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New ATF Laws: What It Means For 80 Lowers

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America has seen an increase in gun violence over the past decade. Although guns are part of the tradition and culture in the US, the increasing number of shootings and deaths is a genuine cause for concern. In May 2022, 21 people died when a student opened fire in an elementary school. Since then, gun safety and controls have come under heavy scrutiny. You can easily build a firearm using 80 lowers receivers and proper tools. 80 Percent Arms has a selection of 80% pistol frames to build your next firearm. Although 80 lowers are not classified as firearms yet, they are under consideration to be recognized as a weapon. Following is all you need to know about new ATF laws and their impact on the 80 lower industry.

What are Ghost Guns?

Any weapon built from an 80 lowers receiver is called a Ghost Gun. The news and law enforcement agencies refer to them as such. This is down to their status as non-firearms in most states. Any 80 lowers is not a weapon on its own, but add in a trigger, firing pin, and a barrel, and it will become a weapon. Another factor is serialization; most states don’t require a serial number of 80 lowers unless the trigger and firing pin are not attached. This makes them difficult to trace after a crime, hence the name ghost gun.

Current Laws

The debate about the regularization of 80 lowers has been going on for ages, but nothing has changed. The current law doesn’t classify the part as a firearm. Anyone can own it without paperwork in most states. However, some states will require registration and licensing once the part is fitted with a firing pin and trigger. California is a unique state with respect to gun laws, especially regarding 80 lowers receivers. The state classifies the part as a weapon and must be registered and serialized before drilling holes for its part. If someone fails to complete the paperwork, the weapon will be confiscated, and heavy fines will be imposed. In short, the current laws regarding 80 lowers are fairly relaxed; anyone can buy the part and build a customized firearm.

Changes by ATF

In August of 2022, the gun laws in the US are set to undergo a significant change, which will also massively affect the 80 lowers industry. As stated before, ATF doesn’t consider the part as a firearm right now, but going forward, they will be considering it as a weapon. Therefore, gun owners and dealers must register the part and acquire unique serial numbers. Gun kits will also be serialized, making them difficult to own and operate without proper paperwork. These new laws have been under discussion since 2021; they were accepted in April 2022 and will be implemented by August 2022. Therefore, going forward, it would be nearly impossible if you are underage and want to buy 80 lower parts.

Strict gun laws are necessary for the US to curb increasing criminal and violent activities. These new laws will protect the general population, gun owners, and enthusiasts. 

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