to register in Panel Carrefour?

You have to make an account by entering the link below. Complete the requested information and confirm your email to activate your account.

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